Disc Inventory

Used Discs

We also carry used discs, so if you’re looking to save a few bucks, or want to unload some extra plastic, that’s totally possible. Used inventory is not currently listed online.

Full Inventory

Our full inventory is now listed at our online shop (http://shop.disccellar.ca). Since it’s launch in summer of 2015, we’ve continued to improve the inventory, add pictures, descriptions and more stock. It is still very much a work in progress, but we are working hard to keep everything up to date and accurate.

Things to know:

  1. We believe that our on-line inventory is accurate, but it does happen that at times we are unable to find discs that we have listed as in stock. As soon as we identify such a discrepancy we’ll let you know, and work with you to find a suitable replacement or refund the order.
  2. Not everything that we have in stock is actually listed on-line. Because of the nature of the business, there’s almost always some new stock that hasn’t been entered into the system yet. We’ve also deprioritized adding non-disc items or specialty items, so they may be in stock but not listed online. So if we don’t have it listed, ask, we might have it. Things that might not be listed: accessories (towels, stickers, etc…), clothing, minis, stools, bags… we’re working on it, but fortunately we’re busy fulfilling new orders which slows down the data entry process.
  3. Our main focus with the website is keeping the inventory accurate and up to date, as such we haven’t been able to focus as much on the aesthetics and usability of the site as we might like, any feedback on that front is welcome.


6 thoughts on “Disc Inventory

  1. Hey guys, really stoked that your setting up shop. Just wondering if your going to be selling portable baskets and if so what would be the price range on one’s like the skill shot.

    1. Matt, yes we’ll be selling portable baskets. I’ve got 3 Innova DISCatcher Sport baskets coming in with the current order, but none of the travellers or skill shots. At the moment we’re selling stuff at MSRP. The DISCatcher Sport goes for $199.00, DISCatcher Traveler $149.00 and Skill Shot Target $149.00. The Traveler is currently available in red, blue and yellow. The Skill Shot is currently available in red, black, blue and green.

      If there’s a different portable/practice basket that you’re interested in, I’m happy to deal with other manufacturers and see what the cost for other baskets would be.

      I also might have some of the Park and Sun baskets available for cheap.

  2. Awesome news for van city disc throwers, Abbie’s no longer has the monopoly on slanging disc

    Will you guys be getting westside and vibram products in soon?

    1. Westside is available by special order now, but we won’t be stocking the line in the short term. Vibram will be coming in the new year in conjunction with the Vibram Birdie Bash that we’ll be running.

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