Daedalus Giveaway

We’ve got 40 of the GStar Daedalus prototypes en route to me now (should arrive on Thursday).  We’re going to try something out and see how it works…

We’re going to give away 3 of these GStar Daedalus randomly, to people who comment on this post*.  As much as we’d like to give people bonus entries for sharing and spreading the word, we haven’t investigated how best to do that.  So we’re not this time anyway.

Here’s the catch though, if you’re one of the lucky 3 people, you need to do the following things after receiving the disc:

  1. Write a first impression review of the disc once you get it in your hand, and send it to us.
  2. Throw the Daedalus a lot
  3. Write a review of your thoughts and experiences on the GStar plastic
  4. Write a review of your thoughts and experiences on the Daedalus prototype after you’ve used it a lot

Here’s the tricky part, reviews must be positive in tone.  What does that mean you ask?  It means that we don’t want to have reviews that tell us how much it sucks (if it does).  Instead, we want reviews which identify what type of player is likely to enjoy the plastic/disc/flight path/et cetera.  We realize that you might not be that player, but it’s way more helpful to identify who would benefit from this disc (if anyone).  Not all discs work for all people, but most of us can imagine who a disc might be appropriate for, or under which circumstances it would excel.

You’ll be expected to get your first review in within a week of receiving the disc, and the next two within 4 weeks of receiving the disc.

If you’re not willing to write the reviews, don’t enter the give away. The goal here is to give a few people the opportunity to help the rest of the disc golf community to make an informed purchase decision on this disc.

I’ll do the draw next Tuesday, the 13th.

Things to remember:

  • comment on this post, not on Facebook or somewhere else
  • make sure that you include your name and a valid email address when filling out the comment stuff, otherwise we won’t be able to tell you that you won, and we’ll give the prize to someone else
  • include the answer to the following skill testing question in the comments: “If I shoot 4 under on a typical 18 hole course (par 3), how many throws did I actually use?”
  • comments here are “moderated” so don’t panic if your comment doesn’t appear right away…


When the shipment with the Daedalus arrives this week, we’ll have the full GStar line in stock again, at least until we start selling out again.

* we’ll throw in a classic “skill testing” question so as not to run afoul of any Canadian laws.

20 thoughts on “Daedalus Giveaway

  1. My score is 50.. but I would probably shoot better with a Daedalus.
    I hope the Daedalus can handle a Pro throwing it.. I hope to find out and post my results… 😉

  2. 50 not counting the practice throws.
    I’m new to disc golf and would love a chance to sandbag with a new disc in hopes of coming in 1st to get more Daedalus’ as prizes.

  3. 50. Some people are good for business. You know I will buy 13 more. Skill testing question. Why have you sold so many Terns in the last 6 months.

  4. The answer is 50 throws in your round. I’d like to think this new disc is like a Vulcan with more glide. Which would be nice considering whenever I need big D off the pad and there is a tailwind blowing I break out a tern or Vulcan. I wonder if it would work as a out of the box roller? Maybe a HUGE anhyzer with a flat finish???? If I win ill answer that and more.

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