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Provincials Custom Stamped Discs

The Disc Cellar along with Michael Ramanauskas have teamed up with Provincials this year to bring you a commemorative disc in some of the most sought after molds from Innova!

They are available for pre-order now through The Disc Cellar’s online store! There are 8 different discs to choose from, with at least 20 of each being available. The discs have been ordered, but will be arriving just in time for Provincials, so these are pre-order. In the store, there are two FREE SHIPPING options, one is in store pick-up, the other is delivery at Provincials. If you pre-order you guarantee that a disc will be put aside for you.

Because we don’t physically have the discs yet, you get to pre-order with the same granularity as we get to use on the custom order form, so we cannot at this time guarantee exact weights or colours.

Assuming that we don’t sell out during the pre-order phase, discs will be available for purchase at Provincials, and if there are any left, through The Disc Cellar until inventory is gone.

Your disc choices are:

  1. DX Roc
  2. R-Pro XD
  3. XT Colt
  4. Champion Metal Flake Gator (Flat Topped)
  5. Champion Metal Flake Tern
  6. I-Dye Champion TeeBird
  7. Coloured Glow Champion Tern
  8. Coloured Glow Champion Thunderbird

With the exception of the DX Roc and the XT Colt, none of the above discs are available as regular stock production models from Innova, and are only available custom stamped for events. So stock up while you can!

Here’s some mock-ups of what the stamp might look like on the disc (note: this are mock-ups of the actual design superimposed on a picture of an actual Innova disc [Champ Thunderbird] and will differ from the final product).

On Location: Ogopogo Open

We’ll be on location at the Ogopogo Open today and Sunday. I’m staying in town and not at Myra Canyon, so if you’re not at the event you can maybe make arrangements to meet up with me elsewhere. I am playing in the event, so sales will be limited to before, after and during breaks at the event.

I’ve got about 1,200 discs with me on the trip and some bags, towels, minis and other things. You can browse at but I’ve got more stock than can travel with me, so the full online inventory will not be available on site.

Last Chances and Some Updates

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, today is your last day to get off it and register for the Ogopogo Open this weekend in Kelowna. There’s lots of people going so you can probably carpool if that’s a deciding factor. On site camping is free, so you can keep the travel costs down.

Today is also your last chance to let us know what custom discs you’d like to see at Provincials.

We haven’t really been promoting this yet, but essentially our full disc inventory is now on-line in our store. Bags, hats, shirts, minis, stickers, etc… are not there yet, and the details and photos for the discs may be sparse, but the inventory should be accurate. Here’s where we are:

If you’re going to be in Kelowna, make your special requests today/tonight because the full inventory can’t travel with me. There may still be the odd bug in the system, but given there’s about 2,000 discs in the system hopefully you won’t encounter one. Happy shopping.

Provincials: CFR and TFR what do YOU want?!?

We’re quickly pulling some details together, and it looks like this is all going to work (there’s still a chance it falls apart, but it’s small). So here’s what the current plan is (subject to change), everyone will get a mini to help you remember the event (I know it’s small, but small is better than nothing, and it’s sponsorship and not coming out of your payouts).

Then, there will be some custom stamped discs available for sale at the event, and possibly pre-order as well. Artwork is being generated by the lovely and talented Michael Ramanauskas of the LDGC and

We’ll be partnering with Innova for the custom stamping on this, so that means you have a short window where you can make your preferences known for what you’d like to see us order…


So if you see something you really want to throw, or collect, let us know. Personally I’m leaning towards Champ Metal Flake Gators, Champ Metal Flake Terns, R-Pro XDs, Colour Glow Champion Boss and maybe some Yeti’s. But I’m open to suggestions.


10 Reasons to play in the Ogopogo Open

Here are 10 reasons that you should play in the Ogopogo Open next weekend:

  1. Free on site camping, did I mention FREE?!??!?!?
  2. Player’s package that includes a shirt and a custom stamped disc and possibly more
  3. Added cash for the Pros and added prizes for the Ams – who doesn’t like getting more than you paid for?
  4. Good excuse to visit the Okanagan, and maybe pick up some fruit or wine while you’re at it?
  5. Kelowna is somewhere your non-Disc Golfing friends and family might want to go to
  6. Myra Canyon Adventure Park could keep non-Disc Golfers entertained while you’re busy winning a tournament
  7. Last big tournament before Provincials, time to dial it in
  8. Duck Golf is just around the corner, but wouldn’t you rather play while the weather is still nice?
  9. The KDGA has done great things in a short period of time, and deserve our support
  10. The Disc Cellar’s going to be there and doing sales and prizes! Current inventory is almost completely on-line now, so consider pre-ordering or making requests in advance to ensure what you want is available on location.

Registration closes this Thursday at 11:59pm.

Provincials Check-in

The following is a note from the Provincials TDs:

We encourage all participants to arrive on Friday, officially sign-in and pick up your tournament booklet, then relax and play disc golf at either or both of the two courses. For any participants who are unable to arrive before sign-in closes on Friday evening, you will be permitted to sign-in on Saturday morning from 8:30am until 8:55am. Note: the ferry from Swartz Bay to Pender departs at 5:50am on Saturday morning.

I believe that I’ve changed all references within the registration information to reflect this update, but if I haven’t, please consider this post the current authority on the matter.

2015 British Columbia Provincial Championships

This September, the Golf Islands Disc Park celebrates its 35th anniversary!  Join us to participate in the BC Provincials tournament on Pender Island. This will be the first time the Pender Island Golf and Country Club will be utilized as one of the two courses for the tournament. There will be many benefits, both for participants and viewers.

September 19th and 20th,, 2015 are the dates of the tournament, which consists of two rounds on Saturday and one round on Sunday.  The top four players in the Open division will play a final nine, which will enable the rest of us in the gallery to watch the best disc golfers in BC.

On Friday, September 18th  by 1:30 pm, we will have the disc golf course set up at the Pender Island Golf and Country Club for participants to check-in and practice for the remainder of the day.  There is no additional cost for play on the Friday as this is covered in your $9 greens fee.

All players must check-in between 3 pm and 8 pm on Friday at the Pender Island Golf and Country Club.  No Exceptions.

This is a PDGA C-Tier sanctioned event. We are not assembling players’ packages, thereby keeping the fees lower and organization simpler.  There will however be some draw prizes to be won.  There is added cash for the Pros and added prizes for the Ams.

The Disc Cellar will be making the trip, and supplying the amateur prizes. Join us!

PoCo Middle School

This information has been forwarded to the BCDS, but if you’re interested, you can reach out to me or them to offer assistance. It is always best to have an engaged community member involved.

Maple Creek Middle School in Port Coquitlam is hosting their Health and Wellness Conference on Thursday, October 15th. It is a day dedicated to students for them to learn and try a variety of games and activities. The students sign up for 4-40 minute sessions We have groups doing rugby, lacrosse, crossfit and yoga. I am wondering if your group would be interested in taking part.

So, Disc Golf community, are we interested in taking part?

Prodigy Restocking

I’m putting together a Prodigy restocking order, stuff will be available starting at the Ogopogo Open in Kelowna. If you’ve got something specific you’re looking for let me know.

Also of interest are some of their more recent releases:

  • So that’s the Pa1, Pa4, F1, F2, F3, F5, F7, H1, H2, H3, H4, M1, M2, M3 & M4 in 750 series plastic
  • M1 400G: The 2016 model of the M1 is over stable and holds the line of release throughout its flight path and then gradually fades left, for right-handed throwers. This midrange has a flat profile that also makes it a good choice for short side arm throws.

Discmania Authorized Dealer

I am now an official Discmania Dealer (in addition to all the other brands I carry). You may already have known that I provided Discmania on a custom order basis, but I recently have started stocking Discmania. This is the natural progression. I am now authorized to purchase direct through Discmania (in addition to through Innova), the key benefit is that I now have access to a winder range of Discmania discs as well as apparel, bags and accessories.

I’ll be putting together an initial order shortly, so let me know if there’s something you’re interested in:

Discmania Order FormSo what you see above is a picture of what the Dealer order form looks like, so that’s how I fill out my orders. If the box is grey, it’s out of stock, if it’s white, it was in stock the last time inventory was completed. Colours can be requested but are not guaranteed.

So I will draw your attention to some cool items on the list:

  • S-Line P2 (Swirl) – Pro Putter
  • P-Line P1x – Beaded Putter
  • P-Line MD3 – Midrange Driver
  • X-Line P1x – Beaded Putter
  • X-Line P2 – Pro Putter
  • C-Line P2 – Pro Putter
  • G-Line TD2 – Turning Driver
  • Glow C-Line FD – Fairway Driver
  • Glow C-Line FD2 – Fairway Driver
  • Glow C-Line P3 – Putt & Approach
  • Glow C-Line PD – Power Driver
  • Glow C-Line MD3 – Midrange Driver
  • Colour Glow C-Line P2 – Pro Putter
  • Colour Glow C-Line PD2 – Power Driver
  • S-Line P2 – Paul McBeth 3x
  • C-Line FD – Simon Lizotte FD
  • C-Line PD – Avery Jenkins
  • C-Line PD2 – Simon Lizotte PD2

The above are all discs that were not previously available to The Disc Cellar for purchase, but now are, how cool is that?

Other items which are available:

  • Discmania Grip EQ Bag (A14 Series), MSRP US$249.00 (Disc Cellar price to be determined)
  • Discmania Lite Basket
  • Discmania Hats, MSRP: $24.99
  • Discmania t-shirts: MSRP $24.99
  • mini: MSRP $2.49
  • patch: MSRP: $2.49
  • wristband: MSRP $2.99
  • sticker sheet: MSRP: $2.99
  • towel: MSRP: $14.99