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Black Friday, Canadian?

Today is American Thanksgiving, which makes tomorrow “Black Friday”. Black Friday today is what Boxing Day used to be to Canadians (anyone else remember the line-ups at A&B Sound?). Disc Golf does not tend to see the same deep discounts or crazy deals that permeate other sectors.

If you are shopping for those deals, you’re more likely to find them from the manufacturers because the margins that retailers work on just don’t allow for that type of craziness.

Should the temptation move you towards a purchase, please take a few moments and do some math, with the current exchange rate that deal that you might find on one of those US based websites will cost you an extra 33% in exchange costs. There may also be duty or taxes when importing. These are definite actual costs of some of these purchases, but there is ultimately a larger cost.

The Canadian Disc Golf landscape has changed a lot over the last few years, and that change is accelerating. Where once you had virtual zero Canadian Disc Golf retailers we are now approaching a dozen. Many of these stores are just starting out, and frequently are owned and operated by the same people who run your local events, organize clubs and help to expand and support local Disc Golf. These retailers are invested in growing Disc Golf throughout Canada, and when you make your purchase from one of them you tangibly support Disc Golf in Canada.

Given the choice, I ask that you consider giving one of these Canadian Disc Golf stores your money, and help us continue to grow Canadian Disc Golf together.

For our part, we will be adding some specials for Black Friday which we hope you’ll like, but if you don’t please check out some of our Canadian competitors before sending your money elsewhere in the world.