The Disc Cellar carries a wide variety of products, and we’re always happy to try an bring in special order items from manufacturers we don’t currently stock.  The majority of our inventory is listed in our Shop, but used inventory is not current, and sometimes it takes a while for new orders to get entered. So just because it’s not listed as being in inventory doesn’t mean we don’t have it, or can’t get it, so reach out and we’ll let you know. We currently carry:

  • Aerobie (Epic’s only)
  • Axiom Discs (full line of Disc Golf)
  • Big Hyzer Bags (Ergo 2, Ergo 3 and 8 Frame bags)
  • Camp Time (stools)
  • Daredevil (full line of Discs and custom stamps)
  • DGA (selected models stocked with full line available)
  • Discmania (full line of Discs)
  • Discraft (full line of Disc Golf and Ultimate, including shirts and hats)
  • Dynamic Discs (full line of Discs stocked, select bags and accessories as well, the rest by custom order)
  • Fade Gear (full line of bags and straps, stools are custom order)
  • Gateway Disc Sports (full line of Disc Golf putters, other discs and baskets are special order)
  • GripEQ (special order)
  • Flashflight (Ultimate – special order)
  • Hyzer Bomb (special order)
  • Innova (full line of Disc Golf, including portable baskets, shirts and hats)
  • Kastaplast (special order)
  • Latitude 64 (full line of Disc Golf)
  • Legacy Discs (full line of Discs)
  • Millennium (special order)
  • MVP Disc Sports (full line of Disc Golf, included Nano minis and Eclipse Glow)
  • Prodiscus (bags and discs by special order, small selection on hand)
  • Prodigy (full line of Discs)
  • RPM Discs (special order)
  • Vibram (full line of Disc Golf)
  • Westside (full line of Disc Golf)

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