Player Sponsorship Information

The Disc Cellar is looking at sponsoring players, but we’re going to be creative about it.  Rather than seeking out the absolute best player we can and throwing money at them, we’re opening up this opportunity to everyone!  That’s right everyone!

So send us an email with an application (there’s no application form), be creative.  Tell us why you deserve to be a sponsored player, what the sponsorship would mean to you and what kind of sponsorship you want.  Actually, you don’t even need to apply for yourself, if there’s someone else that you think we should be sponsoring, feel free to nominate them.

Why do we take this carte blanche approach to sponsorship? Well even 2 years in, we understand that we have lots to learn about sponsorship. Also, most of the people that we talk to about sponsorship are completely new to being sponsored. As such, it makes sense to be flexible and figure out something that works for everyone.

Our sponsorship budget is not infinite, so we do have a tendency to seek value in sponsorship where possible. Top pros who regularly cash at events, would receive limited benefit from even a generous sponsorship arrangement, while an up and coming player who is still trying new discs could benefit from discounts or tester discs. It is for those reasons that we ask you to describe what is that would actually benefit you as a sponsored player (rather than us assuming we’d know). After all what’s the point in sponsorship if you don’t actually benefit from it?

Long run the purpose of sponsorship is to help player’s to achieve things they otherwise would be unable to, and by helping one player at a time to do that we strengthen the Disc Golf community.