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Latitude 64 DG Luxury E2 Backpack

I’ll be placing an order on Monday for a couple of Latitude 64 DG Luxury Backpacks that a few lucky disc golfers are getting as late Christmas presents to themselves. If you want in on the action let me know ASAP.

The E2 (second edition) has the following enhancements over the first model:

  • more padding in the straps
  • larger drink holder with adjustable strap
  • larger zippers on the side pockets
  • redesigned larger opening on the top pocket
  • stiffened sides

It is now available in the original Black/White, Camo (dessert), Silver and Orange. Pricing will stay the same at $245 including tax for now, but may change in the future if the Canadian dollar stays this low.

These bags come from Dynamic Discs for the time being (starting in another month or two they will be available through the Canadian distribution channel). That does however mean that I’ll also be restocking other Dynamic Disc products at the same time, like the Soldier Cooler bag. So if you need a DD Bag or disc, let me know and I’ll bring it in for you. Stuff should be here the week following the Victoria Duck Golf.

PDGA Renewal and Discounts

It’s that time of year, you know when your PDGA membership expires and you need to renew it. Most of you will have received a notification from the PDGA that your membership was expiring and a reminder to renew.

Here are the options available to you through The Disc Cellar:

  • Renew when you sign up for an event, you will pay for your renewal (or joining) in Canadian funds: Junior ($33), Amateur ($55), Pro ($82)
  • Renew directly through the PDGA, if you choose this option, you are welcome to become part of The Disc Cellar “Affiliate Club” which exists to provide PDGA Discounts. Use this coupon code when joining/renewing: 15DISCCELLARAFF (it should be active now, and receive a $5 discount off the regular price)
  • NEW: Use your Disc Cellar vouchers to pay for your PDGA Membership. This will require that you present me with vouchers, or photographs thereof to make this work. When using vouchers for PDGA memberships, you only receive 90% of the value of the voucher, for an effective price of: Junior ($35 in vouchers), Amateur ($60 in vouchers), Pro ($90 in vouchers).

    If you’re not using vouchers for the full amount, the 10% only applies to the voucher quantity. So $30 in vouchers ($27 value) and $6 other funds gets you a junior membership.

Squamish hotel deals

So the organizers have arranged a couple of hotel deals, these are listed on the event info page as well:

The following deals are available:

Executive Suites Hotel & Resort, Squamish

  • Suite overlooking the course with 1 queen bed for $89/night (more than 30% discount)
  • Suite overlooking the course with 2 queen beds for $99/night (more than 30% discount)
  • Call the hotel for more details: 1.877.815.0048

Hotel Squamish

  • Downtown Squamish location, recently renovated
  • BC Disc Golf Provincials Sponsor
  • 10% off on all rooms
  • Prices start at $59/night
  • Please call the hotel for more details: 604.892.9584

Prodigy Glow

Prodigy now has Glow!

The first models released are the H1 and the Pa3.

Illuminate your game with Prodigy Glow. Prodigy Glow is an intense glow blend, currently available in our 400 series plastic. Even on the darkest nights, you can still light up the course. Don’t get left in the dark!

Models available starting December 2nd, 2014. Pricing will be $20.00.

Also now available from Prodigy are their toques (although they don’t call them that):

Disc Golf doesn’t stop for winter and neither should you. We’ve designed these winter hats to keep you warm on the course. Available in two styles, these 100% acrylic hats will suit everyone.

The SKULL CAP has plenty of stretch for a great fit and shape retention. It is available in Black, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Pink and Gray.

The KNIT CAP features a 3-inch folding cuff for extra warmth over the ears, branded with the Prodigy logo. It is available in Black & White.

Both models of Winter Hats are One Size Fits Most, and will be $15.

Prodigy PAR2

Locking in the date early, this is a new one of those events being established by the Disc Golf manufacturers. Prodigy PAR2. I don’t have all the details nailed down yet, which is part of the fun, but here’s what I do know:

PAR2 is a casual, unsanctioned tournament with nine to fifteen 150′ and under holes. The goal is to run at aces, card 2’s, and have fun. Whoever cards the lowest round wins. Players must use the provided disc in their players’ pack for all throws. It is a great way to promote the sport of disc golf, involve beginners, and have a great time during the offseason! [we don’t have an offseason, do we?]

Players Pack

PAR2 players packs are a great value for the participants. Players packs include a PAR2 exclusive disc, Prodigy Disc hat, and a large Prodigy Disc decal.  The player’s package has a value of $40+ but will cost you only $25.

You will get to pick your disc when you sign up, either the 750 series Pa1 or 750 series Pa4.  At this time, these discs in that plastic are exclusive to the PAR2 events and will not be made available for general sale.


January 24, 2015 (square in the middle between Duck Golf events)


To be determined, and this is where I need suggestions. We’re supposed to be playing holes from 80′ – 150′ in length and only 9-15 holes, so we don’t need a big course. The event is supposed to be an event, with the emphasis on having fun, so we want to be able to put together a fun layout. I’m open to suggestions for where people want to play (keep in mind the discs are both putters). Here’s the courses that I’ve been considering so far:

  • Winskill Park (Tsawwassen)
  • Mundy Park (Coquitlam)
  • Thornhill Park (Maple Ridge) [tonals]
  • Robert Burnaby Park (Burnaby)
  • temporary course?

Frequently Asked Questions

When will registration open?

By early next week (December 13th at the latest).

When will registration close?

January 12th, 2015, so that the discs arrive on time.

Can I get more than one player’s package?

Yes, registration will give you that option, and we’ll sell the extra packages at the event if we have extras. If you want more than one, the next one will be discounted a bit, and if you want even more, we’ll try to pass along bigger discounts.

What are the discs?

You get your choice of either one Pa1 or one Pa4 in the new 750 series plastic.

We developed the stiffness of the 750 plastic, taking into consideration the preference of the world’s top-level players. It is a combination of premium resins making it considerably stiffer than our 400 series plastic but with the same grip and feel. The durability of the 750 material is a step above that of the 400 series, making it one of the toughest plastics on the market.

Will there be divisions?

At this point it looks like we’ll be able to offer prizes to different divisions, so depending on registration we expect to offer prizes to multiple divisions. Probably: Pro, Senior Grandmaster, Womens and Junior, maybe more depending on registration. We’ll confirm this as soon as we can.

Do I need to be a member?

No special memberships required for this event. Everyone welcome.

Christmas Basket?

Anyone need a real Christmas Basket? Orders are going in the next day or two, so if you want a basket for Christmas now is the time to get the order in.

In stock: Innova DISCatcher Sport ($224)

Available to order for Christmas:

  • DGA M-14 Portable ($168)
  • DGA Mach Lite Portable ($196) [Red or Blue]
  • DGA Mach II Portable ($275)
  • DGA Mach V ($360/no frills, $400/deluxe or portable)
  • DGA Mach III ($420/no frills, $460/deluxe or portable)
  • DGA Mach X ($490/no frills, $525/deluxe or portable)

Also available for order:

  • Innova Traveller ($168)
  • Innova Skillshot ($168)
  • Innova DISCatcher Sport ($224)
  • Innova DISCatcher Pro ($476)
  • Innova Mini Basket ($111)