14 May 2016: Women’s Global Event #3

The PDGA Women’s Committee is once again putting on the Women’s Global Event (this is the third time, 2012, 2014 and now 2016). The simple explanation is that they combine locally hosted events into a composite event. The core purpose is to help promote Women’s Disc Golf in particular and Disc Golf generally.

You can read up more about it:

If you’re interested in organizing or participating (assuming you’re eligible), we would encourage you to do that. If you need some sponsorship, logistical help, advice or other support in order to get an event in your area to happen feel free to reach out to us. We sponsored events in 2014, and would love to see an event in each Province and Territory this year!

3 thoughts on “14 May 2016: Women’s Global Event #3

  1. Hey Dave! Thanks so much for posting this. So the ladies have already begun brain storming for this and we so far have one of us volunteering to TD who did do it in 2014, and at least 7 of us who are going to be taking on other jobs. We will probably start meeting in the New Year to really start getting things going and will definitely be wanting as much help as possible 🙂

    1. To be honest, I actually reached out months ago offering to assists with an event in anticipation that they would maintain their 2 year cycle. So by all means loop me in when it makes sense or if assistance is required. I’m happy to be involved if I’m adding value, and happy to stay out of the way if I don’t.

      1. oh for sure! We only just had the discussion privately between the ladies maybe a week ago. Nothing has been put in place, we just have someone ready to TD and a bunch of us willing to help 🙂

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