Registration Questions

The Disc Cellar is pleased to offer registration services to many events throughout BC. Here are some of the common questions we’re asked.

What method of payment do you accept?

All payments are processed through PayPal, so you either need a major credit card, or a PayPal account. If you don’t have a major credit card it is easy to associate PayPal with a bank account.

Can I pay some other way?

Yes and no. You can pay off-line in cash or by credit card at The Disc Cellar, or often times at a previous event. Special exceptions can sometimes be made, but at this time the registration system does not support other forms of payment. If you’re asking for an exception, you should always go ahead and fill out the main form and proceed to the verification stage. The time stamp on that incomplete registration will help to preserve registration priority/order.

I have a question about registration…

If your question is about registration, payment, refunds, division change, PDGA discounts or things of that nature? Send your questions to

I have a question about the event…

If your questions is about course layout, food available on site, length of lunch, special exceptions or other tournament related things, please contact the event Tournament Director (TD).

The event is full, can I still register?

Yes, most events allow a wait list. The earlier you register the higher your position will be on the list. If people withdraw from the event, spaces are offered to the wait list in order. In order to secure your space on the wait list you have to go through the normal registration process including completing payment. If you do not make it into the event, or decline a spot when it is offered you will receive a full refund (wait listed players are not subject to the normal refund deadlines).

I was on the wait list but didn’t get in…

All refunds for players on the wait list are processed after the event. Since we’re often on location all day, it’s normally 24-72 hours after the event that refunds are processed. If you are owed a refund, but want to sign up for another event, that credit can normally be applied towards that registration with the difference being invoiced or refunded if applicable.


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