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Metal Flake Terns are flying off the shelves

At the moment it looks like there’s a good chance we’ll need to order more of the Champion Metal Flake Terns, they only arrived 36 hours ago and we’ve already sold 14/25.  We’ll probably bring in some more stock Champion Terns at the same time, and whatever other Innova discs people need but which aren’t currently in stock.

Edit: (03 Nov 2013) out of blue ones, there are actually only 4 left, but I’m not sure what the weights are on them.

Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Red 167 1 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Red 168 2 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Blue 169 1 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Red 170 1 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Red 171 4 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Red 172 1 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Blue 172 1 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Red 175 7 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Blue 175 1 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)

Burnaby CFR/TFRs are in! Pumpklops too.

If you’re looking for some Burnaby Fundraiser discs, they are in now.  Prices are $25/disc for the CFR/TFR discs.  For glow discs the “colour” refers to the stamp colour (the disc colour is “glow”).

Pumpklops discs are: DX $15, Star Tern $22, Atlas $25.

Full list after the jump,  Continue reading Burnaby CFR/TFRs are in! Pumpklops too.

Innova Factory Store

You may or may not be aware that Innova has a Factory Store, it’s an interesting website.  As an authorized dealer I am able to bring in some of the items from the Factory Store, although I only get wholesale pricing on some of the items.

I’ve had a request for some McPro Aviars, so I’m putting together an order for the Factory Store.  If you see something you want, let me know and I’ll bring it in for you.  Pricing may differ from my regular prices, but I’ll deal with all the exchange, shipping and importing for you.

Next Innova Order: Burnaby CFR

The next Innova order that’s coming is the Burnaby CFR order, should be here by the end of the month, perhaps as early as Oct 25th.  If there’s a stock Innova disc that you want, that I don’t currently have in stock, I can bring it in with this order, but let me know ASAP.

The Burnaby CFR order consists of:

  •  Glow Champion Eagle X: 25 x 173-175g
  • Glow Champion Rhyno: 5 x 170-172g, 20 x 173-175g
  • Glow Champion Roc3: 15 x 173-175g, 10 x 178-180g
  • Glow Champion Tern: 25 x 173-175g

Additionally, there are some TFR discs coming in as well (same stamp):

  • Gummy Champion Rhyno: 12 x 170-172g, 13 x 173-175g
  • Champion Metal Flake Tern: 5 x 165-169g, 10 x 170-172g, 10 x 173-175g

Pricing for the discs has not yet been finalized, but if there’s something you’d like to reserve, you can let me know now, and you can change your mind once pricing is confirmed.

UV Flashlights and Basket Lights

With the popularity of Glow Golf we’re working hard to become your destination for all of your glow supplies.  Earlier this year, the Burnaby Disc Golf Club received a grant from the BCDS, one of the items that they included in the grant request were basket lights to aid in playing during low light situations.  These basket lights have now been ordered and will be here by Oct 25th.

It seems that the best way to charge glow discs is to use a UV light, and the most convenient way to do that is with a UV flashlight.  To support the community and to prevent them from needing to purchase them on eBay or through other avenues, we’re bringing in some UV flashlights.  Expected cost for the flashlights is $15-20 (waiting on final quote), and the model chosen is supposed to have 41 UV LEDs and 2 modes, one which illuminates 21 LEDs and one which illuminates all 41.  The LEDs are expected to be in the 390-400nm UV range (blacklight), and should work great for charging your glow discs.

In addition to these items, we’re bringing in some 5″ diameter glow stickers which can be added to any regular disc in order to convert it into a glow disc.  We’re bringing in 25 of the stickers to start, and they are $5 + tax for 1, $9 + tax for 2 or $20 + tax for 5.

As a special promotion, if you buy 5 glow discs before the end of October, we’ll include a free UV flashlight.

You can reserve any of the above stuff with an email to

If you bought a Langley CFR Disc you need to read this!

So, one of the special things about CFR discs is that when you purchase them, you become a Sponsor which allows you to fill out a form and get entered into a draw to win free stuff.  Problem is, I didn’t have the forms with me at Langley, so if you bought one of the discs, you didn’t get the form that you were owed.  I have them now, so you can either make arrangements to get the form from me, or you can send me the following information and I’ll fill it out and mail it in for you. Continue reading If you bought a Langley CFR Disc you need to read this!

PDGA Affiliate Club?

So most clubs our there are associated with a course or at least a city, and to be honest I think that’s the best approach.  That said, I was thinking of starting a new club, for lack of a catchy name: Club Disc Cellar (subject to change).

Anyway, if I do this, the whole point of it would be to take advantage of the PDGA Affiliate club program which would enable us to get our PDGA memberships at a reduced rate (save $5).

That said, is it actually something that people are interested in, or is it not worth the effort to save $5?

Note: getting a PDGA membership between now and the end of the year, gets you your membership for the rest of 2013 and all of 2014.

More PDGA Tournaments?

So there are a number of people who are trying to get PDGA points so that they can get invitations to Worlds.  The BCDS has stepped up and made the 3 Duck Golf events this year PDGA B-Tier events (7.5 times point multiplier).  That may or may not be enough for people who are trying to reach the 500 point threshold for Open (250 pts for Masters, 50 pts for Grandmasters and Senior Grandmasters, 10 pts for Pro Women, Pro Masters Women and Pro Grandmasters Women).

Also, there are amateurs who might be interested in trying to qualify for their Worlds, and they need:

  • Advanced: 500pts
  • Advanced Masters: 200 pts
  • Advanced Grandmasters: 50 pts
  • Advanced Women: 15 pts
  • Advanced Masters Women: 15 pts
  • Juniors (19 and under): 150 pts
  • Juniors (16 and under): 100 pts
  • Junior Girls (19 and under): 6 pts
  • Junior Girls (16 and under): 6 pts

So with that in mind, I was thinking of trying to put together some additional PDGA events, but probably C-Tier’s (as they have fewer requirements).  So my thinking is that these would be sanctioned for both Pro and Am so everyone can try to get some points.

Possible ideas, for dates and locations are as follows:

  • Nov 3rd: Sunday after the Duck Golf, somewhere in the lower mainland allows those who are travelling to stay in town and hit two events
  • Nov 9, 10 and/or 11th: Could be 1 to 3 different events over those three days, location would need to be determined, but if it was going to be multiple events they should be close together so that people who are travelling can hit them all
  • Nov 23 and/or 24th: Again, 1 or 2 events
  • Dec 7th: C-Tier in Washington, but we could host something too if people didn’t want to travel as far
  • Dec 8th: No currently scheduled PDGA event
  • Dec 14 and/or 15th: Probably the last real chance to host events, again could be 1 or 2 events, should be located close to each other to minimize travel expenses.

So that’s a lot of potential dates and events, I don’t think I’d want to put on more than 4 events before the end of the year, but if there’s a lot of support for the idea I could be persuaded.

Normally, I put on events at Robert Burnaby, but for this I would be looking to partner with other Clubs and hopefully find some volunteer TDs.  I’m open to any and all course suggestions or partners regardless of where they are.

Let me know what you think.

Note: C-Tier events aren’t substantially different from Duck Golf events in complexity, with the only additional factor being the PDGA membership requirement.  They result in a 5 times point factor for Open and Advanced ( and progressively less for lower divisions.