Disc Golf on YouTube: Wintermans Faves

When I really committed myself to disc golf in the fall of 2010, I was a sponge for disc related footage on YouTube. Unfortunately six years ago good coverage was hard to find. Since then there’s been an explosion of the sport on-line with what seems like unlimited tournaments, interviews and video clinics. My subscription bar always seems to have new videos every day. So I thought I’d share some of my favourite, frequently updated channels and break them down in to a few categories:

Major Tournament Coverage

  • The Spin TV – Innova’s channel, tournaments, interviews, lifestyle
  • Prodigy Disc – formerly McFlySoHigh, tournaments, team and disc info
  • McFlySoHigh Video – very high quality coverage from many major past events, not updated since 2015
  • The Disc Golf Guy – mix of tournament and blog updates, interviews
  • SmashboxxTV – featuring The Disc Golf Guy: live tournament coverage, live tournament recap shows, regular Tuesday night live podcasts
  • Jomez Productions – very high quality, Southern US focus
  • Disc Golf Pro Tour – new this year, live coverage of some very big events
  • Central Coast Disc Golf – best commentary in disc golf, focus on West Coast events, in the bag, “Ask Me Anything” with top pros, Champ vs Chumps

Regional Tournament Coverage


  • DynamicDiscs – great short videos, clinics, disc comparisons, tournament previews, lifestyle
  • Latitude 64some tournament coverage, pro team in the bags, product reviews, lifestyle
  • Discraft Disc Sportshasn’t been updated in 2 years, great clinics and tutorials
  • Kastaplastdisc “explained” videos
  • LegacyDiscs – Steve Rico explaining discs and plastic
  • DGA | Disc Golf Association – clinics, thorough explanations of their products

Touring Pro Channels

  • Will Schusterick – some tournament coverage of just him, clinics, tricks, updates regularly
  • Eagle McMahon – the life of a touring teenager, updates regularly
  • Paul McBeth – hasn’t updated in a year
  • Nate Doss – infrequent updates


  • Best Disc Golf Discs – Tutorials on the science behind disc flight, very easy to follow
  • Trent Nicholl – Booom disc clothing, tournaments, promos
  • Dude – Australian clothing company with many top pros

There are many other channels out there that are worth watching, please share your favourites and why in the comments.

My personal channel is djwinter77. I don’t post disc golf videos, but you can view who I follow to click their links for easy access.

Happy watching!

Derek Putt close upDerek Wintermans is a member of Team Disc Cellar and made the trip to Amateur World’s in both 2014 & 2015 before turning Pro.

Welcome Derek Wintermans

This announcement is long overdue, but we’d like to welcome Derek Wintermans (#53408) to Team Disc Cellar (he’s been a member for over a year)!

Derek has a long history of competing at a high level and we’re happy to be able to help support him as he applies that competitive spirit to Disc Golf. Check out Derek’s Bio for more of his history, and what’s in his bag.

We’ll have more sponsorship announcements in the next few weeks, and even though this one is old news you should congratulate him. We’re lucky to have him!

Gateway Stacks (Promotion)

It comes as no surprise that practice helps us improve our Disc Golf game. If practice drives you, but you don’t have enough equipment, or the right equipment. Here’s your chance! Introducing Gateway Stacks.

So how’s it work? Buy more, save more! We’re essentially sold out of all our Gateway stock, so we’re restocking, and since we’re restocking anyway, we’re giving you the chance to stock up too!

We’ve set up the ability to pre-order stacks of Magics, Voodoos, Warlocks and Wizards easily, if you want to buy a stack of another Gateway disc, email us and we’ll accommodate you. You have until noon PDT, 29 Jun 2016 to do your pre-order.

Discounts are as follows:

  • 3 Disc Stack: 5.02%
  • 5 Disc Stack: 7.95%
  • 10 Disc Stack: 11.3% (essentially buy 9, get one free)
  • 20 Disc Stack: 15.48% (essentially buy 16.5, get 3.5 free)
  • 30 Disc Stack: 20.50% (essentially buy 22, get 8 free)

We’re highlighting the main Gateway putters because their our most popular sellers, but we’ll extend this offer to the rest of their line-up, email us and we’ll hook you up.

  • Putt and Approach: Devilhawk, Warspear, Chief, Chief OS, Shaman (and of course, Magic, Voodoo, Warlock and Wizard)
  • Midrange: Mystic, Element, Scout, Karma, Warrior, Blaze, Demon
  • Fairway and Drivers: Sabre, Assassin, Apache, Samurai, Rage, Illusion, Slayer, Spirit

Make this the summer where you take practice seriously.

Gateway Stacks


These are pre-orders, we’ll order after the cut-off, so discs should be here the first week of July.

‘Pro’ side Woes

Michael Ramanauskas puttingYou confidently walk up to your marker, putter in hand. Your feet find that sweet spot between the branch and rock. As you adjust your stance, your back heel comes up, your toes twist, your center of gravity shifts… and you wait… until… it’s time!

“Ching!!!… thunk”

After watching your putter sail through the air, gracefully curving in towards the chains, jaws hits the ground in utter disbelief as your trusty putter splashes out and falls flat to the ground. All that practice, all that focus, the way you nailed that sweet spot. How did it not go in? You hit ‘Pro’ side!

Definition: The ‘Pro’ side is generally considered as the middle third area of the chains off-centre of the post on the same side as your throwing hand. Hitting this spot will generally force your disc into the basket and greatly reduce chance for splash out or deflection away from the target.

There is a common understanding that there is an ‘Am’ side of the chains (where your putt is more likely to splash out) and a ‘Pro’ side of the chains (where your putt is more likely to go in) and basic physics supports this.  However, there is also a common misconception that if your putt touches the ‘Pro’ side that you cannot miss making the putt. This kind of thought can really hurt your game.

The physics that would define why that sweet spot exists is the same physics that makes that location NOT a guarantee.

For a putt to hit chains and go in the basket, you require a throw that has the right combination of speed, angle of entry, spin, level of surface friction (and many more variables) to be successful. If any singular aspect or variable is off, your chance for a missed putt is increased. Your putter could hit the chain slightly offside, or maybe the metal is too cold and slippery, or their is a small gust of wind. Okay, we all know this at some level, but why is assuming the sweet spot is a guarantee a bad thing?

When you make a putt, it not only finishes a hole successfully, but it effectively raises your confidence. We have the axiom of “playing well = confidence  / confidence = playing well” to thank for that. When you hit that sweet spot, (regardless of distance) and it doesn’t go in… well, that’s a whole different level of psychological messiness.

It’ll go something like this:

  1. Blame will be assigned
    1. the chains for being too heavy/light
    2. the particular model of basket
    3. the weather for changing humidty/causing frost/accumulating dust/gusting wind/sudden sunshine
    4. your fellow player who shifted ever so slightly during your delivery
    5. the putter,  as it had a singular drop of moisture/gouge on the rim and you oriented the stamp the wrong way
    6. Obama.
  2. Disbelief will linger
  3. Faith in your technique and the sweet spot will be lessened
  4. Your chance of missing your next putt will probably increase as you’ll become uncertain/over-cautious

Regardless of how you mentally process it, if you accept that the ‘Pro’ side isn’t a guarantee, you won’t try to blame everything and everyone as to why that putter and basket conspired to hate you. The ‘Pro’ side will increase your odds of a successful putt. When you practice, aim for those sweet links as best you can. But always keep in mind that nothing in disc golf is guaranteed. There are too many variables in every throw.

If you can accept that truth, if you peacefully accept that the ‘impossible’ can and will happen, you’ll be able to successfully move on to the next throw… and inwardly smile when you hear someone else exclaim “But I hit the ‘Pro’ side!”.


Michael Ramanauskas throwing at Provincials 2014Michael Ramanauskas is a member of Team Disc Cellar and the owner of DoubleRam Disc and  Washline.com, and is responsible for multiple custom stamps including: the 2015 30th Anniversary Provincial Disc Golf Championships, 2014 DCO (Disc Cellar Open) and the “Smokom” Sarah Hokom signature stamp.

Albatross at the Beaver State Fling last weekend

Philo Brathwaite got an Albatross (-3) on a hole at the Beaver State Fling last weekend. The 6th hole: 850ft par 5, so the scoring was not because the par was too low. As amazing as all that is, the fact that there’s great video of it is even better. In case you haven’t already seen it:

As a disc golfer, after getting over how awesome that was, you want to know what he threw: 167g Innova Star Destroyer! He’s a member of Innova’s Team Champion it’s not really a surprise, but still nice to know.

DGA and the Basket restock begins!

About 3 weeks before our move we sold out of baskets, and we didn’t restock because we were moving. But now that we’ve figured out how much storage space we have, and we’re done moving, it’s time to restock.

First up DGA baskets! We’re restocking, and increasing our variety. We’re restocking our regular Mach Lite selection (the best fabric basket on the market), and adding the all metal M-14 and fully galvanized Mach II portable to our basket line-up.

We will also be restocking the full line of DGA discs, including some new limited editions. Expect to see those in the shop by the end of the month. Not to worry, even though they aren’t on the poster the Signature Line Gumbputts and Blowflys are still available. The Disc Cellar continuing to bring the best baskets and discs to the Canadian market!

DGA Simplify Your Game

The New Normal

The move is over, or at least we’re living in the new house now. Still lots of boxes to unpack and a seemingly infinite number of things left to do. I know where 90% of my inventory is (seriously where is that other 10% hiding?!?!?!?!?), and things are getting back to normal, or the new normal.

For the foreseeable future there will continue to be more things to do than there is time to do it, so it will be a battle of prioritization. The good thing is it will keep us busy. The bad thing is it will keep us from golfing!

We’ve got a bunch of things going on behind the scenes right now, and expect to be making a bunch of announcements over the next month or so.

If we failed to get back to you during the move and still haven’t, please do reach out again. We think we’re caught up, but may be wrong.

Moving Day

Today is the day that we move into our first home, one that we actually own, or own at some point in the future after all the relevant financial obligations are discharged. This will hopefully only mean a small disruption to the business.

We already have some queued up inventory for data entry that’s just waiting for the house buying and moving related tasks to be completed. So you can expect some more Innova, Dynamic Discs, Westside, Latitude 64 and Discmania to be available shortly.

Anyway, we’re officially CLOSED today for the move, but expect things to get back to normal on Wednesday or Thursday. Moving is chaos, so things might be a little slower for a bit longer than that.

p.s. new location is walking distance to Mundy Park….

Welcome Wes Eccleston

We’re very pleased to announce that Wes Eccleston (#25876) is the latest member of Team Disc Cellar. Unlike the other team announcements this one is actually timely, as Wes is our newest member and has just joined the Team. (He also had pretty much the best original sponsorship request we’ve seen to date)

Wes has a player bio on the site which includes what’s currently in his bag (if you’re curious). He’s a long time Disc Golf organizer in Kamloops, frequently involved in events, course design and installs as well as being very active in the club.

Every sponsorship agreement with The Disc Cellar is customized to be mutually beneficial with the player, event, organization or entity involved. We very much look forward to seeing how some of the more interesting clauses in Wes’s agreement play out.

We look forward to supporting Wes’s passion for Disc Golf, community engagement, club and sport growth as well as fostering a collaborative team environment. So again, welcome Wes, we’re lucky and happy to have you! You should congratulate him, and see how you can help him grow the sport!

p.s. If you want to be on the team, it’s possible. General player sponsorship information, and the current team.