Vibram Disc Golf exiting Disc Golf

This is bad news, not good to see a multi-product manufacturer abandon Disc Golf, but it’s especially bad news for people who like their discs. We will be trying to put together a final order for those who want some of their last runs.

Vibram Announcement

Text from the image:

Greetings Vibram Disc Golf Dealers,

We have made the very hard decision to exit the sport of disc golf. We feel that the sport of disc golf deserves more attention and effort than our business is able to provide, given the volume of resources needed for the much larger segments of our business. We have had a hard time developing a disc golf focused business unit that can offer the product lineup, marketing efforts and event support needed to properly support the sport of disc golf in the role of manufacturer.

We do have enough raw material on-hand to create some unique multi-colored discs as ‘final run’ discs but would need to hear from you with PO’s in order to meet the minimum order quantities (600 unites) to manufacturer a limited run of these. If this is something that you have interest in, please let me know.

We truly appreciate your partnership in our disc golf business and believe that in the end, this is the very best direction for us as a brand, no matter how hard of a decision this has been.

Best Regards,

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