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Favourite Online Disc Store?

A major task to complete by the end of the year (hopefully by the end of October) will be to add a true online store component to The Disc Cellar.

So here’s some questions for you, that would help me out:

  • what are currently your favourite online disc stores?
  • are the stores you browse on and the ones you buy from different?
  • what makes you buy from the ones you buy from?
  • what features are important to you?
  • are there things you would like to see done differently?
  • other suggestions, feedback or tips?

One of the reasons that we haven’t had a full online store before now, is the dealer agreements with some of the manufacturers, so not all of our inventory will be available for online sales. At this time the exclusions will be: GripEQ and stock Innova models (custom stamps will be available).


If you were waiting on a refund due to Provincials either being on the wait list or because you pre-paid for the lunch on Grouse, those should now all have been processed.

You should receive an email confirmation from “” which may have a subject of “Refund from Burnaby Ultimate”.

If you haven’t received your refund let me know. If you’re able to find your original receipt of the PayPal transaction it makes it faster for me to find the relevant transaction.

The Disc Cellar Rec Series

I pitched the concept of the Disc Cellar Recreational Series back in July and I’m going to move forward with it. There seems to be enough interest from people to make it worth trying at least.

I’ll have to do some more behind the scenes work to make this happen, but while I work on that I wanted to throw some more questions out to the group:

  • What courses would people like to see included?
  • How many holes do you feel an event should include?
  • How many events would you like to see be part of the series?
  • Would you like to see the prizes focus on player’s packages (everyone gets something) or on the purse (rewarded based on performance)?
  • Is there anyone who’s interested in cutting their teeth as an assistant TD (I’ll serve as the series coordinator and plan to TD all events)?
  • Are there any clubs that would really like to be included?
  • The original plan was for the lower mainland only, but there’s no reason that this concept couldn’t be expanded to include other regional editions. Logistically I could still serve as the series coordinator, but I’d likely need actualTDs for non-local events, or regional coordinators. Is there anyone who’s interested in bringing this concept to their region? Even just single events.
    • Cariboo
    • Kootenay Region
    • Nechako
    • North Coast
    • North East
    • Sunshine Coast & Coastal BC
    • Thompson Okanagan
    • Vancouver Island & Islands
  • As a potential participant would you like to see the event sanctioned in anyway, or do you care? PDGA, BCDS, other?
  • How many events do you feel the “series” should have?
  • Do you favour performance based awards (most points, most wins, lowest round…) or other types of awards (most improved, sportsmanship, most fun to play with…)?
  • Do you favour Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays or some combination for event days?
  • Anything else you’d like to see included or not?

For clarity sake, I’m asking these questions because I actually do want feedback, so if you know someone who might be willing to offer feedback, please share it with them.

Restocking: Latitude 64 and Westside

It’s time again for me do some restocking, first up on the block is Latitude 64 and Westside (still not going to be carrying the full line). Expectation is that I’ll be able to get these ones in for Provincials. So if you’ve got special requests get them in ASAP.

In the near term, I need to do orders with Innova, Dynamic Discs, Discraft, DGA, Millennium, MVP, Axiom and Prodigy. I’ll probably also need to do some bag restocking, as I’m running low on most bags, especially the backpack bags.

So now is the time to get those requests in. If you really want something, but can’t swing it right now, we can figure out some sort of lay away plan or something.

Provincials: Cancellations and the Wait list

There have been some cancellations for Provincials, I’ll be processing those refunds and removing people from the list today. That means that I’ll also be reaching out to player’s on the wait list to confirm their spots, and otherwise move people up the list. To help out with this endeavour, if people could do the following:

  • If you’re registered for the event, but will not be attending, let me know ASAP so someone else can get in
  • If you’re on the wait list and would not accept a spot if it was offered to you at this point, let me know so that we don’t waste time and offer the spot to the next person on the list
  • If you’re on the wait list, check your email and respond promptly to accept or reject a spot

Thank you for your help. Just a final comment, I’m dealing with all the registration stuff, but player caps are the realm of the TD so if you want to lobby for more capacity reach out to the TD because I can’t help you with that one.

Ace Race Tomorrow

Burnaby Ace Race is tomorrow, and as of right now, I’ve got 25 or so Player’s Packages left, so you should be able to show up tomorrow and get one. If we sell out, we do try to make it work so that everyone is able to participate, even if they have to use someone else’s discs for the day, and get the full player’s package later.

The Disc Cellar will be on location all day tomorrow, although we’ll have a bit less selection than normal because we’ve got the Ace Race player’s packages to haul out as well.

Here’s the course map for tomorrow as designed by Chris Miki and Owen James, if you like it they get the credit, if you don’t I get the blame.

Burnaby Ace Race 2014 Course Map


Duck Golf #1: Registration Now Open!

Everyone has been patiently waiting for the start of the Duck Golf season, and although the start of the season is still 3 weeks away, registration for the first one is now open! I don’t know if I’ll be handling registration for all the events, but I’ll do my best to point you to the relevant place if I’m not doing it myself.

Here’s the schedule:

Date Event Course Location TD Reg
04 Oct 2014 The Nesters Liquor Store Open presented by the Whistler RV Park and Campground Whistler RV Park and Campground between Squamish and Whistler Iain Warren reglist
18 Oct 2014 Duck Golf #2 Logan Lake Logan Lake Carrie Neal
01 Nov 2014 Duck Golf #3 Passive Park Langley Eric Vachon
22 Nov 2014 Duck Golf #4 Bowen Park Nanaimo Mike McGregor
06 Dec 2014 Duck Golf #5 Jericho Hill Vancouver VanCity United
20 Dec 2014 Duck Golf #6 TBD TBD TBD
10 Jan 2015 Duck Golf #7 Bear Mountain Victoria SIDGS
07 Feb 2015 Duck Golf #8 Heritage Park (temp) Mission Brad Henderson
07 Mar 2015 Duck Finals (Amateurs) Robert Burnaby Burnaby David Cowley
08 Mar 2015 Duck Finals (Pros/Adv) Robert Burnaby Burnaby David Cowley

Last year there were only 6 events, and this series there are at least 9 events already scheduled. Hopefully the increase allows people to manage their schedules better, and that we still have well attended tournaments that are perhaps a little less full.

The Disc Cellar officially launched at the first Duck Golf last year in Langley, and we supplied the prizes at 5/6 events last year. So far The Disc Cellar has secured the 1st event and the Duck Finals, if you would like The Disc Cellar to be on location and/or the prize supplier reach out to the relevant TDs and let them know.

More 750 from Prodigy

One of the advantages of being a dealer is that I get email about all the new releases generally before the public. I’m going to start sharing more information about what’s new as it comes through.

So here’s what’s new with Prodigy at the moment:

Catrina Allen World Championship Disc: limited edition stamp (run of 1,200 discs total) on the D1 and M4.

H1: “is considered a hybrid disc that will fill the gap between the F1 and the X1. Produced in the new 750 series plastic, the H1 is extremely over stale for 90% of players, and has a speed of 9-10. It is highly predictable in strong wind play and will become a favourite of both side arm and overhand throwers.”

750 Fairways: The F3 and F5 are now available in 750 series plastic. “We developed the stiffness of the 750 plastic, taking into consideration the preference of the world’s top-level players. It is a combination of premium resins making it considerably stiffer than our 400 series plastic but with the same grip and feel. The durability of the 750 material is a step above that of the 400 series, making it one of the toughest plastics on the market.

Coming Soon: 750 Series M3 and M4.

Given that I just restocked Prodigy I have no immediate plans to bring in any of these discs, but if they are what you’re looking for let me know, as I’m open to ordering earlier.