Trilogy Challenge 2017 – Chilliwack


You may register through the Disc Cellar shop, if you are unable to attend you can select a shipping option to have your package delivered to you.

About this tournament

Tournament Director: David Cowley
Expect to play 18-27 holes.
Course layout:
We will play the recreational layout as at least 9 of the holes, additional temporary holes will also likely be used. Will depend partly on weather.
Rules of play:
Players are required to use the player package discs, and only these discs.Lowest score in each division wins the division, and some prizes.

Registered Players

  1. Alex Jacobs
  2. Amanda Salmon
  3. Andrew Ho
  4. Andy Hewson
  5. Brandon Kelley
  6. Corbin Bailie
  7. Darryl Petrichuk
  8. David Cowley
  9. Denny Nordli
  10. Derek Salmon
  11. Diedre Salmon
  12. Ezekiel Salmon
  13. Jaron Neufeld
  14. Jeffery Mickelson
  15. Jesse Atwell
  16. Justin Wamsley
  17. Kedevick Samayoa
  18. Kevin O’Donohue
  19. Lee Holtby
  20. Leland Holtby
  21. Morgan Rosato
  22. Robert Dayringer
  23. Robert Jones
  24. Ryan Legros
  25. Tyler Melnyk