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Prodigy Update

Some of the stuff below has been pre-ordered, so it might not all be available, but I’ll list it all anyway:

  • 350Rx D1 156g – Blue
  • 400G D1 173g – Purple
  • 400G D1 173g – Green
  • 400s D1 174g – Orange
  • 400s D1 173g – Green
  • 400s D1 173g – Yellow
  • Air D1 148g – Blue
  • 400G D2 173g – Green
  • 400G D2 173g – White
  • 400s D2 174g – Yellow
  • 400s D2 174g – Purple
  • 400G D3 174g – Blue
  • 400G D3 173g – Pink
  • 400s D3 172g – Yellow (First Run)
  • 400s D3 172g – Blue (First Run)
  • 400s D3 172g – Orange
  • 400s D3 165g – Purple
  • Air D3 154g – Yellow
  • 350Rx D4 156g – White (Proto)
  • 400s D4 174g – Pink
  • 400s D4 174g – Purple
  • 400s D4 173g – Blue
  • Air D4 154g – Blue
  • 400s D5 174g – Yellow
  • 400s D5 174g – Purple
  • Air D5 157g – Orange
  • 400s F1 173g – Red
  • 400s F2 176g – Blue
  • 300s M1 180g – Green
  • 300s M2 180g – Yellow
  • 300s M2 180g – Purple
  • 300s M3 172g – Pink
  • 300s M3 171g – Pink
  • 350G M3 180g – Yellow
  • 350G M3 179g – Grey (Proto)
  • 350G M3 173g – Green
  • 350Rx M3 149g – Grey (Proto)
  • 400s M3 180g – Clear
  • 400s M3 179g – Purple
  • 300s M4 180g – Pink
  • 300s M4 177g – White
  • 300s M4 176g – White
  • 300s M4 173g – Yellow
  • 350Rx M4 155g – Red (Proto)
  • 300s Pa2 171g – Blue
  • 300s Pa2 171g – Grey
  • 300s Pa2 170g – White
  • 400s Pa2 173g – Orange
  • 400s Pa2 171g – Green
  • 300s Pa3 174g – White
  • 300s Pa3 174g – Green
  • 300s Pa3 173g – Green
  • 300s Pa3 173g – Pink x 2
  • 350G Pa3 174g – White x 4
  • 350G Pa3 174g – Black
  • 350G Pa3 173g – Green
  • 350G Pa3 173g – White
  • 350G Pa3 172g – Blue
  • 350G Pa3 172g – White
  • 350G Pa3 171g – Green
  • 350G Pa3 170g – Green
  • 300s Pa4 174g – Purple
  • 300s Pa4 173g – Purple
  • 300s Pa4 173g – Green
  • 300s Pa4 172g – Purple
  • 300s Pa4 172g – White
  • 300s Pa4 172g – Pink
  • 300s Pa4 171g – Green x 2
  • 300s Pa4 171g – Pink
  • 300s Pa4 170g – White
  • 350Rx Pa4 146g – White (Proto)
  • 400s Pa4 174g – Purple (Proto)
  • 400s Pa4 174g – Blue
  • 400s Pa4 173g – Orange
  • 400s Pa4 170g – Pink (Proto)
  • 750 X1 173g – Aqua x 7

Also have:

  • 1 x Tournament Bag
  • 2 x Straps

USDGC Representative for BC

So I’m rocking the boat a little already.  I’ve asked for and given preliminary permission to be the one who selects BC’s representative for the United States Disc Golf Championships.  I presently have no real idea how I’m going to select that person, but here’s some information:

  • the spot is for the Performance Flight (not the Open Flight)
  • the event takes place Oct 1-4, 2014 (with Doubles on Sept 28, Qualifications for the Open Flight on Monday 29th, Distance Competition on the 30th and more, full schedule) in South Carolina.
  • You must attend the opening ceremonies on Sept 30th
  • You must have 12 PDGA rated rounds since August 1, 2013 (that’s rounds not tournaments) – I’m confirming if this is mandatory
  • You must have a PDGA rating of 875 or higher – I’m confirming if this is mandatory
  • You must be a current PDGA member
  • You must have passed the officials exam
  • You must pay your entry fee by the end of August
  • The entry fee is US$100.00
  • Note: there are no divisions, age or gender restrictions on this, only the above criteria matter.

So for now, I’m accepting expressions of interest to see who wants to go.  I’ll accept expressions of interest until August 15th (I may extend this deadline).  If I get more than one expression of interest, I’ll pick amongst those who expressed interest.  Please try to confirm that you’re able to go, before expressing interest (or at least be as sure as you can).

In future years, I’ll try to come up with a more transparent process for making this happen, but given that time is short, I figure speed and casting a wide net for interested persons is more important at the moment than having a clear cut and fair process for selecting the individual.

Please share this information widely so that as many people as possible who are eligible may become aware of it.

All official information relating to the event can be found here:

For more information on Performance Scoring:

p.s. I’ll probably find a better venue for this type of announcement in the future, but I’ll wait until I understand the role better before I figure out where that will be.

Not on location: QE tomorrow

There’s been some closer re-reading of permits and such, and unfortunately it turns out that vending is strictly prohibited based on the permit granted for the event tomorrow.

In the interest of helping the relationship between VanCity United and the City of Vancouver, the Disc Cellar will not be setting up a booth tomorrow.  That said, I will make deliveries of previously ordered goods, and there’s nearly always an extra disc or bag in my car.  The full inventory however will not be present at QE.

If between now and then I can figure out a suitable alternative, the inventory may be nearby, but don’t count on it.  So if you’d like something, please request it tonight.

PDGA Rep: thank you

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who voted for me during the PDGA election period.  I will be your Provincial PDGA rep for the next 2 years, officially starting in September.

I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure what the complete set of responsibilities are for the role, or what level of authority I actually have when it comes to PDGA related things.  So step 1 is definitely figuring that stuff out (I’m hoping for a welcome message/package or something).

I’ve reached out to all the current Provincial coordinators, and the national representative, as well as State coordinators for Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon.  To see what advice they might have for me as a newbie, and whether they see opportunities for collaboration.  Hopefully that will lead to some interesting conversations.

If anyone has thoughts, questions, suggestions or advice as to what they’d like to see the PDGA doing in BC, I’m happy to receive those. At this point I don’t know what may and may not fall within my purview, but I’d rather know of ideas or concerns that are outside my purview than miss ones that are inside.

I’d also like to thank Matt and Brad for volunteering to take on this responsibility, we were fortunate to be in a position to get to choose between multiple good candidates, and if you check the numbers, we did much better as a Province in terms of voter participation than the overall PDGA.  (overall participation was about 16%, while BC registered 49 votes and we don’t have 306 current members, in fact according to the player search BC has 278 people who have PDGA numbers [many not current members])

More Bags and some Discs

Bag order from Dynamic Discs is here, so here’s what’s new to the inventory:

  • Dynamic Discs Ranger bag (backpack) x 2
  • Latitude 64 Deluxe bag (backpack) x 1
  • Dynamic Discs Soldier bag x 2 (Fracture red or orange)
  • Dynamic Discs Cadet bag x 25 (Fracture red, orange, blue, chartreuse, or pink)
  • Dynamic Discs Straps x 4
  • Latitude 64 Straps x 2

On the disc front:

  • Dynamic Discs Start Set x 3 (includes Classic Blend Judge, Bio Fuzion Suspect and Bio Fuzion Escape)
  • Millennium Omega AP Supergrip Approach (1.13), 175g, aqua
  • Millennium Omega AP Big Bead Supergrip Approach, 170g, aqua
  • Axiom Proton Envy, Purple/White, 164g
  • Axiom Proton Envy, Orange/Red, 172g
  • Axiom Proton Envy, Green/Red, 173g
  • Axiom Proton Inspire, Yellow/White, 160g
  • Axiom Neutron Inspire, Orange/White, 170g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, Red, 173g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, White, 174g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, Blue, 173g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, Pink, 171g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, Green, 173g
  • MVP Neutron Impulse, Blue, 174g
  • MVP Neutron Impulse, Black, 171g x2
  • MVP Neutron Impulse, Green, 169g
  • MVP Neutron Impulse, Yellow, 169g

Prodigy restock scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, and Prodiscus stuff is on its way to Canada, ETA, your guess is as good as mine.

First Run Buzzz OS

Now accepting pre-orders for the First Run Buzzz OS, available in Z plastic only 164-178g.  Price will be $17.50/ea.

Here’s what Discraft has to say about them:

The Discraft Buzzz midrange is the world’s most popular golf disc. Today we are proud to present what is perhaps the most anticipated release in Discraft’s 35 year history: the Buzzz OS.

You depend on your Buzzz for a wide range of shots. You reach for it because of its dependable consistency, controllability and accuracy. Buzzz OS is a Buzzz, only beefier.

Has a headwind kicked up? Buzzz OS. Need a straight shot with a hard finish? Buzzz OS. Want a mid you can dependably forehand on a straight line? Buzzz OS.

The OS stands for overstable: it’s more overstable than a Wasp, much less than a Drone. And Buzzz OS is beadless; it feels like a Buzzz in your hand, lending a familiar confidence that adds up to success when the final score is tallied.

First Run Z Buzzz OS midrange

  • stability: 1.7
  • suitable for experienced players
  • weight range: 164-178 gm

Z Buzzz OS First Run