Mundy Park League presented by The Disc Cellar

We are pleased to be bringing a PDGA League to the lower mainland. The venue: Mundy Paaaaark!

This is a PDGA League, which means that you get to work on your PDGA Rating and collect PDGA Points. Not a PDGA Member? Doesn’t matter you don’t need to be, anyone is welcome to participate.

The Disc Cellar is presenting a barebones PDGA league at Mundy Park Jul 5-Sep 6, 2017. Why barebones? Initial feedback on the concept was people are more concerned with getting the opportunity to work on their PDGA rating than they are in winning prizes. So remove prizes and the league is dirt cheap, and you get to work on your ratings.

Course: Course layout may change week to week, but will always be Mundy Park

Start Time: flex start, on Wednesdays

Rules: all PDGA rules in full effect

Divisions: all PDGA divisions are offered, pick anyone that you’re eligible for

Prizes: no prizes, just bragging rights

Ace Pot: any ace hit during league play with 2 witnesses will earn a $20 Disc Cellar gift certificate

How many weeks? The league runs for 10 weeks, you can join in at any time, play as many weeks or as few as you like. You do not have to play on any given week.

Cost: $15/person for the 10 weeks, or $2.50/week drop-in. Pay online, or in person at the course.

So how does this actually work? Show up at Mundy Park on Wednesday, play the designated course, submit your scores to (picture of a signed score card), and repeat. Unofficial results will be updated weekly, with final PDGA Ratings being generated once the league is complete.

This starts today, I will be at the course from 6-7pm tonight, and we’ll be playing the regular Mundy Park recreational course (twice). In order for your score to be valid: it must be for the designated course, it must be on a Wednesday, and it must be witnessed by 2 other people (note: the other people do not need to be playing in the league, they don’t even need to be disc golfers) (correction 12 Jul 2017: you must play with 2 other people and they must be league participants or PDGA observers, these are PDGA restrictions). Basically, we’re trying to make this as flexible and easy as possible for everyone to do. Fit it in with your schedule, and improve the accuracy of your PDGA Rating.

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