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Discmania restock: 14 Apr 2019

Lots of changes coming to the Discmania line-up with their recent partnership with both Latitude 64 and Yikun (in addition to their continuing relationship with Innova). What you used to know simply as Discmania will now be known as Discmania Originals, still manufactured by Innova. Discmania Evolution will be manufactured by Latitude 64, while Discmania Active will be manufactured by Yikun.

With this expansion of the Discmania line-up there’s also some contraction with some existing models being removed from production (CD, DD, MD2, P3, TD2 and all G-line models), and others not being offered in as many plastics, so stock up while you still can.

Restock and New

Recently Restocked: 13 Oct 2018

A selection of new arrivals and restocks.

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Doom Bird II on sale at noon

One of this year’s most anticipated releases, the Discmania Signature Series Swirled S-Line FD3 – Simon Lizotte Doom Bird II will go on sale at the Disc Cellar at noon today. (link won’t work until noon PDT)

Here’s a sneak peak (most are 175g, but there are lighter ones available, as light as 166g):

Mayne Island Tournament tomorrow

We’re pleased to be one of the sponsors of the 4th Annual Mayne Island Disc Golf tournament.

Full event details (their website)

Quick details:

Mayne Island Disc Golf Tournament 2018
Date: Saturday, May 5th 2018.
Location: Dinner Bay Park, Mayne Island BC
Start times: Registration open 9am-11am. If possible, please register and play early.

Finish: Score cards must be in by 2:30pm no exceptions. Please complete your rounds as early as possible.
We are aiming to have everything wrapped up by 3:30pm so those returned by ferry can catch their boats.

Doubles !! 
Stick around after the tournament for doubles starting at 4pm. $5 entry.

Division levels (all players receive a custom disc as part of their registration fee):
This is a family friendly event; all skill levels are welcome.
Please note that this event is cash only.