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PoCo Middle School

This information has been forwarded to the BCDS, but if you’re interested, you can reach out to me or them to offer assistance. It is always best to have an engaged community member involved.

Maple Creek Middle School in Port Coquitlam is hosting their Health and Wellness Conference on Thursday, October 15th. It is a day dedicated to students for them to learn and try a variety of games and activities. The students sign up for 4-40 minute sessions We have groups doing rugby, lacrosse, crossfit and yoga. I am wondering if your group would be interested in taking part.

So, Disc Golf community, are we interested in taking part?

Clinic: The Mental Game and Q&A with Eric Oakley

We’re fortunate to have Eric Oakley in town at the moment and he’s gracious accepted our request to provide a clinic while he’s in town. The clinic will be free for the participants, no registration required. The clinic is brought to you by Discmania and The Disc Cellar.

When: 25 Jul 2015, 4pm (or after the club round, whichever is later)
Where: Robert Burnaby Disc Golf Course (in Burnaby, BC), we’ll be around one of the Practice Baskets or at the picnic table near hole 1, depending on noise levels and the subject matter being discussed.
Length: it will probably be about an hour, but if there’s a lot of people or a lot of questions it may run longer
Cost: FREE
Audience: anyone looking to improve their mental game, no club memberships or affiliations necessary
Prizes: maybe if you’re good

Eric will be speaking primarily about the Mental Game, you know the part of the game that talks you into taking stupid risks, or missing putts that you make 99 times out of 100, and strategies you can use to improve that aspect of your game.

He’ll also do his best to answer any other questions that you have, and he’s more than happy to share his expertise on Discmania’s product line.

Here’s a little bit about Eric from Discmania’s sponsorship announcement:



1) Welcome to Team Discmania! What does becoming sponsored by Discmania mean to you?

Eric: Thank you, I am still in shock about it! I am pumped to represent Discmania! This has been something I have been working towards for quite awhile now and feel like I have accomplished something great. Being with Discmania will not only help me improve my game, but will help me grow the sport locally with tournaments and clinics. I have been throwing Discmania for about 3-4 years now and to be given the opportunity to represent Discmania on and off the course is a great honour. I can’t wait to share my passion for the company with everyone. Discmania is pushing the sport in all the right directions and I am excited to be a part of that growth. I hope to build on this and contribute as much as I can to helping Disc Golf and Discmania grow.

2) Tell us a little bit about your bag – Which Discmania models are your favourites and why?

Eric: Right now I am in a Discmania Grip Bag — they really are the best bags around. I like having a bag of the same molds with discs in different stages of wear. My favorite disc in the Discmania line up is the D-Line P2. This was one of the first Discmania discs I bought close to 4 years ago and it has been a staple in my bag ever since. I carry four D-Line P2s in my bag at all times, two are throwers in different stages of wear and two are strictly for putting and approaching. The D-Line P2 only gets better with age, so having multiples in different stages of wear gives me more options when determining my shot selection. I am always confident with a D-Line P2 in my hand. When I do need to throw a midrange I am using the Glow MD3. These are the best midranges I have thrown; they handle torque well and can be trusted on many different lines. The MD3 helps fill a hole in my bag that gives me more opportunities on the course to be successful. My go to fairway driver is the C-Line FD. With a good neutral flight and tremendous glide, the C-Line FD gives me pinpoint accuracy and full confidence. Having the versatility of the C-Line FD always makes my bag feel complete. My favorite and go to max distance driver is the C-Line PD2. I generally like using the early/first run PD2s but have become very fond of the recently released Flatter Jolly Launcher PD2s as well. I like carrying close to five or six PD2s in my bag at a time, all in different stages of wear. The PD2 handles a plethora of shots to help tackle any course.

3) The stage is yours! Anything you’d like to share with our readers?

Eric: I want to say thanks to everyone for making this opportunity possible. I am active on Instagram (@theericoakley) and Facebook and would love to answer any questions about Discmania, Disc Golf, or anything. I recently have started a hashtag that is used on Instagram and Facebook, #putterpants, and would love to see that grow even more. Putterpants is a symbol to remember to not only enjoy each and every round but to enjoy each and every day. I also have a Disc Golf Blog (iamadiscmaniac.blogspot.com) that talks about many different Disc Golf situations, along with some Discmania disc reviews. When I am not on the course or in the field, I spend my time working as a substitute teacher, coaching/training kids playing Futsal, playing soccer/futsal, and catching up with friends. Remember to always have the most fun!


Driving Clinic tomorrow at Jericho

Because I no longer have time to space out posts, or social media advertising. Before the Vibram Birdie Bash tomorrow at around 10am, there will be a FREE Driving Clinic by Hector Diakow at Jericho.

This clinic is open to anyone, event participant or not. The clinic is sponsored by The Disc Cellar (surprise surprise). The clinic will be 30-45 minutes or perhaps a little longer.

Great opportunity to come and get some tips from one of BC’s best golfers.

Clinicians Wanted!

Looking for one or more people to host one or more clinics.

Specifically looking for someone(s) to host a driving clinic at Jericho Hill before the Vibram Birdie Bash. So if you’re interested, let me know. Don’t worry too much about qualifications or experience, step one is being willing to do it. I’ll vet whether or not I think you’re ready to handle a clinic, and it might be that you’d be perfect as an additional helper for a main clinic leader. So basically, if you’re interested, speak up.

Compensation: working on it, and may vary based on the individual, but it would probably be something along the lines of free player’s package (and entry to the Birdie Bash if you wanted to play) and up to say $50 in Disc Cellar vouchers or cash. Compensation will vary based on qualifications and the number of clinicians, but it gives you a ballpark of what I’m thinking.

Registration for the Birdie Bash is open until March 9th (and is through Disc Golf Scene).

I am also looking for people to do clinics on other topics in the future (I’m open to additional suggestions) which would include:

  • Putting
  • Approaching
  • Forehand Drives
  • Jump Putts
  • Overhand Shots (Hammer/Thumber/Tomahawk)
  • Understanding stability
  • The Science of Disc Golf
  • Turbo Putts
  • The mental game and how to finish strong
  • Translating improved skills into improved tournament performance
  • How to practice
  • Match Play Strategies
  • How to be a better doubles player
  • Designing your first course
  • Running a PDGA event
  • Selecting the right disc