Langley: 90 players

Duck Golf #3: Langley now officially has a capacity of 90 players, which means (as of writing this) there are 20 spots remaining. There will be no day of event registration, so register online to get in.

Here’s some relevant information for those on the fence:

Registration is open until Sunday October 26th at 11:59pm.  You can register and/or get on the waitlist until that time.  Additionally full refunds will be issued if you contact me before that deadline. Any non-waitlist refunds after that point are at the TDs discretion.

How does the waitlist work?
In order to get on the waitlist you need to go through the full registration process (including payment). You will be added to the waitlist in the order that you registered. If spaces open up, you will be offered the spot. If you refuse the spot you will get a full refund, and the spot goes to the next person on the list.

If you know that you would refuse a spot if it became available, let me know and I’ll remove you from the waitlist and process your refund.

If you’re still on the waitlist after the event (you didn’t get in), I will process your refund at that time. (I’d like to say that I’d process it in advance, but with all the activities associated with the event itself, I won’t necessarily have time to process refunds before the event; that and the fact that up until the event happens there’s still technically a chance you’d get in).

Registration Open: Langley Duck Golf

Registration is now open for Langley Duck Golf. If you have problems in the early stages of registration be advised that I will get back to you after the weekend as I’m travelling to Kamloops for Duck #2.

The Disc Cellar is pleased to be doing registration and prizes for the Langley Duck Golf. The Disc Cellar should be doing registration for the remaining Duck Golf events as well (expect to have Nanaimo registration open next week, and everything open by the end of November).  As far as prizes goes, in addition to the first 3 Duck Golf events, we’re also confirmed for Squamish, Mission and Burnaby (with discussions on-going for Jericho and Victoria).

Innova Beast: Retooled

If you throw the Beast this information is important:

The Beast mold has been retooled to the (’03) specs. GStar is the first model to utilize this retooled mold. New Beast production runs will use the retooled mold. DX, Driver Pro, Champion, and Star available in the former configuration while supplies last.

So if you throw and like the Beast you have now, you may want to stock up. I have no idea how different they would feel to a regular thrower. GStar flight numbers: Speed: 10, Glide: 5, Turn: -2, Fade: 2.

Glow Season

It’s getting to be glow season, and in the past I’ve stocked a large quantity of glow discs. I still have glow discs around, but I’m considering expanding into other products that you need for glow golf.

So here’s the question, what if anything would you like the Disc Cellar to carry in order to help you play glow golf?

  • be as descriptive as you can, feel free to include links to example products
  • what price point would it need to come in at for it to be attractive?

Also, what models of glow discs are people wanting this year? Anything I should be stocking a lot of?

I still have UV Flashlights in stock, and until I run out will be doing the following promotion:

  • Buy 4 glow discs and receive a free flashlight!

Stolen Bags Suck!

It seems as though there’s an increasing frequency of bags being stolen, and that unquestionably sucks on every level. To ease the pain of the loss, The Disc Cellar is adopting a policy of providing an across the board 15% discount for people who are replacing or replenishing after a theft (there might be some exclusions but I’ll do my best to minimize them).

Also, if people are making insurance claims for stolen discs/bags and need help establishing the value of the goods stolen, I’m happy to try to help.

It’s also a good time to remind people that they should keep a list of what discs they carry in their bag, including weights, colours, plastics and any other relevant distinctions to assist with insurance claims and disc replacement.

Relatedly I’m about to make a number of orders to facilitate replacement: Innova, Dynamic Discs and Legacy.

Duck Golf #2: Reg Open

Registration for Duck Golf #2 in Kamloops (was moved from Logan Lake) is now open. We had a couple of unintentional beta testers during registration, as they found the registration page before it was quite finished. So if your email confirmation looks strange that’s why.

The event details page is a little sparse at the moment as we’re still sorting out some of the details, and if there are major changes I’ll announce them.

I will be doing the prizes for Kamloops, so get your special requests in now, so you make sure it makes the trip.

Fade Authorized Dealer

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about a new manufacturer. Due to a customer request, I’m now authorized to carry Fade Gear bags and straps. Depending on demand will be looking to make an order in about a week (as Fade is currently restocking their own inventory). Pricing should look like:

  • FADE Lite (10 Discs + 2 Putter): $14.95 + tax = $16.75 (Steel Blue, Way Green, Royal Blue and Sage Green)
  • FADE Crunch Box (12 Discs + 2 Putter): $39.95 + tax = $44.75 (Black, Blood Red, Blueberry, Dirt Brown, Fuchsia, Gray, Pumpkin, Skye, Way Green, Wild Banana) $50.34 for Dude! (Camo)
  • FADE Tourney (22 Discs + 2 Putter): $59.95 + tax = $67.15 (Blue on Blue, Garden Deli, Psycho) $72.75 (Black LE Models, Camo)
  • FADE Gear WeatherGuard™: $39.95 + tax = $44.75 (Black, Blue, Green)

If anyone is interested in something let me know and I’ll include it in the order.