The Disc Cellar is proud to carry a selection of the best Disc Golf Bags in the world.  If you’re looking for a bag that we don’t carry, or that isn’t in stock, let us know we’re happy to try to bring it in for you.

We stock way more bags than anyone else in Canada, because the proper equipment is important. That and importing bags from the US is expensive for an individual, shipping rates are usually high, and because of the higher value of the bags it’s likely that you’ll be hit with duty as well. Our in stock inventory allows you to have cost certainty when buying your next Disc Golf bag.

Big Hyzer Bags

  • 8 Frame Bag: $175.00 (out of stock)
  • Ergo 2: $260.00 (out of stock)
  • Ergo 3 (out of stock)

Grip EQ

  • Out of stock – special order

Dynamic Discs

  • Cadet: $16.79 (multiple colours in stock)
  • Soldier: $55.99 – In Stock
  • Soldier Cooler: $72.79 – In Stock
  • Sniper (backpack): special order
  • Commander (backpack): special order
  • Ranger: $232.79 – In Stock
  • Ranger H20 (backpack): special order


  • Starter: $16.79 – In Stock
  • Standard: $32.47 – In Stock
  • Deluxe: $55.99 – Out of Stock
  • Competition: 67.19 – In Stock
  • DISCarrier: $89.59 – In Stock (red only)
  • HeroPack (backpack): $99.99 – In Stock
  • Backsaver straps: $27.99 – In Stock (black)
  • Caddy Seat: $44.79 – In Stock*
  • Caddy Seat/Backsaver combo: $72.75 – Out of stock*

* Caddy Seat is compatible with Deluxe, Competition and DISCarrier bags.


  • NutSac: $44.75 – Out of stock
  • Double NutSac: $78.35 – In Stock (1 x black)

Fade Gear


  • Prodigy Team Bag

Prices are in Canadian dollars and include taxes.

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