Monthly Archives: February 2014

Sponsorship: Duck Golf Finale (Jericho)

The Disc Cellar is pleased to announce that we’re a core sponsor of the Duck Golf Finale at Jericho hosted by the Van City United DGC, and that we’ll be supplying the prizes and in-round CTPs for the event.

We expect to have a small supply of Gateway putters and Aerobie Epics (by request) in addition to a few new selections available in addition to our regular great selection.

If you’ve been saving up vouchers from previous events for one of our big ticket items: practice basket, GripEQ bag or something else specific, please give us a heads up so that we can make sure that we have enough of them at the tournament to go around.

It may come as a surprise but we’ll also be doing the prizes for the first BCDS Summer Series event The Disc Cellar Open.  At which point we expect to have a bunch of new product.

Sponsorship Announcement: Vancouver Island

The Disc Cellar is pleased to announce that we have become a sponsor of the Inter-Club Random Doubles – Vancouver Island.

This “series” rotates between 6 Vancouver Island courses on the 3rd Saturday of the month.  This past Saturday (Feb 15) was the first event we sponsored.  Upcoming dates and locations are:

  • March 15: Doumont – Nanaimo
  • April 19: Qualicum Bay Resort – Qualicum Bay
  • May 17: Coal Shoots –  Comox Valley (may be postponed for Victoria Day / Pender Bender weekends)
  • June 21: Coopers Hawk – Campbell River

There will be a summer hiatus with things starting up again in the fall.

For those of us who play regular doubles events in the lower mainland this one’s a bit different.

  • 11 am start time
  • 2 rounds unless weather conditions prevent it (30-45 minutes for lunch)
  • Typically long tee (1st round) and short tee (2nd round)
  • $3/person which goes to the Ace Pot for the day, if no one aces the pot is awarded by a post-round CTP
  • Prizes: at each event there is a Men’s and a Women’s CTP (in round), for which the players now receive discs courtesy of The Disc Cellar.

Past results and more information can be found through the Comox Valley Disc Golf Club (Facebook group).

To keep things simple, Geoffrey McNamara (the organizer) took a stack of 10 discs when we finalized things at the Mission Duck Golf to be used as the CTP prizes.  If winners are unable to find something they want from the stack they are welcome to make arrangements with The Disc Cellar to acquire something satisfactory.  The initial stack included:

  • Latitude 64 Opto Fuse, 173g, Purple metal flake
  • Latitude 64 Gold Fury, 169g Orange
  • Discraft Soft Challenger, 173g, Blue
  • Discraft ESP Buzzz, 173g, White
  • MVP Neutron Resistor, 169g, Purple
  • Innova Champion USDGC Roc3, 173g, Yellow (taken)
  • Innova DX Aviar, 175g, Pink
  • Innova DX Aviar, 173g, White
  • Innova Champion Beast, 166g, Blue (taken)
  • Innova Star-Lite Tern, 138g, Blue

The Disc Cellar believe in supporting events, both big and small that help build Disc Golf, if you have such an event which may benefit from some sponsorship or exposure, please feel free to reach out.

The Disc Cellar Open: stamp needed

Coming up April 12/13 is The Disc Cellar Open, our first event as Title Sponsor and the first event in the BCDS Summer Series.  It will be a PDGA B-Tier.

One of the things I’m working on for the event now is the players package, which at the moment might include almost anything, although we are looking at minis or discs as likely inclusions.

To that end, we need a stamp.  Is there anyone out there who wants to put together a stamp?

Also, now’s the time to speak up if you have special requests for what we include in the player’s package.

Disc Dyers?

So I may have an opportunity to acquire some blank discs, and I was thinking that maybe there are some aspiring dyers out there.  This could be a perfect match.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • you let me know that you’re interested in trying dyeing
  • I bring in some blank discs
  • you dye one (or possibly more of them)
  • I auction them off as fundraisers to support one of the many upcoming events (possibly The Disc Cellar Open, maybe a Women’s Global Event, maybe something else)

I suppose if people don’t like that idea, but want to buy some blanks and dye discs themselves and then sell or keep them, I could sell the blanks too.  Anyway, let me know if you’re interested and we’ll see if this has legs.

Also, if you’re someone who likes buying dyed or unique discs and thinks you’d be interested in buying one of the discs, feel free to comment on that too.  The idea really does fall down if at the end no one is interested in buying any of them.