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Latitude 64 DG Luxury E2 Backpack

I’ll be placing an order on Monday for a couple of Latitude 64 DG Luxury Backpacks that a few lucky disc golfers are getting as late Christmas presents to themselves. If you want in on the action let me know ASAP.

The E2 (second edition) has the following enhancements over the first model:

  • more padding in the straps
  • larger drink holder with adjustable strap
  • larger zippers on the side pockets
  • redesigned larger opening on the top pocket
  • stiffened sides

It is now available in the original Black/White, Camo (dessert), Silver and Orange. Pricing will stay the same at $245 including tax for now, but may change in the future if the Canadian dollar stays this low.

These bags come from Dynamic Discs for the time being (starting in another month or two they will be available through the Canadian distribution channel). That does however mean that I’ll also be restocking other Dynamic Disc products at the same time, like the Soldier Cooler bag. So if you need a DD Bag or disc, let me know and I’ll bring it in for you. Stuff should be here the week following the Victoria Duck Golf.

Fade Authorized Dealer

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about a new manufacturer. Due to a customer request, I’m now authorized to carry Fade Gear bags and straps. Depending on demand will be looking to make an order in about a week (as Fade is currently restocking their own inventory). Pricing should look like:

  • FADE Lite (10 Discs + 2 Putter): $14.95 + tax = $16.75 (Steel Blue, Way Green, Royal Blue and Sage Green)
  • FADE Crunch Box (12 Discs + 2 Putter): $39.95 + tax = $44.75 (Black, Blood Red, Blueberry, Dirt Brown, Fuchsia, Gray, Pumpkin, Skye, Way Green, Wild Banana) $50.34 for Dude! (Camo)
  • FADE Tourney (22 Discs + 2 Putter): $59.95 + tax = $67.15 (Blue on Blue, Garden Deli, Psycho) $72.75 (Black LE Models, Camo)
  • FADE Gear WeatherGuard™: $39.95 + tax = $44.75 (Black, Blue, Green)

If anyone is interested in something let me know and I’ll include it in the order.

Restocking: Latitude 64 and Westside

It’s time again for me do some restocking, first up on the block is Latitude 64 and Westside (still not going to be carrying the full line). Expectation is that I’ll be able to get these ones in for Provincials. So if you’ve got special requests get them in ASAP.

In the near term, I need to do orders with Innova, Dynamic Discs, Discraft, DGA, Millennium, MVP, Axiom and Prodigy. I’ll probably also need to do some bag restocking, as I’m running low on most bags, especially the backpack bags.

So now is the time to get those requests in. If you really want something, but can’t swing it right now, we can figure out some sort of lay away plan or something.

Prodiscus Approved

So I have been approved to bring in Prodiscus discs and bags.  So far I have a pending order for 1 ProBag 30+.  I don’t have an exact cost on these yet, as they are shipping from Europe — and quotes are in euros — but assuming the exchange rate doesn’t change dramatically you’re looking at between $300-350 for the ProBag 30+ after taxes.  The ProBag 20+ should come in at $20-30 cheaper.

If you’re interested in one of these let me know ASAP.  Although the order will not go in until after the DCO.

Millennium approved

That was easy, I am now able to order Millennium Golf Discs (and bags).  Given that I’m currently fielding custom orders from Prodigy, Innova and MVP as well as doing some general restocking, it might be a little while before I place an order.  That said, minimum wholesale order is only 25 discs, so if there’s enough people looking for a disc or two I can place an order right away.

Pricing for Millennium should be:

  • Millennium Plastic (also HyzerBomb Base): $13.99 + tax = $15.67
  • Quantum Plastic: $16.99 + tax = $19.03
  • Sirius Plastic (also HyzerBomb Frontline): $18.99 + tax = $21.27
  • Flak bags would be based on TCO not MSRP, estimate of $250-275 depending on shipping and colour.

Grip EQ bags in stock


The bags are in stock. MSRP on the bags is $252 with a $40 shipping charge add in exchange and you’re looking at almost $310 before any taxes or duties which bring the total bill to a little more than $345.

That said the bags are currently on sale for $176 direct from Grip EQ (after shipping and duty you’re looking at about $256).  Until the end of the year or the bags are gone we’ll sell them for $250 Canadian including taxes.

Grip EQ Bags

I’ve got a few Grip EQ bags on their way.  A half dozen to be exact, 3 black ones and 3 black and grey.  They are set to arrive on the 11th.  If you’re interested in reserving one, let me know.  I’m waiting until they arrive before I set the price as I want to make sure there aren’t any nasty surprise charges on the importing.

Dan’s NutSac

Well according to UPS our first order of NutSacs is supposed to arrive tomorrow at some point.  We’ll have all 5 colours of NutSac in stock, and a couple of double NutSacs as well.  In keeping with our practices they will be MSRP in Canadian funds, so $39.95 + tax and $69.95 + tax respectively ($44.75 and $78.35).

So without further ado, a product review by Dan:

Playing with a Nutsac*

* Read at your own risk

OK, full disclosure–I’ve had a Nutsac for years, so this is nothing new to me. Though
they come in many colors (I’ve seen pink, black, blue and even green Nutsacs), and
sizes (there are some large Nutsacs out there!), my Nutsac is small and brown.

While I play with it regularly, because of its small size I don’t actually use it that often
(even the largest Nutsacs I’ve seen are pretty small). Consequently, I see it as most
useful for travel, as you can throw your Nutsac over your shoulder (you wouldn’t want to
drag it on the ground), or tuck it into your trunk and head out on your adventures
minimally encumbered.

When I do play with my Nutsac, though, it can really turn heads. Last year I pulled my
Nutsac out at a tournament in Virginia and a guy I meet (Hawk) insisted that I let him
take a picture of it and post it online (you can see my Nutsac at http://tinyurl.com/seemynutsac). It turns out that he also had a Nutsac, though his was larger than mine, and he played with his Nutsac all the time. In point of fact, he mentioned that he was even sponsored to play with his Nutsac and blogs about it whenever he does. When I looked at his Nutsac online (at http://nutsacbags.com/), I discovered that he is jokingly known as “the worst sponsored player in disc golf.”

And that is probably the best thing about Nutsacs–it’s hard to take yourself too seriously
when you’re walking around the disc golf course with your Nutsac on your shoulder.

For the uninitiated who have made it this far, a Nutsac is a bag for carrying disc golf
discs, and this is an honest to goodness product review. As highlighted above, the
Nutsac is a no-frills bag that is built to wrap around discs with no extra pockets (other
than a mini pocket on the front). The small bag will comfortably hold just three drivers,
two midranges and a putter (you can buy a drink holder as an add on). This lack of
space makes them impractical as a tournament bag (in addition to 15 discs my
tournament bag contains beverages, rule books, pencils, back up discs and minis, an
umbrella, change holders, first aid kit, and who knows what else), but great as a travel
bag when on the road for work or visiting family.

I can pack my Nutsac bag, with discs, in my suitcase, taking up about as much room as
a pair of shoes. I also keep it in my jeep–which has been broken into before. While I
would hate to lose my tournament bag and discs (again!), the Nutsac with six discs
would be a tolerable loss in exchange for the flexibility of always having discs on hand.
For its size, the bag is priced at the higher end ($40 for the small bag, $70 for the large),
but the for the convenience and cool quirkiness it offers, it’s a good bag to own. As I
hope you can tell from this review, personally, I am very attached to my Nutsac.

New Products and Special Orders

We’re very interested in serving the needs of the Disc Golf and Disc Sports community, so if we don’t have a product you’re looking for let us know, we might be able to bring it in for you.

Some of the new products we’re researching and looking to bring in for you include:

  • Backpack bags (with GripEQ being the preferred brand, although we’ll consider others if it doesn’t work out)
  • Disc Beeper (by request)
  • Fly 18 pads
  • Westside discs
  • Vibram discs
  • Keen shoes
  • Aerobie discs
  • Friction gloves

Is there anything else we should be looking at?

Latitude 64: Approved

I’ve now been approved by the exclusive wholesaler of Latitude 64 in Canada to carry their discs.  Thank you Matt MacDonald for agreeing that we’re a good fit.

I can also bring in Dynamic Discs and Westside.

So there will be an order in the not so distant future, if there’s something that you’re looking for, I’ll do my best to bring it in for you.

Current MSRP looks to be (by plastic):

  • $15.00: Lat64 Zero, DD Classic, Westside BT
  • $16.00: Lat64 Recycle Gold
  • $20.00: Lat64 Opto, DD Lucid, Westside VIP
  • $22.00: Lat64 Gold, DD Fuzion, Westside Tournament

So these are going to be at the higher end of our price points, but from what I hear: well worth the money.

I can also bring in Latitude 64/Chain Ware bags and straps if anyone is interested.