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Some Draft Maps

For those of you who are wondering, no the course(s) are not finalized yet, they are still a work in progress. However, I was at the course today and it’s in very good shape at the moment, which opens up a lot of options, as does the fact that we have ample light, and smaller groups with at this point anyway extra holes.

Below are some draft maps of some of the holes/layouts that are under consideration. If you do go to the course prior to the event, be respectful of all other park users, and leave no trace. We do not need an incident of any sort in the week leading up to the event.

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Reg: Lower Mainland Champions League

If you haven’t heard already, Rob Abel is organizing a Lower Mainland Champions League and The Disc Cellar is happy to be on board as a sponsor. If you look to the menu, you’ll see that it has it’s own whole section of the website.

Anyway, check it out. Registration is open NOW until March 18th. Good luck to everyone who opts in.

Clinicians Wanted!

Looking for one or more people to host one or more clinics.

Specifically looking for someone(s) to host a driving clinic at Jericho Hill before the Vibram Birdie Bash. So if you’re interested, let me know. Don’t worry too much about qualifications or experience, step one is being willing to do it. I’ll vet whether or not I think you’re ready to handle a clinic, and it might be that you’d be perfect as an additional helper for a main clinic leader. So basically, if you’re interested, speak up.

Compensation: working on it, and may vary based on the individual, but it would probably be something along the lines of free player’s package (and entry to the Birdie Bash if you wanted to play) and up to say $50 in Disc Cellar vouchers or cash. Compensation will vary based on qualifications and the number of clinicians, but it gives you a ballpark of what I’m thinking.

Registration for the Birdie Bash is open until March 9th (and is through Disc Golf Scene).

I am also looking for people to do clinics on other topics in the future (I’m open to additional suggestions) which would include:

  • Putting
  • Approaching
  • Forehand Drives
  • Jump Putts
  • Overhand Shots (Hammer/Thumber/Tomahawk)
  • Understanding stability
  • The Science of Disc Golf
  • Turbo Putts
  • The mental game and how to finish strong
  • Translating improved skills into improved tournament performance
  • How to practice
  • Match Play Strategies
  • How to be a better doubles player
  • Designing your first course
  • Running a PDGA event
  • Selecting the right disc

Registration Open: Duck Golf Finals

Registration for the Duck Golf Finals on March 7th or 8th at Robert Burnaby is now open. The registration system has been updated to support the split day event, so there may be the odd hiccup that we need to work through.

Full details are on the event information page, as of right now the Amateur divisions are planned for Saturday and the Pro divisions are planned for Sunday. Each day has a capacity of 90 players, so everyone who wants in should be able to get in. That said, if it becomes obvious in the first week of registration that one day will run out of space, we may move one or more divisions to the other day. The more people who register early the easier it will be to make that determination.


Vibram Birdie Bash

First in the coming flood of registrations: Vibram Birdie Bash, scheduled for March 21st at Jericho. Registration is through Disc Golf Scene.

Cost: US$35.00
Date: March 21, 2015
Check-in: starts at 9am
Player’s Package: Two discs (one driver, one putter or mid), One VBB Shirt, One Vibram Coaster Mini, One Vibram Disc Golf Sticker ($60 value)

More details:

Who: You! And a bunch of your future disc golf friends. The VBB is great for beginners (a relaxed, fun, low pressure disc golf outing) and seasons players (a chance to have fun competing, with a chance to go to the national VBB Championships!)

What: A two disc, two round tournament where we only count success. Everyone throws one shot less than par. Eagles are five points, birdies are two, and metal hits are one. If no one scores on a hole, the CTP after final throw gets a point.

Registration Closes: March 9th.


  • Champions Discs for top man, woman and junior
  • One Spirit Award Disc
  • Additional prizes for card winners and CTPs

Course: It’s Jericho, but we should have the rest of the area available, so we’ll throw in some longer holes.