Grouse Season Opening

The Grouse Season Opening tournament is the first official tournament to take place on the course that Grouse Mountain installed in 2013.


Registration will open shortly and be available exclusively through The Disc Cellar website.  Those unable to use the website for some reason, may be able to make arrangements with The Disc Cellar for cash payments.  Day of registration may be possible, if all spaces are not taken through pre-reg.

Opens: now
Closes: 27 Jun 2014, noon
Capacity: 54 players (hard cap), player’s beyond this number may be waitlisted
Refunds: full refunds will be issued until noon on Friday (27 Jun 2014), if there is a waitlist, waitlisted players will also receive a full refund.


You will be playing the Grouse Mountain Disc Golf Course.  You will have assigned tee times (your start time will be assigned by 8pm on Friday (27 Jun 2014).  You will be playing 1 round of 18 holes (e.g. the regular course), followed by the front 9 again.


The following division fees apply, BCDS members receive a $5 discount.  Your fees include a surcharge to cover the PayPal processing costs.  Three players make a division.  Fees do not include the gondola ride.

  • Pro Open: $31.20 (members $26.05)
  • Pro Masters: $31.20 (members $26.05)
  • Pro Grand Masters: $31.20 (members $26.05)
  • Pro Women: $31.20 (members $26.05)
  • Amateur Advanced: $31.20 (members $26.05)
  • Amateur Advanced Masters: $31.20 (members $26.05)
  • Amateur Advanced Women: $31.20 (members $26.05)
  • Amateur Intermediate: $31.20 (members $26.05)
  • Amateur Intermediate Women: $31.20 (members $26.05)
  • Amateur Novice: $31.20 (members $26.05)
  • Amateur Novice Women: $31.20 (members $26.05)
  • Juniors: $31.20 (members $26.05)


Food is available through various restaurants on Grouse Mountain, your entry fee does not include any food.


Payouts for Pro divisions will be in cash.  Am divisions will receive vouchers for redemption through The Disc Cellar.

Note: due to the fact we’re playing on top of Grouse Mountain, there will be a limited selection of prizes available either at the course or in the parking lot.  Your vouchers can be redeemed at future events or at The Disc Cellar.  Additionally The Disc Cellar intends to be on-site at Jericho Doubles on Sunday the 29th (or at Mundy Doubles if Jericho doubles are not still taking place on Sundays).


This is NOT a PDGA Sanctioned event, nor is it part of any official series.  BCDS Membership is required to play in the event, but no series points or anything of that nature are being accrued.


  • 23 Jun 2014: registration opens
  • 27 Jun 2014, noon: pre-registration closes
  • 27 Jun 2014, 8:00pm: tee times for pre-registered players are posted
  • 28 Jun 2014: event day (Saturday)
    • 9:30am: Walk-up registration, will need to wait for an available tee time (which may not happen, as it may fill through pre-registration)
    • 10:00am: First assigned group starts the round of 18
    • Afternoon: Player’s play the front 9 again


If you are interested in being an event sponsor, please contact the Tournament Director (Craig Sheather).

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