Used Disc Program

So you’ve got some discs you don’t want any more, or maybe some tournament prizes you never really wanted.  Maybe it’s just time for something new.

New (used) Disc Trade-Ins

If you’ve got discs in new condition (never thrown) we’ll give you up to 110% of wholesale cost for them in cash.  Please contact us with details as to what you’ve got so that we can verify that we know the wholesale value of your discs.

Alternatively, we’ll give you 70% of our retail price on the same product in store credit.

Used Disc Trade-Ins

Depends on the condition of the discs, but everything is essentially indexed to the wholesale cost of what you’ve got.  So if you were rating the condition of your disc as a 7/10 (assuming we agree), we’ll give you 70% of the wholesale cost of the disc in store credit.  If it’s a disc that we particularly want, we may offer cash instead.

Purchasing Used Discs

Used discs can be purchased with cash or store credit, if you have store credit you can use it to pay for 100% of a used disc purchase.

Store Credit

Store Credit can be used to purchase both new and used discs.  For new discs you can apply store credit for up to 60% of the purchase price (the remaining 40% must be paid in cash).  For used discs you can apply store credit for up to 100% of the purchase price (no cash required).


We are open to acquiring non-disc used Disc Golf items, but don’t have a set formula for those items.  Let us know what you’ve got, and we can work something out.


Think your discs are worth more than we’re going to give you for them, but don’t want to try to sell them yourself?  We accept consignment, but we charge 20% of the sale price.

So you give us your stuff, you price it yourself, and if it sells you get 80% of your asking price and we get the remaining 20%.

Gives us a heads up before you bring something in, so that we can make sure we have room to store it.

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