PDGA Affiliate Club

The Disc Cellar is a PDGA Affiliate Club.  We are not a club in the sense normally used throughout the province.  The real purpose of this club is to allow us to provide the community with discounted PDGA memberships!

There is really no other reason for this at this time.

If you want to pay your PDGA membership in Canadian dollars you can buy that directly from The Disc Cellar.  If instead you’d like to do the online payment thing yourself (in US$), you get a US$5 by selecting “14 The Disc Cellar” in the Affiliate Club box.  Here’s some links to help:

If you’ve got questions you can ask through the contact form.

If you want to do things using paper, here’s the paper form to fill out:

We hope you appreciate this small community benefit that The Disc Cellar is providing.

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