The Disc Cellar is a start up Disc Golf primary (disc sports exclusive) operation based in Burnaby, BC.

How We’re Different

There are a few places in BC that sell discs, and that supply disc golfers with the equipment they require.  Unfortunately, none of those business are Disc Golf specific and they rarely carry more than a few hundred discs in stock (if that).  That leads to poor selection and forces local players to order online from big US websites just to get the equipment they need to play this sport we love.

  • We’re committed to having at least 1,000 discs in stock at any given time, giving you plenty of selection, and hopefully having your favourite discs available in multiple weights, plastics and colours
  • We’ll be stocking additional related items: baskets, bags, appareal, etc…
  • Owned and operated by a Disc Golfer
  • Committed to investing in the Disc Golf community by supporting clubs, helping with course development and installs, player development and overall sponsorship
  • Listing our current inventory on our website so that you can see if we’ve got what you want without calling or stopping by

About The Owner

David Cowley was first introduced to Disc Golf in the mid-80’s when he would visit Queen Elizabeth park with his uncles, a short two block walk from Grandma’s house.  Growing up however his focus was soccer, track and field and cycling.  In University in an effort to rediscover sport and get in shape for returning to soccer he took up Ultimate.  That was about 15 years ago, and he never started playing soccer again.

In 2005, a lot of things happened, he:

  • founded Burnaby Ultimate & Disc Sports (BUDS)
  • joined the British Columbia Disc Sports Society (BCDSS) board as Treasurer
  • started Disc Golfing again and started playing in tournaments

Over the next several years he continue to play Ultimate and Disc Golf, while volunteering at both a local and provincial level, including stints as the Ultimate Branch Chair, Disc Golf Branch Chair and BCDSS President.

While still involved as a volunteer with BUDS and the Burnaby Disc Golf Club, he’s taken a step back on the provincial level and decided that opening a Disc-centric business is a better avenue for contributing to the Disc Sports community.  It just seemed as though there was a void, with no real local business that supplied the community with access to the equipment they need to play the sport they loved.

The Disc Cellar was born.

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