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Black Friday, Canadian?

Today is American Thanksgiving, which makes tomorrow “Black Friday”. Black Friday today is what Boxing Day used to be to Canadians (anyone else remember the line-ups at A&B Sound?). Disc Golf does not tend to see the same deep discounts or crazy deals that permeate other sectors.

If you are shopping for those deals, you’re more likely to find them from the manufacturers because the margins that retailers work on just don’t allow for that type of craziness.

Should the temptation move you towards a purchase, please take a few moments and do some math, with the current exchange rate that deal that you might find on one of those US based websites will cost you an extra 33% in exchange costs. There may also be duty or taxes when importing. These are definite actual costs of some of these purchases, but there is ultimately a larger cost.

The Canadian Disc Golf landscape has changed a lot over the last few years, and that change is accelerating. Where once you had virtual zero Canadian Disc Golf retailers we are now approaching a dozen. Many of these stores are just starting out, and frequently are owned and operated by the same people who run your local events, organize clubs and help to expand and support local Disc Golf. These retailers are invested in growing Disc Golf throughout Canada, and when you make your purchase from one of them you tangibly support Disc Golf in Canada.

Given the choice, I ask that you consider giving one of these Canadian Disc Golf stores your money, and help us continue to grow Canadian Disc Golf together.

For our part, we will be adding some specials for Black Friday which we hope you’ll like, but if you don’t please check out some of our Canadian competitors before sending your money elsewhere in the world.

Burnaby Duck Golf Updates

There have been some people dropping out of Burnaby Duck, both who were in the event and who were on the waiting list, so your position and status may have changed. Please check the current list of register players to verify.

Additionally, the previously offered division of Amateur Advanced Grandmaster (MG1) will be offered, so if you’re eligible and want to move to that division send us an email requesting the change.

Canadian Secret Santa 2015

If you’re not on Facebook, this might be the reason to do it. Some of the pages have gotten together and created the Canadian Secret Santa 2015, it’s a “closed” group on Facebook, so you need to have a Facebook account and join the group. They have some rules as well. There are a number of other sponsors as well. Once you join the group, you also need to read the top “pinned post” at the bottom of that post is a link to a Google Docs form that you need to fill out to become part of the Secret Santa exchange (joining the group is not sufficient).

We’re just waiting on our sponsorship to be approved and announced, and then we’ll tell you all about it. For those who are curious and may want to join Facebook just to participate, here’s the rules (note: these may get updated, so read the ones in the group as authoritative):

CDDA (Canadian Dollar Disc Auctions) & DGCEC (Disc Golf Collector Exchange Canada) have joined together to bring you Canada’s 1st SECRET SANTA for 2015
Please READ ALL the rules & feel free to ask any questions before signing up!

After you have submitted all your information to the admins on the designated link below and carefully reading this pinned post, please watch for a notification on your Facebook messenger (including your “other” inbox) and possibly your submitted email for info on your receiver.

Before we go any further, we have to point out anyone that signs up for this Secret Santa and does not send a package to there appointed Secret Santa will be banned from the CDDA & DGTE pages. If you can’t be a good secret Santa, you sure could not be a good seller. But I am sure with the fantastic members we have, this problem won’t arise.

***Remember we are trying to do an amount value. The minimum amount is $18 NEW (not slightly used, scuffed, or damaged disc) and new apparel or something else disc golf related is amazing. But remember you can go above this amount, maybe a OOP or another highly liked disc whatever you want. We just feel it is a fair start for a price point. Please don’t mess this up as this is your only warning.
All secret Santa packages must be sent out by the 10th of December 2015 & please take a photo of the package you are sending out so we can clearly read the shipping label and personal PM this to the admins of Secret Santa page to show your package has been sent. When you get your package please fell free to post a picture directly on the Secret Santa page for show and tell and don’t forget to say thank you.
Also since we have such amazing sponsors they have stepped forward:

Jamie Downey – CDDA
Justin Maloney – CDDA
Sean Gallagher – CDDA
Clayton Beddington – DGCEC
Jonathan Zvokin -DGCEC
Jean-Francois Brochu – DGCEC
Em Minifie – DGCEC


Registration ends Nov 27th @ midnight. Admins will then send you your secret Santa. Then your gift must be mailed out by Dec 10th

Duck Golf Survey

If you registered for the Burnaby Duck Golf you would have received a link to a survey in your confirmation email. If you haven’t taken the survey, or haven’t registered for the event, feel free to do so now.

Part of the point of the survey is to gather information about how Duck Golf participants think that the capacity issues should be addressed if at all. Feel free to make your own suggestions here. Also, if you haven’t registered for Burnaby Duck Golf and won’t because of the size of the wait list but would if the event wasn’t full, we’d like to hear from you too. The people who don’t even register to get on the wait lists are the numbers we really need to capture, so that true planning for actual demand could take place. Let’s keep growing Disc Golf!

Registration Problems?

There have been a few reported issues with registration, specifically the page not being available to some people on some platforms. This probably just means that you need to clear the browser cache.

That said, the goal of pre-registration is not to exclude people for frustrating technical issues which might be complex and time consuming to resolve. If you find yourself having technical problems during registration, email and I will treat the time stamp of that email as the time of your registration. We can then work together to resolve the issues you are having.

In practical terms what this means is that the count of spots available may not be 100% accurate, so as we start to run out of spots, there’s a danger that someone who receives a confirmation message as being in the event will instead be moved to the waiting list. To avoid that issue, I have removed a few spots from the registration at this point. As such it is more likely that someone falsely gets on the waiting list than the other way around.

Once the technical issues resolve themselves I’ll release those additional spots, and if there is a waiting list at that time immediately put those players into the event.