First Run Buzzz OS

Now accepting pre-orders for the First Run Buzzz OS, available in Z plastic only 164-178g.  Price will be $17.50/ea.

Here’s what Discraft has to say about them:

The Discraft Buzzz midrange is the world’s most popular golf disc. Today we are proud to present what is perhaps the most anticipated release in Discraft’s 35 year history: the Buzzz OS.

You depend on your Buzzz for a wide range of shots. You reach for it because of its dependable consistency, controllability and accuracy. Buzzz OS is a Buzzz, only beefier.

Has a headwind kicked up? Buzzz OS. Need a straight shot with a hard finish? Buzzz OS. Want a mid you can dependably forehand on a straight line? Buzzz OS.

The OS stands for overstable: it’s more overstable than a Wasp, much less than a Drone. And Buzzz OS is beadless; it feels like a Buzzz in your hand, lending a familiar confidence that adds up to success when the final score is tallied.

First Run Z Buzzz OS midrange

  • stability: 1.7
  • suitable for experienced players
  • weight range: 164-178 gm

Z Buzzz OS First Run

Jericho: on location tonight

I’ll be heading out to Jericho doubles tonight with about 600 discs.  Doubles starts at 6pm, I should be there a bit before so people can browse and I’ll stay around afterwards if people want to shop (although I’ll probably be closed during doubles because I’m planning on playing).

I’ll also be on location at QE on Monday at the Trilogy Challenge.  I’m expecting a shipment of Dynamic Discs bags tomorrow, so assuming that comes in as expected I’ll have those at QE.

PDGA Elections: vote NOW!

If you haven’t voted in the PDGA elections yet, you have until July 31st, 2014 at 11:59pm ET, so for us on the Westcoast that would be 8:59 PDT.  So don’t wait until the last second to vote because you might be in the wrong timezone.

If you want more information about the election and candidates:

I highlight this for a number of reasons:

  1. With the increasing number of PDGA events in BC, it’s more important than ever before that we like the direction of the main board, and that we’re happy with our provincial representative
  2. Since I’m officially running a PDGA Affiliated club, you know so you can get those discounted PDGA members and pay in Canadian dollars, I’ve got a bit more obligation to make people aware of things like this
  3. If you’ve already voted or done research, you probably know this, I’m running to be the PDGA Provincial coordinator for BC.  I think I’m well suited for the role, and would appreciate your support.  That said, it’s a weird thing, those of us who stepped forward this year (Brad, Matt and myself) wouldn’t have known who else also volunteered.  So we’re all running because we felt that strongly enough to volunteer, not because we think the other guys will do a bad job, we didn’t know that anyone else had volunteered until we saw the ballots.  So, please do vote, for whomever you feel best represents your personal views of the role at this time.

Kelowna Registration now OPEN!

If you’re looking to register for the Ogopogo Open presented by the Kelowna Kinsmen on the BRAND NEW Myra Canyon Adventure Park Disc Golf Course, then look only one click further:

If you have questions about the event ask the KDGA, if you have problems with registration ask us.

Innova: Large Order soon

Working with a number of groups on custom stamp discs, and it looks likely that they will be ordered together, along with a couple of baskets.  As such the order will likely ship on pallets, resulting in the lowest shipping prices available.

So if you are looking for an Innova basket, this is a good opportunity to save some money on shipping, or to put together a volume course order.

There also may be a smaller Innova order before the big one, with expected delivery prior to World’s, so if anyone needs something for World’s we can coordinate that as well.

Hopen Registration Ends Today

If you’ve been thinking about registering for The Hopen, today is your last chance.  So do it now.  Here’s a bunch of reasons why you should register for the event:

  • Random draw for $100 Disc Cellar gift certificate (coming from added cash)
  • Another $150 in Disc Cellar gift certificates for CTPs and prizes (coming from added cash)
  • Prizes through The Disc Cellar voucher system for Amateur Divisions, Cash payouts for the pros
  • Buffet lunch included in your entry fee
  • 2 rounds on a temporary Disc Golf course on a ball golf course
  • the more successful this event is, the more likely we’ll be able to get more events at non-DG courses.  This could be an important case study.
  • The Disc Cellar on location

Hope to see you there!

Concept: Disc Cellar Recreational Series

This idea is just that at this point. Throwing it out there to see if there’s some traction for it or not.

It’s too late to do this for the summer, but I was thinking that on non-Duck Golf dates it might be possible to run a 4 event series in the lower mainland…

Here’s what I’m thinking, focus would be on Juniors, Women and recreational golfers. Divisions offered would be:

  • Junior I
  • Junior II
  • Junior III
  • Junior IV
  • Amateur novice women
  • Amateur recreational women
  • Amateur intermediate women
  • Amateur advanced women – if there’s demand
  • Amateur novice
  • Amateur recreational
  • Amateur intermediate – if there’s demand
  • propagators – group of 3 rated golfers who play in order to allow the other groups to get ratings if desired

The idea here is to focus on newer golfers, or those who don’t enjoy playing 3-5 hour rounds and 36-44 holes in a day. Thinking the events would probably use existing recreational courses, and play 2 rounds of the recreational course. So courses like Mundy, Jericho, QE would be 18 total holes; Burnaby would be 20 holes, Quilchena or Maple Ridge would be 24 holes, Langley all holes would not be played (or maybe you play all 18 holes, but with a “half time”). The projected result would be:

  • shorter rounds
  • longer lunch breaks
  • shorter courses
  • courses you can practice prior to the event
  • less intimidation
  • opportunity for clinics or other instruction
  • non-playing Tournament Director to help deal with any issues
  • #growthesport

Costs would be kept lower, payouts would be in vouchers/prizes and with series awards. Rentable discs and bags could be made available.

My hope is that these events would appeal to more casual golfers who don’t normally attend tournaments. That families could play together. That it would provide a good venue for regular tournament players to bring first timers and non-tournament friends out to give it a try knowing they would not be playing a soul crushing full day 36 hole, short lunch, start early, finish when it’s dark sort of day.

Anyway, like I say, this is just a concept. So I welcome additional feedback on it, as well as other collaborators if other organizations, vendors, individuals are interested in getting in on the action.

Sorry Nanaimo: here’s a discount

Unfortunately do to logistically challenges it looks as though The Disc Cellar will not be making the trip to the Hub City Huck like we had hoped.  We hope that it is a great event for everyone who is able to make the trip.

Since we’d like to believe there are some Islander’s who are disappointed that The Disc Cellar and our large inventory won’t be on site this weekend we have some compensation for you.

Any Island orders over the next week (until next Friday), will ship free*!

to the Islands (if it involves a ferry you’re covered)

You see, it’s not that we don’t love you, it’s just sometimes things don’t work out.  Online inventory is not up to date, so if there’s something you’re looking for ask if we have it and we’ll verify for you.

* In the interest of economics however, I may try to do bulk shipments to each “club” if it makes sense to do so.

Prodiscus Order – about to ship

Getting this order finalized has taken a lot longer than I expected, but it’s just about there.  So if anyone has any final requests, get them in ASAP.  Limited availability of the ProBag 30+, but all colours of the ProBag 20+ should be in stock from Prodiscus to order.

I’m not overstocking on the bags, I’m bringing in maybe an extra bag or two, but otherwise the bags I’m bringing in are pre-sold.

I am bringing in a few of their discs at the same time, but not a huge quantity, so if there’s something you want, let me know so that I bring in enough of them for you.

Projected prices for the bags are ProBag 20+ ($275), ProBag 30+ ($320).  Haven’t brought in any of their products yet, so there might be some shipping related surprises, but I’ll honour those prices if you pre-order.  If the price goes down once their here, I’ll refund the difference.