If you bought a Langley CFR Disc you need to read this!

So, one of the special things about CFR discs is that when you purchase them, you become a Sponsor which allows you to fill out a form and get entered into a draw to win free stuff.  Problem is, I didn’t have the forms with me at Langley, so if you bought one of the discs, you didn’t get the form that you were owed.  I have them now, so you can either make arrangements to get the form from me, or you can send me the following information and I’ll fill it out and mail it in for you.

  • Disc Model
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Street Address
  • City, Province, Postal Code
  • Email Address

You get an entry for EACH disc that you purchased, so let me know if you bought more than one of the same mold.

It is important to note, that the R-Pro XDs and the Glow Champion Cobras are TFR discs and not CFR discs (Tournament instead of Custom fundraising) and are not eligible for the sponsor rewards.  So this applies to the following discs only (all with the LDGC Summer is Coming stamp):

  • Glow Champion Boss
  • Glow Champion Destroyer
  • Glow Champion Firebird
  • Glow Champion Gator
  • Glow Champion Leopard
  • Glow Champion Wraith

You can send your information to sales@disccellar.ca.  If you don’t want to bother to send in your form, let me know and I’ll send the form in with LDGC information, and if they win something they can use it as a prize at a future event or otherwise use it for further fundraising.

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