VanCity Putting League Returns!

Come one, come all. Starting today and every Thursday until December 10th (8 total), from 8-10pm.

Tonight only: Trafalgar Elementary
Rest of the time: @ Lord Tennyson Elementary


  • $5 per session (fee covers the gym rental)
  • Random flip into teams of two each week, you will get your own individual point total at the end of each session [different partners each week]
  • Your total throughout the league (best 5/8 weeks) determines the championships
  • League winner gets a practice basket of their choice provided by The Disc Cellar or a $175 credit if they don’t want a basket

Grand Prize: if you climb to the top and outperform your peers to claim the grand prize, you’ll get your choice of any one of the following 10 baskets, or a gift certificate.

  1. Innova Traveler (MSRP US$149)
  2. Innova Skillshot (MSRP US$149)
  3. Innova DISCatcher Sport (MSRP US$199)
  4. DGA M-14 (MSRP US$150)
  5. DGA Mach Lite (MSRP US$175)
  6. Hive Double Chain (MSRP US$129.95)
  7. Hive Cross Chain (MSRP US$119.95)
  8. Dynamic Discs Marksman Basket (MSRP US$159.99)
  9. Westside Black Basket (MSRP US$169.99)
  10. Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket (MSRP US$199.99)
  11. or a $175 Disc Cellar voucher if you don’t want the basket

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