Noah Higgins (#84157)

Noah HigginsNoah Higgins Player Bio

Division: Advanced (MA1)
PDGA#: 84157
Current rating: 911 (as of 25-Oct-2017)
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 135 lbs
Wingspan: 60”
Dominant hand: Right
Year born: 2003
Team member since: 2017

Home course: Nicholas Sheran Park, Lethbridge
Club: Bridge City Gunners
PDGA member since: 2016

2016 PDGA events: 8
2017 PDGA events: 11
Career wins: 4
Number of aces: 6

12th place finish at Junior World Championships, 2017

Favorite courses: Rose Hill West, Aspen Meadows West, Wycliffe, Wayne, Canmore Nordic Centre

Bag: full size Zuca cart / Latitude 64 Luxury E3
Favorite disc: 169g First Run Sheriff

In The Bag:

Noah HigginsMost memorable disc golf moment:
Richmond Hill Park, 2017.  PDGA Junior World Championships, hole 1 (it was actually my 16th hole of the round).  I had a very stiff headwind coming at me, the hole was about 250ft so I grabbed my trusty 168g S-line PD and threw it at about 60% power.  Out of my hand the throw looked good and I knew I would be getting my 2, but about half way to the basket it got a great wind carry and all of a sudden… ching!!  I hit an ace at Worlds with Paige Pierce and Zach Melton watching.  That is definitely my most memorable moment in disc golf, so far.

Tip: If you have a bad hole or miss a close putt, just completely forget about it and go have fun and crush for the rest of the round!