Monthly Archives: December 2013

Grip EQ bags in stock


The bags are in stock. MSRP on the bags is $252 with a $40 shipping charge add in exchange and you’re looking at almost $310 before any taxes or duties which bring the total bill to a little more than $345.

That said the bags are currently on sale for $176 direct from Grip EQ (after shipping and duty you’re looking at about $256).  Until the end of the year or the bags are gone we’ll sell them for $250 Canadian including taxes.

MVP Servo

Another new MVP release the Neutron Servo:

“The Servo is a stable fairway driver with a straight flight and controlled speed.  Its extended GYRO™ push gives it less lateral movement and immense glide with an effortless forward fade.  Both high and low power throwers alike will achieve easy pinpoint accuracy with ultimate control to make it one of their most used discs on the fairway.

With the Servo being part of our new 1.7cm wing fairway class, it will consist of a wider weight range from 158 to 175g.”

The Servo will be part of our next MVP order along with the Eclipse Glow Volt, but again that order likely won’t happen until the new year.  Pre-orders currently being accepted.

Official release date for the Servo is December 20th.

Grip EQ Bags

I’ve got a few Grip EQ bags on their way.  A half dozen to be exact, 3 black ones and 3 black and grey.  They are set to arrive on the 11th.  If you’re interested in reserving one, let me know.  I’m waiting until they arrive before I set the price as I want to make sure there aren’t any nasty surprise charges on the importing.

PDGA C-Tier: Dec 28 or 29?

Thinking of running a PDGA C-Tier on December 28th or 29th, or maybe 2 one day events.  Giving people a last chance to get the points they may need to qualify for going to Pro Worlds (Portland, OR) or Am Worlds (St. Paul, MN).

If it happens, it will be a “ratings event” which mean you get to register based on your PDGA rating, and not on your division.  Up to 5 divisions could be offered, but I’d probably only offer 2.  The bigger the divisions, the more points available for everyone.

The breakdown is as follows (keeping in mind, you can play above your rating if you want):

970+: Open/Gold, scored as MPO (Pro Open), point multiplier for a C-Tier: 5.  With 20 participants the winner would get 100 pro points.  If you need the points, all you have to do is encourage more people to come out.

less than 970: Advanced/Blue, scored as MA1 (Amateur Advanced), point multiplier for a C-Tier: 5 (could maybe go Am B-Tier, which would be 7.5).  With 35 participants the winner would get 175 amateur points (or 262.5 points if B-Tier).

less than 935: Intermediate/White, scored as MA2 (Amateur Intermediate), points multiplier for a C-Tier: 4 (B-Tier: 6).  Probably would not offer, as even if everyone in this division finished after everyone else in Advanced (unlikely) they’d still get more points if they played in Advanced (4th from last would get 20pts instead of 16pts for example).

less than 900: Recreational/Red, scored as MA3 (Amateur Recreational), points multiplier for a C-tier: 3 (B-Tier: 4.5).  Again, probably would not offer.

less than 850: Novice/Green, scored as MA4 (Amateur Novice), points multiplier for C-Tier: 2 (B-Tier: 3).  Again, probably would not offer, finishing 2nd to last would be worth 10pts vs 4pts if they played in advanced instead.


Are there any clubs/courses out there which are interested in hosting or being involved?  Let me know ASAP.