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Shipping Confirmations: Provincials Discs

If you selected “Pick-up at Provincials” and you received a shipping confirmation tonight that’s a false report. If you actually did ask for me to ship you the discs, it’s a correct report (all two of you).

Everyone else, what that means is that I have specifically put your order aside for you, and that it is labelled and reserved for you to pick up on the Friday morning ferry or at Provincials.

I apologize for the confusion, still getting used to the software I guess.

We All Start Somewhere!

One of the fun things about being The Disc Cellar is that I get to talk to lots of people about Disc Golf all the time, and a lot of the people that I’m talking to don’t know that much about it and are just starting out. That’s generally a lot of fun. So I offer what advice I can in the time we have available, and recommend discs that I feel will compliment where they are in their game at this time.  I am however just one person…

So, I’m looking for some feedback:

  • what are the best tips that you ever received?
  • what are the best tips that you give to others?
  • what was the worst advice someone gave you?
  • what do you wish you knew when you were just starting out?
  • what do you wish you knew sooner?
  • what were the biggest problems you encountered during your development as a player and how did you overcome them?
  • did you start with lighter discs or wish you had? still throw them now?
  • what resources did you use to develop, improve or troubleshoot your game?
  • what was your first “go to” or “consistent” disc?
  • what disc do you recommend to other players and why?
  • what do you wish you had never done, or tried, or other things to avoid?
  • how do you measure success or improvement in your game?
  • what area of your game are you still working on the most?
  • anything else that I forgot to ask?

I’m hoping that if we can leverage the knowledge of the community and come up with some helpful answers, that we can collectively help a lot of newer players avoid the problems we suffered through teaching ourselves how to play. Please provide feedback however you’re comfortable doing so.

The Disc Cellar Open: Apr 12/13, B-Tier

Registration is now open for the inaugural Disc Cellar Open (DCO).  We will be posting information about it here, but it actually has its own website, which is where you’ll get all official information, do registration, etc…

I would like to take a moment to thank our major sponsors:

Presenting Sponsor: us, we’re pretty awesome putting this all together for you.  Oh and we’re humble.

Champion Level Sponsor: Innova Champion Discs

Innova Logo

Major Sponsor: Prodigy Disc

Prodigy logo



MVP Neutron Inertia

Finally a release date for an MVP distance driver (March 21st).  Here’s the details:

  • First MVP Distance Driver
  • 20mm rim
  • slow turn with minimal fade
  • extends the range of certain Volt, Amp and Switch line shapes
  • Available in 155g – 175g

Here’s some more marketing:

The Neutron Inertia has a 20mm rim, making it the first MVP disc in a true distance class. It is tuned understable for a power responsive flight. Many players will harness its controllable turn for extra D or flips, while others will push harder into some invaluable line shaping options.

The first MVP Distance Driver is here!

In 2014 we are releasing four 20mm-class Distance Drivers. This class is the culmination of years of research and development with the GYRO™ process. The Motion is most overstable, followed by the Tesla. The Inertia is stable-understable, and the Impulse is most understable. Players will want to start the full set NOW!

Big Hyzer Bags

The Disc Cellar is pleased to announce that we’re now an approved retailer of Big Hyzer bags and we’ll be bringing in both the Ergo 2 backpack and the 8 Frame bag.

Given that the bags are not here yet, pricing is a projection.  In keeping with Disc Cellar pricing policy, premium bags are priced based on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and not MSRP.

Ergo 2: US$189.95 + US$37.50 (shipping) + taxes, exchange and Disc Cellar magic = C$260.00

8 Frame: US$149.95 + US$37.50 (shipping) + taxes, exchange and Disc Cellar magic = C$175.00

New Innova Products

One of the interesting things about being an approved dealer with all these manufacturers is getting the update emails about new things which are coming up.  So here’s a few things which are new (or new-ish) which I could bring in.  If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll be sure to add some to my next order.

  • Innova 2014 Calendar: 14 month calendar (Dec ’13-Jan ’15) which include important PDGA tournament dates. $7.99
  • New EchoStar Look & Models: so they’ve changed the stamp and added a few new models: Boss, Tern and Mamba.  $15.99
  • Innova 50/50 Long Sleeve Tees (50/50 because it’s a two colour design).  Safety Yellow, Safety Orange and Charcoal. S-3XL.  Probably $19.99
  • Innova Hoodies: Navy with green to yellow fade or Medium Grey with red to aqua fade.  S-3XL. Probably $34.99
  • DX Glow TeeBird: The DX Glow TeeBird has been added to the stock glow line-up (so many of the glow discs are CFR/TFR only).

Growing Pains

So this is early days for us at the moment.  We’re just starting things up.  Right now we have over 300 discs in stock (mostly Discraft and MVP), but we’re putting in an order for 500+ Innova discs in the next week or so.

The website is still being fleshed out, so expect lots of changes over the next couple of weeks, as we update it.

Things that you will see soon:

  • Our inventory and prices, we aren’t going to sell on-line (at least not in the beginning) but we’ll keep an up to date list of what we have in stock, so you can know if we’ve got what you want
  • Player sponsorship opportunities
  • Used Disc Program
  • Lost Disc Program
  • School Disc Program and School Education Initiatives
  • Facebook, Twitter, and other social media enhancements
  • Tournament Disc Programs
  • Various other programs and sponsorship opportunities

Until then, bare with us, and if you have any questions, or urgently need a new disc email me: