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Latitude 64: Approved

I’ve now been approved by the exclusive wholesaler of Latitude 64 in Canada to carry their discs.  Thank you Matt MacDonald for agreeing that we’re a good fit.

I can also bring in Dynamic Discs and Westside.

So there will be an order in the not so distant future, if there’s something that you’re looking for, I’ll do my best to bring it in for you.

Current MSRP looks to be (by plastic):

  • $15.00: Lat64 Zero, DD Classic, Westside BT
  • $16.00: Lat64 Recycle Gold
  • $20.00: Lat64 Opto, DD Lucid, Westside VIP
  • $22.00: Lat64 Gold, DD Fuzion, Westside Tournament

So these are going to be at the higher end of our price points, but from what I hear: well worth the money.

I can also bring in Latitude 64/Chain Ware bags and straps if anyone is interested.

More MVP?

Looks like MVP has a new disc that they are launching (availability starting Oct 4th) the Resistor in Neutron plastic (overstable fairway driver).  Are people excited about it?  Should I be trying to bring it in for launch day?

Something else I’ve been thinking about for new disc launches (regardless of manufacturer) is bringing in some of the new disc, and getting a field somewhere where people could try it out.  Maybe charge people $1-5 to come and test out the new disc, and then afterwards do a draw for the 2-5 test discs that we used.  Is that something that people would be interested in?

If we do bring in some new MVP stuff, the options would be:

Proton: Amp, Anode, Axis, Ion, Resistor, Shock, Tangent, Tensor, Vector, Volt

Neutron: Anode, Anode (soft), Axis, Ion, Ion (soft), Tangent, Vector, Volt

Eclipse Glow: Anode, Anode (soft), Axis, Ion, Ion (soft), Tangent, Vector

Nano: Proton, Neutron or Eclipse Glow (new)

They also have Vinyl stickers, patches and gyro wristbands.

I’m happy to bring it in, if people are interested.  But if there’s no built up demand, we’ll go through some of that incoming Innova stock and add Latitude 64 before replenishing MVP.


Provincial’s Weekend in Whistler

Good weekend in Whistler, great tournament, less than ideal weather.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Provincial’s or to a tournament that attracts people province wide.  Lots of familiar faces, and a bunch of new ones as well.  It was very satisfying to see Burnaby so well represented.

We weren’t really sponsors of Provincial’s this year (pretty much everything was already organized before we existed), but we did end up hooking up a couple of the Pros who wanted to keep their PDGA Amateur Status with some prizes in lieu of cash (Competition Manual 2.1.EProfessional players entering into a Professional division compete for money and Amateur players entering into a Professional division may accept merchandise in lieu of cash.” and 2.3.B.2 ReclassificationAn Amateur player is automatically re-classified as Professional when the player has accepted cash while competing in a Professional division. Accepting prizes in lieu of cash payout or accepting money for winning an ancillary contest such as an ace pool, top-of-the-card round prize, or CTP contest does not cause a player to relinquish his or her amateur status.“).  So thank you for the business Whistler!

We did donate one of those Park and Sun baskets (that everyone saw at Costco this summer) as a door prize at the BCDS AGM.  Don’t know how many people came just for the draw, but the room was pretty full.

Lots of conversations about The Disc Cellar were had, and I appreciate everyone listening to the spiel.  Feedback was generally positive, so hopefully it was honest too.

If you’re curious about more of what happened this weekend, you can check out our tweets from the event: @DiscCellar #bcdg

My personal tournament rounds were disappointing, but the trip, the city, the event, the conversations and the company definitely made the whole thing worthwhile.  Thanks again for hosting Whistler!

GripEQ reseller application

So as far as I can tell there are no resellers of GripEQ bags in Canada at this point.  I’ve applied to be a reseller so that I can bring in some of the most popular bags on the market at the moment.  And with an on-line direct from the manufacturer price of US$252, definitely a premium product.

How would you like to be able to use your prize winnings in Amateur Advanced or Intermediate towards the purchase price of a brand new GripEQ A series bag?

Well, I’m working on it.

Innova Order

I’ve got over 800 Innova discs incoming, once they are here and the pre-orders are dealt with you can expect to see the full inventory listing on-line.  So you’ll be able to see what we have, and hopefully find what you’re looking for.  We’re bringing in essentially the whole Innova line, so chances are good we’ll have something you want.

Innova standard 3 colour logo