It’s National Disc Golf Day Canada!

This is the second Annual National Disc Golf Day, the first Saturday in August, which means that it falls on the BC Day Long weekend (as well as long weekends in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nunavut), and will continue to do so forever.

So is this a real thing? Yes, and no. The PDGA worked with the National Day Calendar in order to get this “official”, so it’s now on the Calendar: National Disc Golf Day. They are not a government organization or anything like that, but they do send out lots of press releases and it’s recognized by the PDGA which makes the Official Rules for Disc Golf, so that’s good enough for me.

Let’s claim the day Canada, today is the day to share your love of Disc Golf with others, and if they say no, you reply: “But it’s National Disc Golf Day!”. Don’t worry they’ll give in.

National Disc Golf Day

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