Week 3: Mundy Park League presented by The Disc Cellar

This is week 3, doesn’t matter if you played last week or not. Doesn’t matter if you’ll play in any of the other remaining weeks, or if you’re a current, lapsed or non-PDGA member.

I should be at the course 6-7pm today, as long as you follow the designated course below with 2 other league participants (or PDGA observers) you can play at any time today. Submit your scores to david@disccellar.ca, and include your full names, PDGA # (if applicable) and PDGA Division.

If you aren’t registered you can do so online, or in person from 6-7pm. If you play this week and need to pay in person but miss me this week, submit your score and provided you pay for the week your score will count.

Here’s the course description, map below:

  1. Left of the blue garbage can on the path to 8 basket
  2. 4 tee pad to 6 basket
  3. 7 pad to practice basket
  4. rec 8 pad to 9 basket
  5. rec 1
  6. rec 2
  7. beside field fence (will be flagged) to 3 basket
  8. rec 4
  9. pad in trees past 4 basket to 5 basket
  10. 6 pad to 7 basket
  11. extended 8 pad to 8 basket
  12. 9 pad to practice basket
  13. rec 8 to 6 basket
  14. forest pad to 9 basket
  15. beside blue garage can on path to 1 basket
  16. rec 2
  17. rec 3
  18. 4 pad to 9 basket

Mundy Park League: Week 3 front 9Mundy Park League: Week 3 back 9

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