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Recently Added: 06 Jan 2018

Still catching up on inventory, so not necessarily that new if you’ve been watching the unboxing videos.

Here’s some new arrivals:

Here’s some items that have been recently restocked:

Latitude 64 DG Luxury E2 Backpack

I’ll be placing an order on Monday for a couple of Latitude 64 DG Luxury Backpacks that a few lucky disc golfers are getting as late Christmas presents to themselves. If you want in on the action let me know ASAP.

The E2 (second edition) has the following enhancements over the first model:

  • more padding in the straps
  • larger drink holder with adjustable strap
  • larger zippers on the side pockets
  • redesigned larger opening on the top pocket
  • stiffened sides

It is now available in the original Black/White, Camo (dessert), Silver and Orange. Pricing will stay the same at $245 including tax for now, but may change in the future if the Canadian dollar stays this low.

These bags come from Dynamic Discs for the time being (starting in another month or two they will be available through the Canadian distribution channel). That does however mean that I’ll also be restocking other Dynamic Disc products at the same time, like the Soldier Cooler bag. So if you need a DD Bag or disc, let me know and I’ll bring it in for you. Stuff should be here the week following the Victoria Duck Golf.

Restocking: Latitude 64 and Westside

It’s time again for me do some restocking, first up on the block is Latitude 64 and Westside (still not going to be carrying the full line). Expectation is that I’ll be able to get these ones in for Provincials. So if you’ve got special requests get them in ASAP.

In the near term, I need to do orders with Innova, Dynamic Discs, Discraft, DGA, Millennium, MVP, Axiom and Prodigy. I’ll probably also need to do some bag restocking, as I’m running low on most bags, especially the backpack bags.

So now is the time to get those requests in. If you really want something, but can’t swing it right now, we can figure out some sort of lay away plan or something.

Prodiscus Order – about to ship

Getting this order finalized has taken a lot longer than I expected, but it’s just about there.  So if anyone has any final requests, get them in ASAP.  Limited availability of the ProBag 30+, but all colours of the ProBag 20+ should be in stock from Prodiscus to order.

I’m not overstocking on the bags, I’m bringing in maybe an extra bag or two, but otherwise the bags I’m bringing in are pre-sold.

I am bringing in a few of their discs at the same time, but not a huge quantity, so if there’s something you want, let me know so that I bring in enough of them for you.

Projected prices for the bags are ProBag 20+ ($275), ProBag 30+ ($320).  Haven’t brought in any of their products yet, so there might be some shipping related surprises, but I’ll honour those prices if you pre-order.  If the price goes down once their here, I’ll refund the difference.

Prodiscus Approved

So I have been approved to bring in Prodiscus discs and bags.  So far I have a pending order for 1 ProBag 30+.  I don’t have an exact cost on these yet, as they are shipping from Europe — and quotes are in euros — but assuming the exchange rate doesn’t change dramatically you’re looking at between $300-350 for the ProBag 30+ after taxes.  The ProBag 20+ should come in at $20-30 cheaper.

If you’re interested in one of these let me know ASAP.  Although the order will not go in until after the DCO.

GripEQ Bags, get ’em while you can

The GripEQ A Series bags are a hot item this week.  I have a pending sale on my third bag of the week, which will clear me out of the grey/black bags and only leave me with 3 all black bags in stock.

So if you’re looking for a GripEQ bag, might want to move sooner than later.  GripEQ themselves is out of stock until the end of March.

That said, if you’re looking for a backpack bag, I should have the Big Hyzer Bags: Ergo 2 in stock in another week or so.