It’s National Disc Golf Day Canada!

This is the second Annual National Disc Golf Day, the first Saturday in August, which means that it falls on the BC Day Long weekend (as well as long weekends in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nunavut), and will continue to do so forever.

So is this a real thing? Yes, and no. The PDGA worked with the National Day Calendar in order to get this “official”, so it’s now on the Calendar: National Disc Golf Day. They are not a government organization or anything like that, but they do send out lots of press releases and it’s recognized by the PDGA which makes the Official Rules for Disc Golf, so that’s good enough for me.

Let’s claim the day Canada, today is the day to share your love of Disc Golf with others, and if they say no, you reply: “But it’s National Disc Golf Day!”. Don’t worry they’ll give in.

National Disc Golf Day

Week 5: Mundy Park League presented by The Disc Cellar

The park may be busier today because Mundy Park Tags are being released today. Same rules apply as always, play the map, play in your group, pay your drop-in fee (if applicable), submit your scores.

Front 9 should be the same as last week (but follow the map anyway), Back 9 is different.

Mundy Park League Week 5: front 9
Mundy Park League Week 5: back 9

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Order Schedule

The following is an approximate order schedule for the next little while:

25 Jul 2017: Innova, Innova sourced Discmania and Dynamic Discs (may include Westside and Latitude 64), possibly Millennium & HyzerBomb

Fridays: Innova Factory store (if there’s an interesting new release or restock)

04 Aug 2017: Discraft, including Discraft branded BX Grip EQ bags

mid-Aug 2017: DGA

Upcoming without specific dates yet:

  • MVP, Axiom & Streamline
  • Discmania
  • possibly Kastaplast
  • possibly Fossa
  • possibly Upper Park Designs
  • possibly Fade Gear

If there’s something that you want that we don’t currently have in stock feel free to let us know and we can make sure we bring it in with our next order.

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Stewart McIsack – let’s get him some press

Some of you are probably following the PDGA 2017 Amateur World Championships and already know that Mission’s Stewart McIsack (#73512) is currently in 7th place after 5 rounds (tied for 4th after 3 rounds).

Let’s see if we can get him some mainstream media coverage:

Let them know you want to hear how Stew is doing through local media too!

Week 3: Mundy Park League presented by The Disc Cellar

This is week 3, doesn’t matter if you played last week or not. Doesn’t matter if you’ll play in any of the other remaining weeks, or if you’re a current, lapsed or non-PDGA member.

I should be at the course 6-7pm today, as long as you follow the designated course below with 2 other league participants (or PDGA observers) you can play at any time today. Submit your scores to, and include your full names, PDGA # (if applicable) and PDGA Division.

If you aren’t registered you can do so online, or in person from 6-7pm. If you play this week and need to pay in person but miss me this week, submit your score and provided you pay for the week your score will count.

Here’s the course description, map below:

  1. Left of the blue garbage can on the path to 8 basket
  2. 4 tee pad to 6 basket
  3. 7 pad to practice basket
  4. rec 8 pad to 9 basket
  5. rec 1
  6. rec 2
  7. beside field fence (will be flagged) to 3 basket
  8. rec 4
  9. pad in trees past 4 basket to 5 basket
  10. 6 pad to 7 basket
  11. extended 8 pad to 8 basket
  12. 9 pad to practice basket
  13. rec 8 to 6 basket
  14. forest pad to 9 basket
  15. beside blue garage can on path to 1 basket
  16. rec 2
  17. rec 3
  18. 4 pad to 9 basket

Mundy Park League: Week 3 front 9Mundy Park League: Week 3 back 9