RPM Discs at BC Open

There’s a visitor in our city at the moment, and he happens to be a maker of discs from New Zealand.  A number of people were fondling (yes you were) his discs at the BC Open today.  So for those of you who bought some, and even for those of you who didn’t I have a question:

Do you think that The Disc Cellar should carry RPM Discs?

2 thoughts on “RPM Discs at BC Open

  1. The plastic is nice the profiles are nice and the colours look great. The only thing I am curious is to see how well they stand up to day to day. I bought one of the mids, fairly understable but quite nice. I think that it would make for a nice addition to your lineup.

  2. you are the disc cellar the chance to promote a new product should be a no brainer you took a chance to open the disc cellar help a guy out that is taking a chance

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