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Moving Day

Today is the day that we move into our first home, one that we actually own, or own at some point in the future after all the relevant financial obligations are discharged. This will hopefully only mean a small disruption to the business.

We already have some queued up inventory for data entry that’s just waiting for the house buying and moving related tasks to be completed. So you can expect some more Innova, Dynamic Discs, Westside, Latitude 64 and Discmania to be available shortly.

Anyway, we’re officially CLOSED today for the move, but expect things to get back to normal on Wednesday or Thursday. Moving is chaos, so things might be a little slower for a bit longer than that.

p.s. new location is walking distance to Mundy Park….

Welcome Wes Eccleston

We’re very pleased to announce that Wes Eccleston (#25876) is the latest member of Team Disc Cellar. Unlike the other team announcements this one is actually timely, as Wes is our newest member and has just joined the Team. (He also had pretty much the best original sponsorship request we’ve seen to date)

Wes has a player bio on the site which includes what’s currently in his bag (if you’re curious). He’s a long time Disc Golf organizer in Kamloops, frequently involved in events, course design and installs as well as being very active in the club.

Every sponsorship agreement with The Disc Cellar is customized to be mutually beneficial with the player, event, organization or entity involved. We very much look forward to seeing how some of the more interesting clauses in Wes’s agreement play out.

We look forward to supporting Wes’s passion for Disc Golf, community engagement, club and sport growth as well as fostering a collaborative team environment. So again, welcome Wes, we’re lucky and happy to have you! You should congratulate him, and see how you can help him grow the sport!

p.s. If you want to be on the team, it’s possible. General player sponsorship information, and the current team.

Teaser: Coming Soon…

Just because we’re moving doesn’t mean that new and interesting things aren’t coming in. It just means that we don’t have time to inventory them and add them to the website, or do all the relevant product photography. Here’s a teaser of something that you’ll see available once things settle down post move. Do you know what it is?

Innova Special Requests?

As the go to dealer for many Disc Golfers across Canada, we field a lot of questions. One of the most common is: can you get _______. Now sometimes these are impossible asks, where someone is looking for an out of production disc, or something ridiculously specific (but sometimes we are able to pull those off too). Other times, they are just looking for a current production model that we don’t currently have in stock.

As we alluded to in our moving announcement, we’ll be doing some significant restocking post-move. This talk of restocking often brings out more of these special requests, which is especially fun when we’re able to accommodate them.

So here’s the question: are you looking for something specific from Innova?

If yes, we might already have it in stock; we also have a small amount of inventory that is physically here but not in our inventory system at present (never ending task). But failing that, we can order in lots of stuff. In the interest of transparency, what you’re about to see is the order form that us Dealers use. So you’ll see what’s currently in stock from Innova (at least at the time the spreadsheet was last updated), and the granularity with which we are able to order it. The spreadsheet doesn’t include any pricing or anything like that. But if it’s on the form, we can order it for you. Let us know if there’s something you’d like us to bring in for you. I’m not sure how disruptive the post-move unpacking is going to be, so I’m guessing this order will be submitted the week of June 4th, which usually means that stuff will arrive the following week (sometimes there’s a bit more of a delay between order and shipping).

Innova standard 3 colour logo

Here’s the spreadsheet: Innova Dealer order sheet 2016-05-19 let us know if there’s something you want us to bring in for you!

VCobra: Initial reactions Michael Ramanauskas

Star VCobra

A couple days ago I found myself holding a neon pink 180 Star VCobra (5/5/-1/2) in my hand and wondering why it felt a bit odd as a mid-range. While Innova is trying some new technological adaptations with their Vtec rims (like the VRoc), sometimes you have to wonder why they are aiming to improve on a much loved disc in the first place?

I didn’t have that problem. I have never thrown a Cobra, had never intended to and am pretty happy with my bag as it is… I am a Roc guy after all.

Initially, my reaction to this oddly rimmed hunk of plastic was one of “Not sure, this seems gimmicky and is basically a beaded putter profile” and then I threw it.

I threw it every time I would normally throw a Roc or any shot between 60-250 feet. And after 36 holes, I was actually quite impressed. This disc will hold a straight line on a drive, and not the turn right/fade back left kind of straight… just straight until the end with a bit of fade to finish. Put a bit of extra snap of it, and you’ll get a nice anhyzer line that holds. Headwind? Sure, why not? While I didn’t throw it in super high wind, the 10-15km gust I threw it into didn’t seem to matter. Tomahawks and forehands worked predictably as well.

Oh, glide… lots of glide. Surprisingly, lots of glide. When throwing a shot that would normally drop with my Roc, this disc just went a bit farther, kept gliding and then decided to settle down (in a good way).

Because the underside of the wing is convex instead of concave, there is more plastic in the rim. Add to that the bead and you have a solid disc that doesn’t deform due to torsion when you snap it hard.

Will this disc replace a Roc in my bag? No, but it will make a nice addition to my bag regardless.

Michael Ramanauskas is a member of Team Disc Cellar and the owner of DoubleRam Disc and, and is responsible for multiple custom stamps including: the 2015 30th Anniversary Provincial Disc Golf Championships, 2014 DCO (Disc Cellar Open) and the “Smokom” Sarah Hokom signature stamp.

This review was original written in mid-December, but somehow we managed to forget to post it.

Welcome Michael Ramanauskas!

This announcement is sort of like a belated birthday greeting, it’s anticlimactic because it’s already happened. Which is not to diminish its importance. Michael has been a frequent collaborator on stamps and is responsible for the Disc Cellar logo itself. At some point  this evolved to include a sponsor/sponsee relationship.

So here’s acknowledging that Mike is part of Team Disc Cellar, he even has a snazzy player bio with pictures and everything.

In addition to being a father, husband and Disc Golfer, Mike is an artist, with an increasingly large number of custom stamps to his credit including the Smokom design that he did for 2012 PDGA World Champion Sarah Hokom. You may have read the interview he did of Sarah, if not you should. More of his Disc Golf centric design work can be found through DoubleRam Disc or more general through,

Mike has ambitious (but achievable) goals for his Disc Golf career, and we’re pleased to be able to support him in their pursuit. Please join us in officially welcoming Mike to the team!

p.s. If you want to be on the team, it’s possible. General player sponsorship information, and the current team.

Michael Ramanauskas headshot at Passive Park

Pender! Are you going?

One of the longest running tournaments in BC is happening again, the Pender Classic. It’s the same weekend every year, but people get confused. It’s not the Victoria Day long weekend (Canadian), it’s the Memorial Day long weekend (US), every year, same weekend. If you want event info check out Disc Golf Island. The event is so big that it’s expanded to 4 days, with multiple other events/activities surrounding it.

We’ve been invited to attend this year as a vendor, and regretfully because of our move had to decline, unless of course there’s someone out there with a big truck who wants to pretend to be the Disc Cellar for a weekend.

If you still have vouchers left over from Provincials (or another event) when we were last on Pender, send us a picture and we’ll convert them into electronic gift cards for you for on-line redemption. If you need something for the trip, there’s still time to stop in and stock up before you leave.

Hope everyone has a safe and sane weekend.

We’re moving!

The countdown has begun! We’re moving at the end of the month, from our current North Burnaby digs to within walking distance of Mundy Park in Coquitlam. In the short term this should have no impact, we’re still open, still fulfilling orders. It has meant that we haven’t been doing as many restocking orders as we would otherwise have done, and are running low on some product, but we’ll take care of that in June.

Major restocking orders will include:

  • Gateway Disc Sports
  • Fade Gear
  • Innova

As we get closer to month end, we may need to “close” for a couple of days while inventory is moved between locations, but we expect it to be just a little hiccup.

For those unfamiliar with the Metro Vancouver geography, we’re moving about 10km east of our present location. This should have no real impact on shipping times or costs or anything of that nature. We do have some big plans for the new location, so stay tuned.