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Discraft Order

Putting together a Discraft order if anyone is interested in some golf discs or UltraStars.  Will be bringing in some Cranks (ESP and Z) along with the Big Z collection.  Let me know if you’ve got special requests.

Also, will be bringing in by special order some of those Discraft Hoodies (full zip) which you’ll often see me wearing.  They are really nice (I actually have to fight to get mine back sometimes [you know who you are]), but they are the pricier side for clothing at $50.

Gumbputt and DGA

I’ve been fielding questions about DGA and the Gumbputt lately, so here’s the skinny.  I am able bring in DGA discs, equipment and merch, but haven’t yet.  So if you’re one of those people looking to get a Blunt Gumbputt, Powerdrive Gumbputt, BlowFly I, Blowfly II or any other DGA discs or equipment let me know and I’ll assemble and order.

In keeping with Disc Cellar pricing policies the discs would be priced at MSRP in Canadian funds, which would equate to:

  • Proline: $16.99 ($19.03 incl. tax)
  • D-Line: $9.99 ($11.19 incl. tax)
  • SP Line: $18.99 ($21.27 incl. tax)
  • Signature Line: $14.99 ($16.79 incl. tax) – Gumbputts and Blowflies are Signature Line discs
  • RDGA Line: $9.99 ($11.19 incl. tax)

If you’re more in the market for a practice basket, pricing will be something like this (additional shipping charges may apply):

  • Mach II: $240 + tax
  • M-14: $150 + tax
  • Mach Lite: $175 + tax
  • Mini Trophy: $85 + tax

And of course we can bring in shirts, hats, bags, minis, straps, towels stickers and more if you’re interested as well.

PDGA Affiliate Club

The Disc Cellar is now an official PDGA Affiliate Club.  That’s right, we filled out a form and paid a fee so it’s all official (we did it weeks ago actually).

If you registered for The Disc Cellar Open (DCO), then you were presented with the option of joining or renewing your PDGA membership as part of the registration process.  We had a bunch of people take advantage of that:

  • 10 new members (9 Ams, 1 Jr)
  • 6 renewing members (4 Ams, 2 Pros)

If you want to read more about it, it’s on the PDGA Affiliate Club page under About.

BC Doubles Championships?

The PDGA Amateur World Doubles Championships just ended, and even though we’re pretty busy with our first big event (The Disc Cellar Open this weekend) we’re looking forward to more.

So here’s the question, would people be interested in playing in a PDGA sanctioned doubles tournament for the “BC Crown”?

This is totally in the conceptual stage at this point, so we’re looking for feedback.  It seems that these events are generally pick-your-partner events, but we could look at:

  • pick-your-partner
  • random
  • mixed gender
  • parent/child

Or we could maybe even offer more than one of those options in the same event.

Since this is conceptual, it probably makes sense to keep things a little simpler and go with a course that doesn’t require a lot of changes such as:

  • Grouse
  • Kamloops
  • Langley
  • Logan Lake
  • Nanaimo
  • Whistler

In the PDGA event they played:

  • Best Shot (normal doubles)
  • Best Disc (that’s what they call it), really it’s best score, you play your own disc and record the best score either team member gets on each hole
  • Alternating Shot (take turns throwing)

Since their event was multiple days, for teams that made the finales they did Best Shot, Best Disc and then Worst Shot (both players need to make the putt).

Essentially this would make it very similar to the annual Randy White Memorial event (although that one might not be looking to get PDGA sanctioning…).

So I guess the questions are:

  • does this interest you?
  • do you think it’s a good idea?
  • how many rounds and formats should be included?
  • what formats should be used?
  • how should partners be chosen?
  • how many days should the event be?
  • should their be regional events to lower travel costs? if so should there then be a final event as well?
  • other thoughts?


More GStar Models

Another 4 models are being added to the GStar Line, they are:

  • GStar Rhyno (165-175g)
  • GStar Sidewinder (165-175g)
  • GStar Orc (165-175g)
  • GStar Dominator (165-175g)

These are being released next week, I expect to have them in late April, early May.  Pre-order now!

As a reminder the other 17 GStar models (excluding the Daedalus prototype) are:

  • Aviar
  • Aviar Driver
  • Beast
  • Boss
  • Dart
  • Destroyer
  • PM Krait
  • Leopard
  • Mamba
  • RoadRunner
  • Roc3
  • Shark
  • Skeeter
  • TeeBird
  • Tern
  • Valkyrie
  • Wraith

GStar Daedalus Prototype!

The INNOVA Daedalus is a new maximum downwind distance driver crafted for less powerful players.  The disc will double as a long distance roller for more advanced players.

The Daedalus will be available in GStar plastic and is initially rated 13, 6, -4, 2 [speed, glide, turn, fade]. The Daedalus likes to be thrown low.  Make sure it doesn’t soar too close to the sun.

The GStar Daedalus Prototype is a limited edition version of this new driver that is a small batch limited run.

If you look closely you’ll find that the rating is very similar to the Star Tern, but a little faster…  Accepting pre-orders now.

Prodiscus Approved

So I have been approved to bring in Prodiscus discs and bags.  So far I have a pending order for 1 ProBag 30+.  I don’t have an exact cost on these yet, as they are shipping from Europe — and quotes are in euros — but assuming the exchange rate doesn’t change dramatically you’re looking at between $300-350 for the ProBag 30+ after taxes.  The ProBag 20+ should come in at $20-30 cheaper.

If you’re interested in one of these let me know ASAP.  Although the order will not go in until after the DCO.