On Location: Whistler Go Fest

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be doing prize vouchers at the DiscGO Disc Golf Tournament this weekend in Whistler, part of Whistler’s GO Fest (Great Outdoor Festival). You can still register online (Eventbrite), or you can reach out to Iain and register day of.

It’s a 2 day, 54 hole tournament. If you haven’t been to the Powerline course in a while, it’s a lot different (fewer trees). Should be interesting.

Hope to see you Saturday. If anyone has special requests get them in ASAP, we might head up Friday night.

Driving Clinic tomorrow at Jericho

Because I no longer have time to space out posts, or social media advertising. Before the Vibram Birdie Bash tomorrow at around 10am, there will be a FREE Driving Clinic by Hector Diakow at Jericho.

This clinic is open to anyone, event participant or not. The clinic is sponsored by The Disc Cellar (surprise surprise). The clinic will be 30-45 minutes or perhaps a little longer.

Great opportunity to come and get some tips from one of BC’s best golfers.

Vibram Birdie Bash

Tomorrow is the Vibram Birdie Bash at Jericho. The original plan was to do one of those massive Jericho courses, but with the smaller number of participants it seemed impractical to set up such a sweeping course. As such we’ll be using primarily the regular course area. Here’s the sequence of events:

  • 9:30am I arrive on site (hopefully sooner, but we’ll see)
    • Player packs are available for distribution
    • Additional Player packs available for purchase (C$42)
    • If we run out of player packages, additional people can get in the event for the reduced price of C$35, they get 2 Vibram Discs but no shirt or mini and such (but still $5 less than retail). They are eligible for all prizes. Or you can go the premium route and go C$50 and get two Vibram Glow discs.
  • 10:00am
    • Driving Clinic is provided free of charge to participants and the general public (Hector Diakow is leading it)
    • I will probably be setting up the course during this time, unless I did manage to get there early.
  • 10:45am Player’s meeting
  • 11:00am First Round starts
  • 01:30pm Second Round starts
  • 04:00pm We’re all done.


On Location: Jericho tomorrow

Not to steal the thunder which is Canadian Nationals or the BC Open (both which have registration open now), but tomorrow I’ll be on site at Jericho probably from about 9:30-4:00 at the Vibram Birdie Bash. I’m expecting rain, so I’ll have fewer discs than normal to accommodate the tent and other rain gear. Should still have 500-800 discs though.

Feel free to stop in and shop.

p.s. we can probably sneak you into the Vibram Birdie Bash as well.

USDGC Performance Flight Qualifier

For the benefit of those who won’t see this in the PDGA group on Facebook:

It’s still a long way away, but people have already started Qualifying for the USDGC (http://usdgc.com/). As the Provincial Coordinator for the PDGA I am entitled to award a spot into the PERFORMANCE flight division. I am considering having it awarded through Nationals. I am open to other suggestions: other events, multiple event performance, or other stipulations. If you’re interested in potentially going, then please speak up as to how you might want to determine who gets the spot. If no one is interested, the fall back is that they offer the spot to me personally.

If you want to get into the OPEN flight of the event you can do so through one of the “regional qualifiers” (top 5 finishers in each event):

  • Aussie Open
  • Memorial Championship
  • Glass Blown Open
  • Masters Cup
  • Southern National Pro Championship
  • Beaver State Fling
  • Kansas City Wide Open
  • Maple Hill Open
  • Scandinavian Open
  • Greater Hartford Disc Golf Open
  • European Open
  • Pro World Championships
  • Brent Hambrick Memorial Open
  • Ledgestone Insurance Open
  • Hall of Fame Classic

Qualifying details: http://www.usdgc.com/…/2015-USDGC-Qualifying-Information-1.… (they do update the document periodically, so check the page as well http://usdgc.com/?page_id=229

Player’s Packs: Duck Finals

If you were listening at one of the player’s meetings you know that there was a mix-up which meant that the player’s package items were not here in time for the tournament. The silver lining there is that it meant that you got to pick your size and colour instead of having a random assortment of shirts to pick from.

Here’s the sizes and colours that I have on record. I’ll be submitting the list on Wednesday night, so if you want to make a correction, or don’t have yours listed please comment on this post before Wednesday evening.


  1. Aaron Neumann – XL (Cardinal)
  2. Adriano Reche Medola – L (Navy)
  3. Brad Henderson – XXL (Black)
  4. Brendan Armstrong – M (Teal)
  5. Carolynn Howard – L (Teal)
  6. Chris Hartmann – XL (Teal)
  7. Chris Miki – M (Silver Grey)
  8. Chris Robson – XL (Kelly)
  9. Dan Laitsch – L (Kelly)
  10. Darrel Thrasher – XL (no preference)
  11. Darrel Watson – M (Cardinal)
  12. Darrin Lee – XL (Black)
  13. Darryl Petrichuk – M (no preference)
  14. Dax – L (Black)
  15. Dennis Reilley – M (Black)
  16. Derek Wintermans – L (Kelly)
  17. Eric Jaeger – XL (Grey)
  18. Evan Eyles – M (Royal)
  19. Gary Nixon – XL (Black)
  20. George Coupland – XL (Dark Green)
  21. Gerry Boomer – XL (Columbia Blue)
  22. Gerry Erickson – XL (Kelly)
  23. Jamie Branch – L (Lime)
  24. Jamie Sorensen – L (Power Blue)
  25. Jeff Schmittlutz – XXL (Sand)
  26. Jeremy Ross – XL (no preference)
  27. Jim Popil – L (Navy)
  28. John Gould-Thorpe – XL (Kelly)
  29. Jonathan Robertson – L (Blue)
  30. Josh Piche – XL (Brown)
  31. Justin Godish – M (Dark Green)
  32. Kevin Baxter – XL (no preference)
  33. Kingsley Ralling – M (Dark Green)
  34. Lanze Starr – M (Graphite)
  35. Malcolm Stooke – L (Gold)
  36. Marcus Noel – L (Power Yellow)
  37. Michael Ramanauskas – XL (Lime)
  38. Miguel Alvarado – M (Purple)
  39. Owen Baldry – M (Graphite)
  40. Owen James – L (Navy)
  41. Randy Strohan – L (Purple)
  42. Stephen Yu – S (no preference)
  43. Steven Meeker – XL (Power Blue)
  44. Tom Berry – M (Lime)
  45. Tony Righello – L (Carolina Blue)
  46. Vito Michelangelo – XL (Black)
  47. Wes McIntosh – L (Power Blue)


  1. Aleesha Bird – M (Power Pink)
  2. Amanda Sell – XL (Purple)
  3. Briana Ainsley – L (Power Blue)
  4. Diana Peranio – M (Kelly)
  5. Jenne Brett – XXL (Lime)
  6. Kasia Struke – L (Lime)
  7. Leanne Fulton – L (Columbia Blue)
  8. Sarah Breau – L (Lime)
  9. Stacey McLachlan – M (Power Blue)
  10. Tara Lynch – M (Purple)
  11. Tricia Rezek – XL (Power Pink)

Men’s colours are:

Women’s colours are:

The shirts are coming from Dynamic Discs, so if you have any requests for their products I can bring those in at the same time.