Albatross at the Beaver State Fling last weekend

Philo Brathwaite got an Albatross (-3) on a hole at the Beaver State Fling last weekend. The 6th hole: 850ft par 5, so the scoring was not because the par was too low. As amazing as all that is, the fact that there’s great video of it is even better. In case you haven’t already seen it:

As a disc golfer, after getting over how awesome that was, you want to know what he threw: 167g Innova Star Destroyer! He’s a member of Innova’s Team Champion it’s not really a surprise, but still nice to know.

1 thought on “Albatross at the Beaver State Fling last weekend

  1. I was about 60′ behind Philo when he threw that 2nd shot. Everyone knew it was a great shot and we applauded it, but NO ONE new it went in. It wasn’t until we all crested the hill that the murmurs started, “it went in… what, it’s In? Albatross!!!”
    I’ve heard they’re planning on putting a rock at the spot of his 2nd throw signifying the event. See if you can put one in from there.

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