Wes Eccleston (#25876)

Wes Eccleston Player Bio

Division: Pro Master (MPM)Wes in his Ogopogo Open shirt
PDGA #: 25876
Current Rating: 961 (as of 08-Jul-2017)
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 165lbs
Wingspan: 69”
Dominant Throw: Righthand Backhand
Year Born: 1975
Team Member since: 2016

Home Course/Club: Rosehill Park / KDGC
Hometown: Kamloops, BC, Canada
PDGA Member since: 2005

Pro Career Wins (since 2014): 513271623_10154040031360469_1209032312_o

Number of Aces: 30

Favourite Courses: Copper Ridge (Logan Lake), Pier Park (Portland), Lloyd Lake (Calgary), Jones East (Emporia), Fort Steilacoom (Lakewood)

Bag: Dynamic Discs Ranger

In the Bag:

2016 Season Accomplishments:
Big Bear Classic Masters Champion, BC Provincials Masters Champion, Doosday Masters Champion, Captain of Team BC Interior

Notable Achievements as a Player:
2013 top-rated Canadian amateur, 5X Ice Bowl Champ, 5X Doomsday Series Champ, 2X Ace Race Champ, Trilogy Champ

Notable Achievements as a Volunteer:
3 Permanent Course Designs, 7 Installed Courses, 9 years on KDGC Executive

Most Memorable Disc Golf Moments:
Recreational, double-ace round at Rose Hill Park, April 26, 2009; playing 2016 Worlds in Emporia, Kansas with my wife (and sometimes caddie), Amanda

Tip: throw pink discs (easiest to find, and most accurate colour on the market)13275089_10154040028840469_1872724982_o