More Bags and some Discs

Bag order from Dynamic Discs is here, so here’s what’s new to the inventory:

  • Dynamic Discs Ranger bag (backpack) x 2
  • Latitude 64 Deluxe bag (backpack) x 1
  • Dynamic Discs Soldier bag x 2 (Fracture red or orange)
  • Dynamic Discs Cadet bag x 25 (Fracture red, orange, blue, chartreuse, or pink)
  • Dynamic Discs Straps x 4
  • Latitude 64 Straps x 2

On the disc front:

  • Dynamic Discs Start Set x 3 (includes Classic Blend Judge, Bio Fuzion Suspect and Bio Fuzion Escape)
  • Millennium Omega AP Supergrip Approach (1.13), 175g, aqua
  • Millennium Omega AP Big Bead Supergrip Approach, 170g, aqua
  • Axiom Proton Envy, Purple/White, 164g
  • Axiom Proton Envy, Orange/Red, 172g
  • Axiom Proton Envy, Green/Red, 173g
  • Axiom Proton Inspire, Yellow/White, 160g
  • Axiom Neutron Inspire, Orange/White, 170g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, Red, 173g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, White, 174g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, Blue, 173g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, Pink, 171g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, Green, 173g
  • MVP Neutron Impulse, Blue, 174g
  • MVP Neutron Impulse, Black, 171g x2
  • MVP Neutron Impulse, Green, 169g
  • MVP Neutron Impulse, Yellow, 169g

Prodigy restock scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, and Prodiscus stuff is on its way to Canada, ETA, your guess is as good as mine.

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