Dynamic Discs News 2015

So some of the manufacturers are letting us know what they have in store for 2015, so here’s some of what Dynamic Discs has going on:

  • Four new discs:
    • Justice: overstable midrange
    • Evidence: understable midrange
    • Convict: stable fairway driver
    • Breakout: understable driver
  • Two baskets:
    • Recruit Basket: $200 range (I presume portable/practice basket type)
    • Veteran Basket: $375+ range (I presume for course installation)
  • The Foundation shoe available around March 2015

To quickly recap their 2014:

  • Five discs introduced:
    • Enforcer
    • Witness
    • Thief
    • Felon
    • Freedom
  • Soldier Cooler Bag was introduced

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