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Nova, Champ Atlas and Holiday editions

I haven’t seen big demand for the Atlas, so I’m not really expecting huge demand for the Nova, but you never know.  Release date for all of these is December 2nd, I’ll accept pre-orders, but might not have another regular Innova order before the end of the year.

The Holiday Nova and Holiday Champion Atlas are limited edition discs (the most a dealer can bring in is 25 of each).

Nova: “The Nova is a unique putter designed with overmold technology.  The rim uses a grippy putter Pro plastic, which is fused to a stiff, firm Pro center section.  The Nova has a stable flight that is amazingly predictable whether thrown hard or smooth. The dual-material tends to deaden blows with objects, especially chains, making it a great putter.  The stability and low glide allow it to work well for approaches.  The Nova was designed to inspire more confidence when putting.  The goal is to extend that “gimme” range for putts, and allow for longer throw in attempts without the fear of going too far past.  The Nova is a game changer.” – Innova, MSRP: $16.99

Weights: 165-175g; Speed: 2, Glide: 3, Turn: 0, Fade: 0

Champion Atlas: “The exciting follow up to the Atlas, now with see through stiff Champion flightpate.  The Champion Atlas was designed with a stiffer flightplate, giving it slightly more stability and drop dead gorgeous looks.  Pricing is identical to the Star Atlas.” – Innova, MSRP: $19.99

Weights: 165-180g; Speed: 5, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 1

MVP Eclipse Volt

Finally MVP is starting to release their drivers in Eclipse, the first one out the door is the Volt.  The official release date for it is December 6th.  I’m accepting pre-orders for them, but am not planning on bringing any in immediately, as I recently restocked my MVP selection.  So it probably won’t be until their next new release (they average one a month).

Black Friday DEALS?

Not really black Friday deals, but given the timing the name seemed appropriate.  From now until December 11th 11:59pm, the following promotions are in effect:

Gift Certificates

Buy Gift Certificates and get a bonus:

$1.00-49.99         get a 5% bonus on the value of the GC (e.g. for $25.00 you get a $26.25 GC)

$50.00-99.99       get a 10% bonus on the value of the GC (e.g. for $50.00 you get a $55.00 GC)

$100-249.99        get a 15% bonus on the value of the GC (e.g. for $200.00 you get a $230.00 GC)

$250.00+              get a 20% bonus on the value of the GC (e.g. for $250.00 you get a $300.00 GC)


Buy products worth the following amounts and get a bonus:

$50.00-99.99       get a $5.00 Gift Certificate

$100.00-199.99  get a $10.00 Gift Certificate

$200.00-499.99  get a $25.00 Gift Certificate

$500.00+              get a $75.00 Gift Certificate


  • Buy 4 glow discs and get a free UV Flashlight
  • Pre-order and pre-pay for any special order discs and save $1.00/disc
  • Buy 3 MVP discs and get a free Nano mini
  • Spend $50.00 on anything and get a Park & Sun Disc Golf Basket (the Costco model) for $40.00 (can be combined with other offers)

Fine Print

Limit of one promotion/bonus per purchase.  Gift Certificates with the bonus value cannot also be used in conjunction with any of the other offers (if used during the promotion period).  While supplies last, void where prohibited by law.

Lat 64, Westside and DD order

I’ll be putting in an order for Latitude 64, Westside and Dynamic Discs on Wednesday, and picking it up this weekend.  Westside and Dynamic Discs remain special order manufacturers, but I get them from the same supplier, so it’s easy for me to bring something in it at the moment.

This will be my last order from these manufacturers before Christmas, so get those orders in, or have your loved ones get those orders in on your behalf.

Every effort will be made to match colour and weight preferences.

New options from these manufacturers include:

  • Decodye River, Pure and Fuse (stock Decodye stamps), $28.00 + tax
  • Moonshine Diamond, $25.00 + tax

Latitude 64 / Dynamic Discs / Westside

Latitude 64 full line in stock.  Dynamic Discs & Westside not currently stocked, but available by special order.

Zero / Classic / BT $15.00 $16.80
Recycle Gold $16.00 $17.92
Opto / Lucid / VIP $20.00 $22.40
Gold / Fuzion / Tournament $22.00 $24.64
Moonshine $25.00 $28.00
Decodye $28.00 $31.36

Also, I’ll be announcing a promotion later today, which you can take advantage of for your special order if you make one.


Ever notice how many of the pros carry around stools with them during their rounds?  Well if you want to play like a pro, you’re going to need a stool.  I’m looking at brining in some stools (should be available in a few different colours).  Price should be about $30.

Anyone interested?

Got any old Ace Race discs?

I’ve been contacted by someone who’s looking for historical Ace Race discs, specifically these years:

  • 2004: Glide
  • 2005: Slipstream
  • 2006: Meteor
  • 2007: Impact
  • 2010: Hornet

Discs should be in decent condition but can be used.  If you’ve got any that you’re willing to part with from those years (note: I ran my first Ace Race in 2006) let me know and I’ll coordinate.

The discs must have Ace Race stamp indicating the prototype disc and cannot be the production model.

High School Championships?

Going through some email today and reading the weekly PDGA email and one of their stories caught my eye: “Juniors in Droves“.

So there’s a couple of really interesting things in the article, first off the event that took place was the 6th Annual Kentucky Rec, Novice and Junior Disc Golf Championships.  I’m liking this idea, separating these divisions out from the normal Provincial Championships seems to make sense to me, allows you to avoid having some of the shorter tees that you’d normally require, and you also change the skill differential from the most skilled to the least skilled player in an event, which should improve speed of play.

What do you think?

Also, they had a separate event embedded within the event, the Kentucky High School State Team Championships.  This is how they determined eligibility and winners:

Any high school from Kentucky with more than four players was invited to compete.  The four lowest scores would count toward an overall total, and the school with the lowest total would be declared the Kentucky High School State Champions.

Such a simple formula.  As far as I know there are currently zero schools with Disc Golf teams.  That might partly be because there are no events for them to play in.  But if we could embed a school championships into an event that we’re going to run anyway, perhaps we could spur some juniors growth and get more Disc Golf into schools.

Anyone know any school aged golfers who could offer opinions, or see if there might actually be interest in this type of event?  I’m ready to sponsor or run it.

p.s.  In Duck Golf typically the offered Amateur Divisions are Advanced, Intermediate, Novice and Junior.  But in PDGA terms there are additional divisions: Recreational which is in between Intermediate and Novice.  Additionally Juniors is actually composed of 4 different divisions: Junior I (19 and under), Junior II (16 and under), Junior III (13 and under), Junior IV (10 and under), and can be offered as either open divisions (any gender) or a girls division can be offered)

UV Flashlights are enroute

Previously I announced a promotion where if you bought 5 glow discs you’d get a free UV flashlight, well those flashlights are finally about to ship.

To provide an abbreviated account of why they weren’t here earlier.

  1. I wanted to find a cheaper source for UV flashlights, and that search took me to China
  2. After some negotiation and searching I found a vendor and a price that sounded as though it would provide the best value
  3. I placed the order
  4. I went to my bank to wire the money, you know with a wire transfer
  5. A week later the money still hasn’t arrived in China (all those movies where they transfer billions of dollars to the kidnappers in 10 seconds, I don’t believe you any more)
  6. Turns out the bank in China rejected the wire transfer because they didn’t like the stated “purpose” of the transfer (I didn’t even realize that we needed to have a purpose for the transfer, it’s just old fashioned digital money after all)
  7. Some back and forth, and changes to the wire transfer and finally the money gets accepted by the bank in China
  8. So now that payment has been received the flashlights will be shipping tomorrow, not sure how long they will take to get here.  Original shipping was supposed to be 2-3 days, but I’ve asked them to use a cheaper shipping option since I no longer have a particular date/event I’m trying to get them in for.  Savings that I’ll then be able to pass on.  There’s a bit of a language barrier though, so we’ll see what happens.

The flashlights are supposed to be a UV model with 41 LEDs, with two modes, 1)  illuminates 21 LEDs and 2) which illuminates all 41 LEDs.  They are supposed to operate on 4 AAA.  But as I’ve learned, until you have inventoried and reviewed your shipment, never assume that what you thought you ordered is what you’ll receive, so I’ll post product pictures and details once they arrive (probably sometime next week).

Remembrance Day Tournament?

So yesterday was an important day, Remembrance Day where we remember those who have served our country and to whom we pay tribute.  It also happens to be a statutory holiday.

So here’s the question: would hosting a tournament on Remembrance Day be disrespectful or offensive? how about if it was a fundraising/charity event with proceeds going to an appropriate charity?

If it was a fundraising event, would poppy themed custom discs be appropriate or too much?

Obviously this is a question for next year.

New Innova Products

One of the interesting things about being an approved dealer with all these manufacturers is getting the update emails about new things which are coming up.  So here’s a few things which are new (or new-ish) which I could bring in.  If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll be sure to add some to my next order.

  • Innova 2014 Calendar: 14 month calendar (Dec ’13-Jan ’15) which include important PDGA tournament dates. $7.99
  • New EchoStar Look & Models: so they’ve changed the stamp and added a few new models: Boss, Tern and Mamba.  $15.99
  • Innova 50/50 Long Sleeve Tees (50/50 because it’s a two colour design).  Safety Yellow, Safety Orange and Charcoal. S-3XL.  Probably $19.99
  • Innova Hoodies: Navy with green to yellow fade or Medium Grey with red to aqua fade.  S-3XL. Probably $34.99
  • DX Glow TeeBird: The DX Glow TeeBird has been added to the stock glow line-up (so many of the glow discs are CFR/TFR only).