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Free Shipping on orders $75 and more

Do you hate spending money on shipping? We do too, which is why for Boxing Week, you get free shipping when you spend $75 or more (in Canada only).


So buy yourself 4-8 discs and you’ll get free shipping, all your money goes into the discs and none of it goes to Canada Post. How awesome is that? It’s like getting a disc free! It’s an even better deal on baskets and bags.

Boxing Week: Day 1

Our Boxing Week sale is now live, we’re going for a week instead of just a couple of days. We’ll be adding new specials everyday, so check back daily.

All week: FREE Shipping with orders $75 or more

Day 1: Gateway discs 40% off (and for the rest of the week)
Day 2: ?
Day 3: ?
Day 4: ?
Day 5: ?
Day 6: ?
Day 7: ?

We’ll start all the new offers at noon, so that people can sleep in and not miss out. All of them will be active for at least 24 hours (or while supplies last), with some running all week. Get while the getting’s good!

Boxing Day? Let’s make it a week!

It’s taking longer to get all our Boxing Day promotions set up that we expected, that and getting some much needed family time. As such you likely won’t see any of our promotions live until the afternoon (Pacific), but we’ll be running at least a week of promotions, but the individual promotions/items may sell out quickly. We’ll do our best to give you as much advance notice as possible on any limited quantity items.

Innova Star VCobra, who wants one?

It’s REVIEW time, well not yet, but soon. It’s been a busy year for Innova with plenty of new discs being released as well as the expansion of the GStar and XT product lines. Their latest disc the Star VCobra is continuing the trend of updating older molds with newer technologies and increasing the speed rating of the disc. The Cobra (only available in DX as a production model these days) is a popular model locally, so let’s put it to the test and see if Cobra owners need to get a VCobra.

The Star VCobra is currently available and in stock in both the stock model and the First Run collectible protostar.

We’ve already got a VCobra in the hands of a trusted reviewer, and now we’re going to open things up for 2 more reviewers. So comment on this post, comment or Share through social media (and tag The Disc Cellar) and you’ll get one number for each. We’ll do a draw, as seems popular through, and the winners will get to answer a skill testing question.

Here’s the catch though, if you’re one of the lucky 2 people, you need to do the following things after receiving the disc:

  1. Write a first impression review of the disc once you get it in your hand, and send it to us. This doesn’t have to be scientific, just gut reaction, does it fit your hand well? Does it feel like other discs in your bag?
  2. Throw the VCobra a lot, let friends try it out
  3. Write a review of your thoughts and experiences on the V-Tec incorporated into the disc (assuming you can even tell)
  4. Write a review of your thoughts and experiences on the VCobra after you’ve used it a lot

Here’s the tricky part, reviews must be positive in tone.  What does that mean you ask?  It means that we don’t want to have reviews that tell us how much it sucks (if it does).  Instead, we want reviews which identify what type of player is likely to enjoy the plastic/disc/flight path/et cetera.  We realize that you might not be that player, but it’s way more helpful to identify who would benefit from this disc (if anyone).  Not all discs work for all people, but most of us can imagine who a disc might be appropriate for, or under which circumstances it would excel.

You’ll be expected to get your first review in within a week of receiving the disc, and the next two within 4 weeks of receiving the disc.

If you’re not willing to write the reviews, don’t enter the give away. The VCobra’s that we have in stock are at the heavy end 174-180g, so if you wouldn’t throw these weights probably not a good choice to review them. The goal here is to give a few people the opportunity to help the rest of the disc golf community to make an informed purchase decision on this disc.

Entry deadline: noon Dec 23, 2015

Things to remember:

  • make sure that you include your name and a valid email address when filling out the comment stuff, otherwise we won’t be able to tell you that you won, and we’ll give the prize to someone else
  • comments here are “moderated” so don’t panic if your comment doesn’t appear right away…
  • Although this is targeted to our customer base, so Canadians, this give away is open to anyone anywhere (unless prohibited by law)

A bit more about the VCobra, it is a midrange rated as Speed: 5, Glide: 5, Turn: -1, Fade: 2 and features the V-Tec convex outer rim, which puts more weight in the rim keeping the flight flatter (and straighter) longer. The regular Cobra is Speed: 4, Glide: 5, Turn: -2, Fade: 2.

p.s. every purchase between now and January 8th, 2016 gets a chance to win a new Innova Heropack!

Unofficial Duck Golf Standings

We know there’s a few people out there who get cranky without stats, so we’ve put together some unofficial Duck Golf Standings for you.


  1. (28.5) Dave Ross
  2. (25) Hector Diakow
  3. (17) Stephen Crichton
  4. (15) Chris Hartmann
  5. (12) Craig Sheather
  6. (11) Wes Mcintosh
  7. (10) Nicholas Shuler
  8. (9.5) Derek Wintermans
  9. (7) Aaron Neumann
  10. (6) Brendan Armstrong
  11. (6) Michael Knowles
  12. (5.5) Geoffrey McNamara
  13. (4.5) Dax Braby
  14. (3) Ed Fogarty
  15. (2) Miguel Alvarado
  16. (1.5) Kevin Baxter
  17. (1) Neville Collett
  18. (0.5) James MacInnes
  19. (0) Brent Burbee
  20. (0) Chad Harris
  21. (0) Chris Colivas
  22. (0) Darrell Watson
  23. (0) Dave Brown
  24. (0) Eric Dusch
  25. (0) Eric Vachon
  26. (0) Jamie Sorensen
  27. (0) John Silvester
  28. (0) Kingsley Ralling
  29. (0) Malcolm Stooke
  30. (0) Mike Majuri
  31. (0) Peter Jersak
  32. (0) Rob Abel
  33. (0) Shawn Luco


  1. (10) Aleesha Bird
  2. (8) Briana Ainsley
  3. (9) Leanne Fulton


  1. (10) Chris Robson
  2. (10) Craig Sheather
  3. (9) Brad Bradness Henderson
  4. (9) Jim Popil
  5. (8) Glen Oliviero
  6. (7) Mark Kilmer
  7. (6) Jay Peters
  8. (5) Christopher Talley


  1. (18) Ed Fogarty
  2. (18) Randy Strohan
  3. (10) Dan Laitsch


  1. (26.5) Owen Baldry
  2. (20) Stephen Yu
  3. (18) Tadz Palys
  4. (14) Jordan Meyer
  5. (14) Stewart McIsack
  6. (12.5) Jamie Branch
  7. (9) Tony Righello
  8. (8) James Huestis
  9. (7.5) Adriano Reche medola
  10. (6.5) Derek O’connell
  11. (6.5) Jeremy Hoeltke
  12. (6) Ryan Hammerquist
  13. (4.5) Josh Piche
  14. (4.5) Leucio Giannini
  15. (4) Mason Bentley
  16. (2.5) Iain Warren
  17. (1) Dave Darling
  18. (0) Aleesha Bird
  19. (0) Anthony Righello
  20. (0) Brendan Stookey
  21. (0) Briana Ainsley
  22. (0) Dan Calcott
  23. (0) Eric Stephenson
  24. (0) Erik Wendland
  25. (0) Gerry Gauthier
  26. (0) Imasel Jimenez Moreno
  27. (0) Jason Staruiala
  28. (0) Lanze Starr
  29. (0) Paul Brownfield
  30. (0) Robin Eimers
  31. (0) Steve Weisgerber
  32. (0) Tobin Eyles
  33. (0) Tom Tischer


  1. (20) Jennifer Brett
  2. (9) Carolynn Howard
  3. (9) Ginny Murray
  4. (8) Oie Petrichuk
  5. (8) Tara Lynch
  6. (7) Andrea Diakow
  7. (7) Sarah Breau


  1. (26.5) Jeff Schmittlutz
  2. (21.5) Michael Ramanauskas
  3. (21) Darin Mickelson
  4. (16.5) Darryl Petrichuk
  5. (15) John Gould-thorpe
  6. (14.5) Mike Brown
  7. (10) Clayton Beddington
  8. (8) Brian Horwitz
  9. (5) James Brown
  10. (5) Kevin Brown
  11. (5) Orin Peyman
  12. (5) Steele Thom
  13. (5) Vito Michelangelo
  14. (4) Jeremy Ross
  15. (2) Bill Anderson
  16. (1) Lada Rezek
  17. (0) Brian Mattson


  1. (28) George Coupland
  2. (27) Gord Isnardy
  3. (20) Gary Nixon
  4. (14) Stuart Bell
  5. (12) Dennis Reilley
  6. (9) Darrin Lee
  7. (7) Gerry Boomer
  8. (7) Jan Deny
  9. (4) Steve Milne
  10. (3) Rob Gillete


  1. (25.5) Chris Vance
  2. (20) Brett Hislop
  3. (19.5) Owen James
  4. (19) Joe Gebert
  5. (14) Josh Evans
  6. (14) Mike Pinfield
  7. (9) Chris Carlton
  8. (8) Eric Jaeger
  9. (8) Matt Morrison
  10. (5) Brendan Stookey
  11. (5) Will Chorm
  12. (4) Dustin O’brien
  13. (4) Steele Thom
  14. (3) Morgan Boghean
  15. (0) Robert James


  1. (27) Crystal Bryan
  2. (22) Kasia Struke
  3. (13) Michelle Kruger
  4. (11) Stacey Mclachlan
  5. (10) Oie Petrichuk
  6. (9) Andrea Diakow
  7. (9) Christine Huestis
  8. (8) Jennifer Brett
  9. (6) Danica Milton
  10. (3) Tricia Rezek
  11. (2) Caitlin Baxter


  1. () Alex Churchman
  2. () Cole Kannegiesser
  3. () Jordie Wood
  4. () Todd Hoeltke
  5. () William Fraser


  1. (10) Jeanine Friesen

If someone feels like playing with the numbers more, here’s the source Excel file.

VCobra Pre-Order

Innova’s newest release the VCobra:

First Run and production are:
Speed: 5
Glide: 5
Turn: -1
Fade: 2

First Run 175-180g, Production 170-180g. So that’s an increase in speed 5 vs 4 and a decrease in turn -1 vs -2 when compared to the regular Cobra.

14 May 2016: Women’s Global Event #3

The PDGA Women’s Committee is once again putting on the Women’s Global Event (this is the third time, 2012, 2014 and now 2016). The simple explanation is that they combine locally hosted events into a composite event. The core purpose is to help promote Women’s Disc Golf in particular and Disc Golf generally.

You can read up more about it:

If you’re interested in organizing or participating (assuming you’re eligible), we would encourage you to do that. If you need some sponsorship, logistical help, advice or other support in order to get an event in your area to happen feel free to reach out to us. We sponsored events in 2014, and would love to see an event in each Province and Territory this year!

2016 Alberta Disc Golf Tour

It looks like they’re pretty organized in Alberta these days. Here’s their current 2016 Alberta Disc Golf Tour schedule (you should check closer to event dates to confirm that nothing has changed):

Apr 30 – May 1: Spring Runoff, Lethbridge (Nicholas Sheran Park); 2 day – PDGA C-Tier
May 21-22: River City Cup, Edmonton (Rundle Park); 2 Day – this is a long weekend
June 11-12: Big Bear, Canmore (Nordic Centre); 2 Day – PDGA C-Tier
June 18-19: Isle of Mull, Calgary (Baker Park); 2 Day – PDGA C-Tier
July 2-3: Swan City, Grande Prairie (Thrill Hill); 2 Day – this is a long weekend
July 16-17: Night Owl, Sundre (Aspen Meadows); 2 Day – PDGA C-Tier
July 30-31: The Lost Egg, Drumheller (Wayne); 2 Day – PDGA B-Tier this is a long weekend
August 13-14: Alberta Open, Edmonton (Rundle Park); 2 Day – PDGA C-Tier
August 20-21: Water Tower Throwdown, Wetaskiwin (Peace Hills Park); 2 Day
September 3-4: Falcons Flight, Sundre (Aspen Meadows); 2 Day – PDGA C-Tier – this is a long weekend
Septermber 17-18: ATC and Provincial Doubles, Calgary (Lloyd Park); 1 day each

FYI, ATC stands for Alberta Tour Championship.

With this kind of advance notice it should be easy enough to arrange a road-trip or two…

This information is courtesy of Disc Golf Alberta (on Facebook)