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Quilchena Ace Race

It’s ON! So there were some hiccups and a few missteps with this one, we’re stepping in to make sure the event still happens. If you have previously registered for the event, please register again. If you have previously paid for the event let us know.

The current plan is to keep it at Quilchena, we’ll do everything we can to make that happen, but if a venue change is required we’ll be at Robert Burnaby as our back-up location. If we need to use the back-up location, people who can no longer make the event will be offered a refund or they can just get their player’s package later.

Event details
Registered Players List

MVP Circuit Tomorrow @ Mundy Park

There’s still space, so you can register online today, or just show up tomorrow. It’s a go rain or shine. Grand prize winner gets a sweet gold metal champion disc (actually metal), additional prizes will be given out some through skill, some through draws and other pseudo random methods.

Also restocked MVP and Axiom, you can expect them to be inventoried by the end of the weekend, but they’ll be out tomorrow. Included: metal minis, all the stock MVP/Axiom minis, 3 LED disc lights and more.

MVP Circuit and restock

2015 BC Provincials: Results & Housekeeping

If you were an event participant you’ve probably already received an email with the following information, but in the event that you did not receive that email.


The following message is being forwarded to you on behalf of John Bowers, Tournament Manager of the 2015 BC Provincials.

To: all registered players of the recent 2015 BC Provincials

The results from the 2015 British Columbia Provincial Championship are posted here:

If you think your score was different than what appears on the website, it may be that the total of one of your rounds was added incorrectly, as there were a number of such scorecard errors.  Under the PDGA rules (805.02), a two stroke penalty is added to the correct total score in these instances.

Lost and Found:
  • Lost: a wallet / mini clip.  If you found this, please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the player to whom it belongs.
  • Found: a grey jacket, brand “Columbia”; also a black umbrella.  If either of these are yours, contact me to describe and arrange to pick up.
Thank You!

Thanks again to all of the sponsors, listed below, whose funding and merchandise added to the prizes.  The prize payout percentage for Pro and Amateur divisions both exceeded 100% of the net entry fees.  (Net entry fees = entry fee minus greens fee and PDGA fee.)

Thanks also to the volunteers, organizers and all of the players who helped make this event so successful.

John Bowers, Tournament Manager


I’d like to add my thanks to everyone who contributed to the event, I had a great time despite the weather. If you have questions or concerns about your scores on the PDGA website (including incorrect or missing PDGA numbers), you should first address those with the Tournament Manager/Director. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can then escalate to me as the PDGA rep for BC, but the TD is your first step.

If you didn’t manage to get yourself one of the beautiful Provincial discs, there are more still available (everything except Gators), they will be listed on the Disc Cellar’s online store by colour and weight this weekend. Thank you again to Michael Ramanauskas of Washline for the design. We also have some minis left over, if you need another one.

I’ll also add that if you have the opportunity to thank a sponsor for contributing to an event please do so. It provides a tangible recognition that their sponsorship was recognized and appreciated.

On Location: Pender

Tomorrow is a travel day, although if everything goes according to plan I’ll be at the Pender Island Golf & Country Club at check-in. I am playing at the event, so the majority of my discs will be travelling to the Am courses.

If you’re not getting personalized service on Pender, expect response times to be longer this weekend, and new orders will not ship until next week.

MVP Circuit: Registration

Registration for the MVP Circuit is now open. It’s another event where the player’s package has a retail value of nearly twice the cost of the event. Only 35 spots available. You can buy a player’s package even if you cannot attend.

Note: confirmation email incorrectly lists the event date as the 12th instead of the 26th. This is an error, Saturday the 26th is the correct date.

Shipping Confirmations: Provincials Discs

If you selected “Pick-up at Provincials” and you received a shipping confirmation tonight that’s a false report. If you actually did ask for me to ship you the discs, it’s a correct report (all two of you).

Everyone else, what that means is that I have specifically put your order aside for you, and that it is labelled and reserved for you to pick up on the Friday morning ferry or at Provincials.

I apologize for the confusion, still getting used to the software I guess.

MVP Circuit: 26 Sep 2015 @ Mundy Park

Still working on the registration form for this one, order will be going in Monday morning. This will also be a restocking order for MVP/Axiom. So if there’s anything you want specifically let me know.

Some models that are exclusively available with the Circuit stamp:

  • Plasma Tesla* 20mm distance driver in new plastic
  • Plasma Inertia* 20mm distance driver in new plastic
  • Neutron Photon stable-overstable 21.5mm distance driver
  • Neutron Wave neutral-understable 21.5mm distance driver
  • Neutron Ion
  • Neutron Relay* understable 16mm fairway driver
  • Plasma Tangent* 12mm midrange in new plastic
  • Electron Atom
  • and the top secret new item: Fission Volt ultra-lightweight 18.5mm fairway driver

* unreleased in general production, Circuit-exclusive until otherwise announced

Here’s their current available models:

axiom_neutron axiom_proton mvp_accessories mvp_apparel mvp_axiom-minis mvp_bags mvp_eclipse mvp_metal_mini mvp_neutron mvp_plasma_fission_electron mvp_proton

Mayhem at the Meadows: Penticton Oct 3rd

Are you tired of playing in sanctioned tournaments? Are you looking for a temporary course on a golf course without paying a huge premium? Would you like to use an electric golf cart during your round? Would you like to be able to consume alcohol during your round? Would you like it even better if it was delivered to you on the course?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you really should register for Mayhem at the Meadows in Penticton on Oct 3rd.

The event is organized by the Penticton Disc Golf Club, and is taking place at Skaha Meadows which is a well maintained 9 hole traditional golf course, temporarily converted into an 18 hole disc golf course (7,300 ft; 9 baskets & 9 tonals). As with all such temporary courses this may be your one and only chance to play this course, or you could help convince the owners that Disc Golf is in their future and contribute to a lasting relationship.

The Disc Cellar is the prize supplier, a sponsor and the registration provider for the event.

Trilogy Challenge tomorrow at RB

The Trilogy Challenge course at Robert Burnaby for tomorrow has now been marked. The Disc Cellar will be on site tomorrow selling other discs as well. We’ll be getting started about 10:30am, and will probably end up finishing in about 2 hours, maybe a little longer if we end up with a bunch of last minute registrations.

The course layout is as follows:

  1. Regular 1 – 1 bonus zone
  2. Regular 2 – 2  bonus zones
  3. Regular 3 – 2 bonus zones
  4. Regular 4 – 1 bonus zone
  5. Regular 5 – 1 bonus zone [shared with 4] (double the regular metal bonus as well)
  6. Regular 6 – 2 bonus zones, far one of them is double points
  7. Regular 7 – 1 bonus zone
  8. Regular 8 – 3 bonus zones
  9. Regular 9 – CTP (shared with 19)
  10. Regular 10 – 2 bonus zones
  11. To 1 basket from the bridge – 1 bonus zone
  12. Regular 2 – 2 bonus zones
  13. Long 3 – 2 bonus zones
  14. Long 4 – 1 bonus zone
  15. Regular 5 – 1 bonus zone [shared with 4] (double the regular metal bonus as well)
  16. Regular 6 – 2 bonus zones, far one of them is double points
  17. Regular 7 – 1 bonus zone
  18. Long 8 – 3 bonus zones
  19. Long 9 – CTP (shared with 9)
  20. To practice basket from 10 teepad – 2 bonus zones

So you’re probably a little confused about this talk of “bonus zones”. We’re trying something out to keep this event fun for everyone. The overall winner (-s if we end up with multiple divisions, which at this point aren’t planned based on registration numbers), will be score based and will get first pick of the prizes.

After the event, the remaining prizes will be distributed via a lottery. You get one ticket for each “bonus zone” that you land in, a double points zone gets you 2 tickets. Hitting metal gets you 5 tickets (on your drive only), hitting metal on 5/15 on your drive gets you 10. Any ace automatically wins you a prize.

Some zones are distributed in places where a good shot should land in them, others are common landing areas or bad spots to be. So you can strategically play for lottery prizes if you want.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. All zones are marked, and the hope is that it keeps it fun for everyone, especially those who don’t feel they have a chance to compete on a pure score basis.

If you’re coming, it’s recommended that you register online, so that we hold a player’s package for you, otherwise, it’s first come first serve tomorrow.

Red flags mark the front 10, yellow flags the back 10. Zones are painted.