Theo Brown (#94691)

Theo Brown - Jump Putt @ BC Open 2017 Theo Brown Player Bio

Division: Advanced Men’s (MA1)
PDGA #: 94691
Current Rating: Not Rated yet
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150lbs
Wingspan: 5′
Dominant Hand: Right
Year Born: 1999
Team Member since: 2017

Home Course/Club: Metchosin Country Club/SIDGS
Hometown: Victoria , BC, Canada
PDGA Member since: 2017

2017 PDGA events: 1 (1 win)
Number of Aces: 3

2016 Mary’s Farm Island Summer Series Intermediate Champion
2017 Mary’s Farm Island Winter Series #2 – Advanced Champion
2017 Doumont Island Winter Series #4 – Advanced Champion
2017 BC Open presented by Innova (A-tier) – Advanced Champion

Favourite Courses: Metchosin Golf Course, Bowen Park, Pender Island

Bag: Latitude 64 Luxury E3 (3rd Gen)
Favourite Disc: Westside Tournament Giant

In the Bag:

Most Memorable Disc Golf Moment:
In my second disc golf tournament, at Mary’s Farm Island Series, I walked up to the 3rd tee with my red 170g Paul McBeth 4x Destroyer. The hole plays around 310 feet with a small valley between the tee and the pin, placed on a sloping green. With a quick swing, I flung the frisbee on a hyzer line wide and high. I remember yelling for it to “sit down” and suddenly it disappeared. I was mobbed by high fives and hugs. My first ace ever was worth $150.

Most Challenging Thing About Disc Golf:
My body. Sometimes I just want to play all day and my arm and feet tell me I can’t. One of the most important things when practicing is to work good habits into your game. If you become too tired and keep playing, not only is it frustrating but it can cost you in tournaments when your bad form comes out. Remember to take care of yourself to have a long disc golf career.

Tip: Grow the game. Play disc golf with friends.