Daedalus Proto: First Impressions – Mike

Mike R, is the owner and creative genius behind Washline.  He’s responsible for all the Disc Cellar Open (DCO) custom stamps, including the mini and he’s recently done the logo design for the 2014 BC Open.  He has recently moved from Am Intermediate to Am Advanced and normally plays out of Passive Park in Langley, BC.  He is one of three winners in our Innova Daedalus Prototype giveaway and here is his first impressions review:

I grabbed a 171g Daedalus from The Disc Cellar while at Robert Burnaby Park. The first impression was ‘This looks and feels really nice!’. The plastic felt flexy without being rubbery and the rim was nice and wide. I threw it on a few of the longer drives and was pretty happy with the distance and control I was able to get right out of the box.

Later that same day I took it to Langley (my home course) for some home ground testing.

Starting on Summer pad #1, a hole I usually throw a 171g R plastic Bolt* on, the Daedalus seemed perfect for the long drive. As a comparison I threw it flat and low… the same way I huck the Bolt on that hole. Straight down the fairway and just past the chains!

You can’t judge a disc on one throw, so I continued to throw it for every drive where I would normally use my Bolt.

After a full round, I found my drives were about 20-40 feet longer, had more control and, it may seem like a small thing, but the plastic wipes dry really easy and has great tackiness in your hand.

I have played about 10 rounds with it now and am really happy with this disc. It anhyzers when you want it to, can maintain a long straight flight on a hyzer edge and has generally increased my distance in comparison to the Bolt. The downside seems to be how the plastic changes with the weather. If your round starts off cold and finishes in the sun, the flight path will change (becoming more understable as it gets gummier) but I find that a small trade off for this durable plastic.

Power/mega distance throwers will find it fairly flippy if thrown flat, and that alone could make it a great roller, while newer players will probably be challenged if their release angles are inconsistent.

Overall, I would say that players that love the Bolt will now have an Innova option that seems to have improved on that mould.

Time to go throw it some more.

* R plastic Bolt would be a Recycled Gold Line Bolt by Latitude 64 (also carried by The Disc Cellar) and which is rated by Lat 64 as: Speed 13, Glide 6, Turn -2, Fade 3 while the Daedalus Proto is 13, 6, -4, 2 according to Innova.

The Disc Cellar currently still has about 30 of the Proto Daedalus in stuck, but once they are gone, they are gone forever.

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