Our current pricing and inventory for baskets is in our on-line store, but we’re happy to answer questions. The information below may need a little updating but can be a helpful guide.

The Disc Cellar is happy to facilitate your basket purchases.  In order to keep prices down we endeavour to buy baskets with large shipments to reduce shipping charges which can be as high as $100+/basket for shipping to Canada.  We are happy to provide quotes for any baskets on the market from any vendor, especially for course installations.  Prices below are confirmed for in stock merchandise, but is only a guide otherwise as baskets are low margin items with high shipping charges and most impacted by variations in the Canadian dollar.

Baskets are available for pick-up or local delivery, shipping charges may otherwise apply. Baskets are not normally taken out to events, due to space constraints.


  • Discmania Lite Basket: US$119 + tax


  • Mach Lite: US$175 + tax
  • M-14: US$150 + tax
  • Mach II (portable):
  • Mach II (permanent):
  • Mach III:
  • Mach V:
  • Mach X:
  • Mini Basket:

Dynamic Discs

  • Recruit
  • Marksman
  • Recruit mini


  • DISCatcher Pro-28 Permanent: US$425.00 + tax
  • DISCatcher Pro-28 Portable: US$425.00 + tax
  • Extra Installation Tube: US$35.00 + tax
  • DISCatcher Sport: US$199.00 + tax
  • DISCatcher Traveler: US$149.00 + tax
  • Skill Shot Target: US$149.00 + tax
  • DISCatcher Mini: US$99.00 + tax

MVP Disc Sports

  • Black Hole Pro
  • Black Hole Precision
  • Black Hole Practice

Park & Sun

  • out of stock, have been unable to find a distributor


  • Black Basket

Special Orders

Baskets from all other manufacturers are currently special orders.  We are happy to work with you to select the right basket for your needs.  We have access to special shipping options not generally available to the end consumer, so there’s a good chance that we can source baskets for course installations cheaper that you can.

Baskets you may want to consider:

  • Dan Walker: Custom Canadian Baskets from Vancouver Island
  • Discraft: Chainstar
  • DGA: Mach X, Mach V, Mach III, Mach II; portable: Mach Lite, M-14, Mach Mini
  • Gateway: Titan, Titan Portable, Bulls Eye Portable
  • Latitude 64: Pro Basket E2
  • Lightning: DB5
  • others…


1 thought on “Baskets

  1. Looking at the possibilities of purchasing a skill shot basket if shipping costs are not too high.
    Shipping to Brandon Manitoba.

    Sam Meggs

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