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Duck Golf #1 Langley Oct 7 or 8

Looks like registration is about to open for Duck Golf #1 in Langley. Amateur divisions on Saturday, Pro divisions on Sunday. Registration seems to be through Disc Golf Scene, here’s the links:

Oh, and reg opens in 4 minutes (8pm today).

Unofficial Duck Golf Standings

We know there’s a few people out there who get cranky without stats, so we’ve put together some unofficial Duck Golf Standings for you.


  1. (28.5) Dave Ross
  2. (25) Hector Diakow
  3. (17) Stephen Crichton
  4. (15) Chris Hartmann
  5. (12) Craig Sheather
  6. (11) Wes Mcintosh
  7. (10) Nicholas Shuler
  8. (9.5) Derek Wintermans
  9. (7) Aaron Neumann
  10. (6) Brendan Armstrong
  11. (6) Michael Knowles
  12. (5.5) Geoffrey McNamara
  13. (4.5) Dax Braby
  14. (3) Ed Fogarty
  15. (2) Miguel Alvarado
  16. (1.5) Kevin Baxter
  17. (1) Neville Collett
  18. (0.5) James MacInnes
  19. (0) Brent Burbee
  20. (0) Chad Harris
  21. (0) Chris Colivas
  22. (0) Darrell Watson
  23. (0) Dave Brown
  24. (0) Eric Dusch
  25. (0) Eric Vachon
  26. (0) Jamie Sorensen
  27. (0) John Silvester
  28. (0) Kingsley Ralling
  29. (0) Malcolm Stooke
  30. (0) Mike Majuri
  31. (0) Peter Jersak
  32. (0) Rob Abel
  33. (0) Shawn Luco


  1. (10) Aleesha Bird
  2. (8) Briana Ainsley
  3. (9) Leanne Fulton


  1. (10) Chris Robson
  2. (10) Craig Sheather
  3. (9) Brad Bradness Henderson
  4. (9) Jim Popil
  5. (8) Glen Oliviero
  6. (7) Mark Kilmer
  7. (6) Jay Peters
  8. (5) Christopher Talley


  1. (18) Ed Fogarty
  2. (18) Randy Strohan
  3. (10) Dan Laitsch


  1. (26.5) Owen Baldry
  2. (20) Stephen Yu
  3. (18) Tadz Palys
  4. (14) Jordan Meyer
  5. (14) Stewart McIsack
  6. (12.5) Jamie Branch
  7. (9) Tony Righello
  8. (8) James Huestis
  9. (7.5) Adriano Reche medola
  10. (6.5) Derek O’connell
  11. (6.5) Jeremy Hoeltke
  12. (6) Ryan Hammerquist
  13. (4.5) Josh Piche
  14. (4.5) Leucio Giannini
  15. (4) Mason Bentley
  16. (2.5) Iain Warren
  17. (1) Dave Darling
  18. (0) Aleesha Bird
  19. (0) Anthony Righello
  20. (0) Brendan Stookey
  21. (0) Briana Ainsley
  22. (0) Dan Calcott
  23. (0) Eric Stephenson
  24. (0) Erik Wendland
  25. (0) Gerry Gauthier
  26. (0) Imasel Jimenez Moreno
  27. (0) Jason Staruiala
  28. (0) Lanze Starr
  29. (0) Paul Brownfield
  30. (0) Robin Eimers
  31. (0) Steve Weisgerber
  32. (0) Tobin Eyles
  33. (0) Tom Tischer


  1. (20) Jennifer Brett
  2. (9) Carolynn Howard
  3. (9) Ginny Murray
  4. (8) Oie Petrichuk
  5. (8) Tara Lynch
  6. (7) Andrea Diakow
  7. (7) Sarah Breau


  1. (26.5) Jeff Schmittlutz
  2. (21.5) Michael Ramanauskas
  3. (21) Darin Mickelson
  4. (16.5) Darryl Petrichuk
  5. (15) John Gould-thorpe
  6. (14.5) Mike Brown
  7. (10) Clayton Beddington
  8. (8) Brian Horwitz
  9. (5) James Brown
  10. (5) Kevin Brown
  11. (5) Orin Peyman
  12. (5) Steele Thom
  13. (5) Vito Michelangelo
  14. (4) Jeremy Ross
  15. (2) Bill Anderson
  16. (1) Lada Rezek
  17. (0) Brian Mattson


  1. (28) George Coupland
  2. (27) Gord Isnardy
  3. (20) Gary Nixon
  4. (14) Stuart Bell
  5. (12) Dennis Reilley
  6. (9) Darrin Lee
  7. (7) Gerry Boomer
  8. (7) Jan Deny
  9. (4) Steve Milne
  10. (3) Rob Gillete


  1. (25.5) Chris Vance
  2. (20) Brett Hislop
  3. (19.5) Owen James
  4. (19) Joe Gebert
  5. (14) Josh Evans
  6. (14) Mike Pinfield
  7. (9) Chris Carlton
  8. (8) Eric Jaeger
  9. (8) Matt Morrison
  10. (5) Brendan Stookey
  11. (5) Will Chorm
  12. (4) Dustin O’brien
  13. (4) Steele Thom
  14. (3) Morgan Boghean
  15. (0) Robert James


  1. (27) Crystal Bryan
  2. (22) Kasia Struke
  3. (13) Michelle Kruger
  4. (11) Stacey Mclachlan
  5. (10) Oie Petrichuk
  6. (9) Andrea Diakow
  7. (9) Christine Huestis
  8. (8) Jennifer Brett
  9. (6) Danica Milton
  10. (3) Tricia Rezek
  11. (2) Caitlin Baxter


  1. () Alex Churchman
  2. () Cole Kannegiesser
  3. () Jordie Wood
  4. () Todd Hoeltke
  5. () William Fraser


  1. (10) Jeanine Friesen

If someone feels like playing with the numbers more, here’s the source Excel file.

Duck Golf Survey

If you registered for the Burnaby Duck Golf you would have received a link to a survey in your confirmation email. If you haven’t taken the survey, or haven’t registered for the event, feel free to do so now.

Part of the point of the survey is to gather information about how Duck Golf participants think that the capacity issues should be addressed if at all. Feel free to make your own suggestions here. Also, if you haven’t registered for Burnaby Duck Golf and won’t because of the size of the wait list but would if the event wasn’t full, we’d like to hear from you too. The people who don’t even register to get on the wait lists are the numbers we really need to capture, so that true planning for actual demand could take place. Let’s keep growing Disc Golf!

Player’s Packs: Duck Finals

If you were listening at one of the player’s meetings you know that there was a mix-up which meant that the player’s package items were not here in time for the tournament. The silver lining there is that it meant that you got to pick your size and colour instead of having a random assortment of shirts to pick from.

Here’s the sizes and colours that I have on record. I’ll be submitting the list on Wednesday night, so if you want to make a correction, or don’t have yours listed please comment on this post before Wednesday evening.


  1. Aaron Neumann – XL (Cardinal)
  2. Adriano Reche Medola – L (Navy)
  3. Brad Henderson – XXL (Black)
  4. Brendan Armstrong – M (Teal)
  5. Carolynn Howard – L (Teal)
  6. Chris Hartmann – XL (Teal)
  7. Chris Miki – M (Silver Grey)
  8. Chris Robson – XL (Kelly)
  9. Dan Laitsch – L (Kelly)
  10. Darrel Thrasher – XL (no preference)
  11. Darrel Watson – M (Cardinal)
  12. Darrin Lee – XL (Black)
  13. Darryl Petrichuk – M (no preference)
  14. Dax – L (Black)
  15. Dennis Reilley – M (Black)
  16. Derek Wintermans – L (Kelly)
  17. Eric Jaeger – XL (Grey)
  18. Evan Eyles – M (Royal)
  19. Gary Nixon – XL (Black)
  20. George Coupland – XL (Dark Green)
  21. Gerry Boomer – XL (Columbia Blue)
  22. Gerry Erickson – XL (Kelly)
  23. Jamie Branch – L (Lime)
  24. Jamie Sorensen – L (Power Blue)
  25. Jeff Schmittlutz – XXL (Sand)
  26. Jeremy Ross – XL (no preference)
  27. Jim Popil – L (Navy)
  28. John Gould-Thorpe – XL (Kelly)
  29. Jonathan Robertson – L (Blue)
  30. Josh Piche – XL (Brown)
  31. Justin Godish – M (Dark Green)
  32. Kevin Baxter – XL (no preference)
  33. Kingsley Ralling – M (Dark Green)
  34. Lanze Starr – M (Graphite)
  35. Malcolm Stooke – L (Gold)
  36. Marcus Noel – L (Power Yellow)
  37. Michael Ramanauskas – XL (Lime)
  38. Miguel Alvarado – M (Purple)
  39. Owen Baldry – M (Graphite)
  40. Owen James – L (Navy)
  41. Randy Strohan – L (Purple)
  42. Stephen Yu – S (no preference)
  43. Steven Meeker – XL (Power Blue)
  44. Tom Berry – M (Lime)
  45. Tony Righello – L (Carolina Blue)
  46. Vito Michelangelo – XL (Black)
  47. Wes McIntosh – L (Power Blue)


  1. Aleesha Bird – M (Power Pink)
  2. Amanda Sell – XL (Purple)
  3. Briana Ainsley – L (Power Blue)
  4. Diana Peranio – M (Kelly)
  5. Jenne Brett – XXL (Lime)
  6. Kasia Struke – L (Lime)
  7. Leanne Fulton – L (Columbia Blue)
  8. Sarah Breau – L (Lime)
  9. Stacey McLachlan – M (Power Blue)
  10. Tara Lynch – M (Purple)
  11. Tricia Rezek – XL (Power Pink)

Men’s colours are:

Women’s colours are:

The shirts are coming from Dynamic Discs, so if you have any requests for their products I can bring those in at the same time.

Duck Golf Finals: The Results

I still need to go through the final spreadsheet and make sure I haven’t made any data entry errors, and associate PDGA numbers with some players and minor things of that nature. Final but still unofficial results will probably be posted sometime tomorrow.

Congratulations to all the tournament winners, participants and series winners.

If you see errors please report them, but don’t expect them to be fixed instantly. Online results will get locked down by the PDGA by the end of the week, and results will be official in two ratings updates (cut-off for the next update was March 3rd, as in before our event, but the updating ratings will be published March 24th, so Duck Finals will not be in that update, it will be in the one after that).

I’d also like to give a special thank you to Chris Miki, Malcolm Stooke and Leuch.

Pro Map for Sunday

Below is the final map for Duck Golf Finals sponsored by Latitude 64 on Sunday March 8th:



Hole descriptions:

  1. 330′ starting from the alley you’re going over the parking lot to a basket protected by 3 trees. The parking lot and road are OB, if you end up OB you go to the drop zone (not yet marked) on the path below the basket. Drop zone only applies for shots from the south side of the parking lot, otherwise regular OB rules apply.
  2. 300′ teepad on the path, go left through the trees, or hyzer over the OB, the road and across is OB as is the parking area for the tennis courts (it has been painted). Regular OB rules apply.
  3. 390′ from the path near the tennis courts, to a small island at the end of the road. Both sides of the main fairway road are in bounds, which could be bad as the left side really has no safe landing zone until you get to the basket. If you land on the road, or end up across Hill Ave, you’re OB and you go to the drop zone. The roads remain OB as does across Hill Ave.
  4. 523′ from the gravel beside the road, the road is part of the pad if you don’t want to throw from the gravel. You’re heading over to 8 fairway, and down it, and then off to the left before you get to 8 basket to a temporary basket protected in the trees. Placement of your approach will be key. The road other than the teepad is OB, but seriously why would you throw that direction?
  5. 261′ regular extended 9.
  6. 327′ from 10 teepad to lower practice basket. The parking lot is OB, regular rules apply.
  7. 651′ wide teepad on the gravel path, heading towards basket 1, unfortunately you’re playing to basket 2. Multiple elevation changes. The fenced protected vegetation area is OB, if you end up surrounded by water, you’re also OB (not sure if there’s enough water in the creek for that to happen). The first drive is critical.
  8. 345′ from extended 3 pad to 5 basket, no OB, being down in the gully is punishment enough, but please try to avoid it.
  9. 420′ from the gravel path West of 4 basket, you’re playing along the path all the way to 7 basket. Everything is in bounds unless you manage to get surrounded by water. If you manage to overthrow and end up in the parking lot, you’re still in bounds, the road however is OB.
  10. 336′ from the gravel turn off, through some trees to a basket amongst the trees. The road behind the basket and across it are OB, as is the first road you throw across.
  11. 414′ from a grass tee pad in front of the picnic table to a basket near the other road. Tennis courts are OB, use the drop zone every time you go in. Road and across are OB, regular OB rules.
  12. 315′ uphill teepad on the path, it’s long so you can pick your favourite section. You’re heading up along the lined path until eventually you find the basket.
  13. 468′ concrete teepad beside the washrooms headed back where you came from to a basket in the trees. Road and across is OB, tennis courts and playground are OB if you end up very off course.
  14. 570′ teepad is on the road, basket is up the hill just short of the parking lot. Regular OB rules apply to the parking lot.
  15. 654′ teepad is grass, alley/road and across are OB, parking lot is OB, concrete by the pool is OB, path from the road to the pool is not OB. You will need to cross a road to get to the basket, which is under a tree, be wary of the walking paths in the area.
  16. 330′ from a dirt teepad through the trees until you get out and see the basket on a nice grass plateau. Road and sidewalk are OB, use a spotter in case of pedestrians.
  17. 225′ from a wide grass teepad, road and sidewalk are OB, pick left or right, just stay in bounds.
  18. 369′ from a concrete teepad, parking lot is OB, and you go to the drop zone, you keep throwing from the drop zone until you have a shot that stays in bounds then normal OB rules apply (e.g. last in bounds), basket is just before the hill, roll-away and overthrow danger.

Amateur Map for Saturday

Below is the final map for Duck Golf Finals sponsored by Latitude 64 on Saturday March 7th:


Hole descriptions:

  1. 366′ from the asphalt down the path to a basket which may be placed on a stump (or a few yards behind it), spotter required because of a walking path.
    213′ from the shorter pad, again spotter recommended because of the walking path.
  2. 204′ downhill from the path above basket 4 playing to basket 3. You have a few different paths available to you, but some tight lines.
  3. 417′ from the extended 4 tee pad playing down to basket 1, first shot is probably a placement shot. It’s a hard birdie, but staying out of trouble should guarantee a 3.
    300′ from the regular 3 tee pad playing down to basket 1.
  4. 294′ from the path near the dog park to practice basket, parking lot is OB, standard OB rules apply, with group consensus about last in bounds crossing.
    192′ from a little closer up the path, same OB rules.
  5. 261′ steeply uphill from a grass tee pad to a temporary basket on the 10 teepad.
    186′ uphill from a grass tee pad.
  6. 279′ from the 7 teepad to 7 basket, this is the regular hole. The tee pad is shared with hole #8, people playing #8 get priority on the pad.
  7. 303′ downhill regular 8.
  8. 261′ from the 7 teepad to upper practice basket. This is a shared teepad, and you get priority even if the other group has started driving.
  9. 378′ from the road uphill to a basket on the picnic table, there’s a tight window that you need to throw through to make it work. Roadway and across is OB if you happen to really screw up, as is the tennis courts. Standard OB rules apply.
    198′ from a grass teepad, tennis courts are OB.
  10. 480′ basket is visible between a couple of trees, lots of options on how you get there. Tennis courts are OB, use the drop zone marked in red near the water fountain. The road and across is OB, standard rules apply.
    291′ do you throw between the trees? no mando so it’s your call. Same OB rules, use the drop zone if you end up in the tennis courts, don’t end up in the tennis courts.
  11. 285′ uphill go right and risk the trees, go left and risk OB. The road and across is OB, the path is not OB, but you may need a spotter to make sure it’s safe.
  12. 345′ from an asphalt teepad, long dogleg right, the signposts are a mando, must throw to the left of the poles, which takes away the crazy righty hyzer line. The parking lot is OB, standard rules apply.
  13. 276′ from a grass teepad to a basket protected under some trees, elevation changes and a fairway tree pose danger. Playground, road and across are all OB.
  14. 561′ this monster starts from a grass teepad, and it’s going to take at least two throws to get there. Parking lot as well as the road/alley and across are OB. The pathway from the road to the pool is not OB. The rest of the concrete and stairs by the pool and in front of the pool is OB. The road beside and behind the basket is OB, as is across the roads. Regular OB rules apply.
  15. 189′, two routes to this basket, sidewalk, road and across OB, shouldn’t come into play
  16. 195′, here’s your Ace run, could be bad if you blow passed though. Keep an eye open for people on the path that goes behind the basket
  17. 372′ downhill from a tunnel, there’s multiple paths and roadways being crossed so a spotter is required for safety. On the road or on the path is OB (like a river), in the swimming pool (inside the fence) is OB, disc is considered lost for the round even if you’re able to retrieve it, it cannot be used again that round, or penalty strokes will be awarded. Drop zone needs to be added, and will be.
    270′ from the other teepad (it’s on the road), rules are otherwise the same, less need for a spotter because you can see everything from the teepad.
  18. 369′ from a concrete teepad, parking lot is OB, and you go to the drop zone, you keep throwing from the drop zone until you have a shot that stays in bounds then normal OB rules apply (e.g. last in bounds), basket is just before the hill, roll-away and overthrow danger.
    267′ from the other teepad (grass), same OB rules and drop zone apply.